Awkward Dating Show (pt. 3)

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Cody Ko

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tankbxy Pred uro
"i don't really date..." ...bitch... why are you on... THIS SHOW?!
ellie dahms
ellie dahms Pred 15 urami
sometimes i’m like “this show would be funny to go on” and then i realize i would just get rejected and cry on camera
Phenomenal Pred 18 urami
Cody rocking the ''Dad'' look lmao
Ashley Sissons
Ashley Sissons Pred dnevom
Does litterally anyone know what brand his sweater is?
j j
j j Pred dnevom
this vid u look like alvin from the chipmunks if he came to life and decided to make reaction videos
Flava Pred dnevom
Cody looking like the guy who won the last part of this series
Amanda Brown
Amanda Brown Pred 2 dnevi
You look like Justin Bieber rn
Zack Kluver
Zack Kluver Pred 4 dnevi
cody looks like the super mario guy from to catch a predator
Zackery817 Pred 4 dnevi
What happens if someone just goes on and skips everyone on the first red
mdr rolling
mdr rolling Pred 4 dnevi
........I didn't realize we were leaving our "awkward phase" at nineteen
I spit my gum On the side walk
I spit my gum On the side walk Pred 4 dnevi
What hat is Cody wearing?
Joe Banana
Joe Banana Pred 4 dnevi
I feel so bad for jimmy
Tijana Misic
Tijana Misic Pred 4 dnevi
Cody looks like Super Mario.
cursed sphere
cursed sphere Pred 4 dnevi
dude that button be racist
Reeky Cheeky
Reeky Cheeky Pred 4 dnevi
6:31 wtf lol
Reeky Cheeky
Reeky Cheeky Pred 4 dnevi
Emma Crahze
Emma Crahze Pred 5 dnevi
i didn’t know mario had a youtube channel
Evan Dubois
Evan Dubois Pred 5 dnevi
Your mustache totally works with the French beret overlay
Bstew22 Pred 5 dnevi
BIANCA NATHAN Pred 5 dnevi
Can you feel that, yeah We're paying with love tonight
Clare corson
Clare corson Pred 6 dnevi
cody you look like ted lasso with this mustache
stonerprincess1 Pred 7 dnevi
loving codys look
amygreenyo Pred 7 dnevi
how metal would that be
Jonna Thiessen
Jonna Thiessen Pred 7 dnevi
Who else think that Cody kinda looks like Charlie swan from twilight with that moustache...?
Jonna Thiessen
Jonna Thiessen Pred 7 dnevi
Wow Cody’s rocking the “creepy dad moustache”
alyssa major
alyssa major Pred 7 dnevi
why would it even ask if they own a gun. PLUS out of everyone they ask the two women of colour if they do ? not a fan of this cube its the racism for me :/
Not Jessi
Not Jessi Pred 7 dnevi
Cody with a mustache 😳
Harley Sin
Harley Sin Pred 8 dnevi
regarding the magician dude and his bullying, most bullies can be impressed out of whatever aggressive mood they're in, and if not, magicians probably scare them away because "me no know how hey do thing".
Hidden in Plain Sight Official
Hidden in Plain Sight Official Pred 8 dnevi
I love the button so fucking much, it’s my favorite character
Buttercupditto Pred 8 dnevi
You look like Derek hough with that stache, bro.
Matthew Pred 8 dnevi
Jimena Alarcón
Jimena Alarcón Pred 8 dnevi
I really love magicians it woud've been a turn on for me lol
Ryder Lehman
Ryder Lehman Pred 8 dnevi
Cody Ko, in this version of reality, looks like he gave the inspiration to the cop who sketched the wanted picture for the UNABOMBER.
Boone Fleenor
Boone Fleenor Pred 8 dnevi
Dude i really dont like girls
Zoe Kane
Zoe Kane Pred 8 dnevi
*gets bullied* *picks out a hobby that will cause more bullying*
Ben O'Neill
Ben O'Neill Pred 8 dnevi
why r they all gay
Bo Pred 8 dnevi
Sweater drip be off da charts doe 😳
Fin Pred 8 dnevi
He liked that guys mustache so much he thought he’d borrow it
HayHayASMR Pred 9 dnevi
First guy was a cutie w a nice personality tbh.
camryn Pred 9 dnevi
idk why but jasmine seems like the biggest bitch. like you know the "main" friend in the friend group who like always decides what they are doing and judges everyone else in the group and makes mean "jokes" to their face and then when they go out and meet people she changes into a completely different person where she acts like such a warm sweet innocent girl who also trashes and exposes her friends to their love interest to make her seem like the best one out of all of them. idk just a feeling lmao
B T K F C Pred 9 dnevi
That felt racist 😂. Two black people, the button asks if they own a gun 💀
B T K F C Pred 8 dnevi
@Nathan Dorsey plus owning a gun ain’t beauty
B T K F C Pred 8 dnevi
@Nathan Dorsey yeah but they never asked the question to anyone else
Nathan Dorsey
Nathan Dorsey Pred 8 dnevi
Bruh what? It’s America. Everyone can own a gun. That’s the beauty of America.
Scout Chapman
Scout Chapman Pred 10 dnevi
Since these ppl like the same throughout the episodes does that mean when they get rejected they just like AYO back of the line
Chase Pred 10 dnevi
Cody is having way to much fun with this fucking button.
Chase Pred 10 dnevi
Rule #1 ... dont over share on first date
Romet Peenoja
Romet Peenoja Pred 10 dnevi
why does cody know eveything about drugs?
ohgeography Pred 10 dnevi
Cody’s gun talk seemed legit thanks to the mustache.
SquechyBunny Pred 11 dnevi
The way she was laughing at that dude saying a deep story of being bullied... oh my god what a bitch
Santa's Pee
Santa's Pee Pred 12 dnevi
button: Jasmine is a model. Jasmine: Excuse me bitch?
KM P Pred 13 dnevi
The bite sound effect at 2:57 just took me out
Mike Stark
Mike Stark Pred 15 dnevi
The dusty action uniformly breathe because effect recently grate circa a hurt soccer. jumbled, psychotic rice
Syvannah Lopez
Syvannah Lopez Pred 15 dnevi
Watching your channel stoned is such a trip 😆
Michelle Kay
Michelle Kay Pred 16 dnevi
Cody looks like a dad that calls his son “tiger”. As in-awww that’s ok, you’ll get it next time, Tiger!
Michelle Kay
Michelle Kay Pred 16 dnevi
Fart jokes. They get me EVERY damn time.
Olivia P.
Olivia P. Pred 16 dnevi
you my friend, straight comedy.
Esteban Cedeno
Esteban Cedeno Pred 16 dnevi
cut that thing under your nose ; - ;
Linda Reyna
Linda Reyna Pred 18 dnevi
Besides pewdie Cody is the only other SLpost that’s hilarious
Water God
Water God Pred 20 dnevi
First guys button: yeah this guys a fucking NERD The other buttons: oh by the way she’s really nice
Avery Smith
Avery Smith Pred 21 dnevom
“aaron or whatever his name was” nick watching this like: 👁👄👁
samantha espinoza
samantha espinoza Pred 21 dnevom
he looks like mario
Yeet of Tee
Yeet of Tee Pred 21 dnevom
1:40 Evan Cody reached for the button
Jay Kapitan
Jay Kapitan Pred 23 dnevi
Anyone else think he looks a bit like Mario?
Katarina J
Katarina J Pred 23 dnevi
Omg he has me dyinggg
Viv Vivier
Viv Vivier Pred 23 dnevi
Cody's button smashes made me unreasonably happy.
Diamond Games
Diamond Games Pred 24 dnevi
90% of this comment section is jokes about Cody’s moustache and it’s amazing
Ben Ward
Ben Ward Pred 24 dnevi
Find myself saying shut the fuck up to the button every minute
Antonio Alford
Antonio Alford Pred 24 dnevi
Cody looks like he would tie something to the top of his car, slap it, and say “yep that’s not going anywhere”
lel lel
lel lel Pred 24 dnevi
are we just gonna ignore the fact that they are getting put with people the same and different gender.
wifey dead
wifey dead Pred 24 dnevi
did u forget that bisexual is a thing
Paul Drewell
Paul Drewell Pred 24 dnevi
am i just supposed to accept the mustash and pony tail or is ther a petition i can sign
Pooper Pred 25 dnevi
he saw the mustache of the dude in the previous ep and got one for himself to match with his METAL personality
graceliz Pred 25 dnevi
why is nobody saying he looks like charlie swan??? hello?
lucia gonzalez santos
lucia gonzalez santos Pred 25 dnevi
cody looks like jeff gillooly
Tyler Klaner
Tyler Klaner Pred 25 dnevi
12:21 🤣
Camilla Saietz
Camilla Saietz Pred 25 dnevi
Omg 😂😂😂😂😂
Perry Layne
Perry Layne Pred 26 dnevi
God Cody’s improv with these skits is so good
My penis is small, but
My penis is small, but Pred 26 dnevi
Imagine if the girl rejects him and the dude just can’t take it and body slams her as he’s leaving
Jack Doyle
Jack Doyle Pred 26 dnevi
I ship Cody and Button
L Pred 26 dnevi
Cody and his mustache look like they’re really big fans of Da Bears.
Paige Nunez
Paige Nunez Pred 27 dnevi
you’re one of the only ppl I watch that makes me actually laugh out loud till I can’t breathe lmao
Tori & Tony Live Tiny
Tori & Tony Live Tiny Pred 27 dnevi
Cody trying to be like Thurston with that stache
Meg Krish
Meg Krish Pred 28 dnevi
I mean, I would love a magician sounds pretty fun
Meg Krish
Meg Krish Pred 28 dnevi
God what is his mustache 🙄
Tomato Sama
Tomato Sama Pred 29 dnevi
Justin Bieber
Kailey Sheffield
Kailey Sheffield Pred 29 dnevi
why do you always have boxes in the background
Eggs Bruhnadict
Eggs Bruhnadict Pred 29 dnevi
Look worse than the hsir
Reece Kaneda
Reece Kaneda Pred mesecem
The hardest I’ve laughed in a while
Cheese Master
Cheese Master Pred mesecem
Starts tap dancing on button
MarcoFoosh Pred mesecem
justice for jimmy✊🏻
Acidrain1717 Pred mesecem
Cody seems like he would punch the button for fun
Micheal Jackson
Micheal Jackson Pred mesecem
Rewatching this series 9 months later and I completely forgot about Cody's dad stache
Pinkmen Jey
Pinkmen Jey Pred mesecem
Goes on a dating show but "doesn't really date" LOL
Allison Clark
Allison Clark Pred mesecem
I loved the first guy wtf
Ki Ki
Ki Ki Pred mesecem
“Hey I’m thinking of a number between 0 and F*CK YOU” 😭😭😭
BlackShinji Pred mesecem
Bro Cody’s paintings are actually super fire🔥🔥🔥
sunny J
sunny J Pred mesecem
Cody is looking psycho dangerous and stupid funny at same time.
tkb.05 Pred mesecem
So I guess Cody is Thurston from pt 2.
sarah Pred mesecem
my boyfriend says hey lose the hat nerd
Shiznit 91
Shiznit 91 Pred mesecem
Cody looks like instead of saying, "you got me fucked up" he would say, "Newsflash buddy"
bl36ky Pred mesecem
This show is gay and haram stop watching this inshallah youll be rich
Hamda Daha
Hamda Daha Pred 29 dnevi
bl36ky what???😂
eve m
eve m Pred mesecem
I just watched all 4 of these awkward dating episodes in a row and loved every second. Thank you for making me laugh so much whilst I’m feeling so shitty. X
zahra rezai
zahra rezai Pred mesecem
Lmaoooo when he did the robotic voice I spit my water out
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Pred mesecem
lmfaoooo go look at 4:00 they're faces
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