Reviewing Old Halloween Costumes

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Cody Ko

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is this douchey.
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Reviewing Old Halloween Costumes
Cody Ko

Kaytee Comried
Kaytee Comried Pred dnevom
The five hydrogen puzzlingly warm because hot impressively itch circa a witty bulb. glossy, befitting hacksaw
Cole VanWoerkom
Cole VanWoerkom Pred dnevom
Kelsey: I want a kid Cody: -_-
ugly Pred 2 dnevi
why does kelsys mask look the exact same as her actual face
David Loeza
David Loeza Pred 3 dnevi
I can tell Cody’s a lefty
Kane Hawkins
Kane Hawkins Pred 6 dnevi
Kelsey's eyes being that blue makes that mask all the more terrifying
Preston Galindo
Preston Galindo Pred 8 dnevi
That's my fav movie CHILI and the chocolate factory 😂😂😂😂
Mackenzie Miller
Mackenzie Miller Pred 8 dnevi
DUDE I had that exact fireman costume in the thumbnail what a throwback
Isaac Tupou
Isaac Tupou Pred 9 dnevi
Kelsey: I want a kid Cody: Alright guys thx for watching im gonna go clean up nice
Tara Funson
Tara Funson Pred 10 dnevi
The only time he ever wants to hear her say: “Look at your little hands!”
Lexi Harlan
Lexi Harlan Pred 11 dnevi
I love smoking while Kelsey and Cody make fun of me
Xpert Pred 13 dnevi
Such wasted opportunity, they could've dressed chilli up as a FCKIN CHILLI DOG. Instead they embarassed him, I am distrought.
Blake G
Blake G Pred 17 dnevi
Blue eyes in that mask, fuck creepy
phillyhippie Pred 19 dnevi
Wow Cody has lived through a lot of Halloween's I wonder how many more he would be lucky to see
Anna Williams
Anna Williams Pred 20 dnevi
omg the photo of you in the firefighter costume looks like the kid from the movie double jeopardy, pretty sure they just used your photo cause they are very similar.
Phoenix St
Phoenix St Pred 22 dnevi
Cody: I think my mom did this cost- Kelsey: I LOVE IT!
The No Limit Society
The No Limit Society Pred 22 dnevi
if these two don't get married, I will weep for the future of our kind
l i l y a n n e
l i l y a n n e Pred 22 dnevi
Kelseys costume was soooo cute
Samantha Michelle
Samantha Michelle Pred 22 dnevi
I wanted to be baby spice too back then 😅
mailleingame Pred 25 dnevi
can they pls take edibles and do a try not to laugh video
Fred Sollars
Fred Sollars Pred 25 dnevi
Paulina Buelna
Paulina Buelna Pred 27 dnevi
Horgus39 Pred 27 dnevi
Who else thought she was supposed to be a red card
Boneless Pred 27 dnevi
The reason why Cody did this with Kelsey is because Noel would have reduced him to ash
James C
James C Pred 27 dnevi
i guess he doesn’t really burn
chanel bacon
chanel bacon Pred 28 dnevi
Another good idea Try and remake these costumes as adults
Ouiam Meftah
Ouiam Meftah Pred 28 dnevi
The unicef boxes😂 Canada just entered the chat
Ciaran Doherty
Ciaran Doherty Pred mesecem
Her blue eyes r so mesmerizing
sydney merryman
sydney merryman Pred mesecem
I gotta say that kelsey's reaction to the first picture was the same reaction that I had when I saw it in the thumbnail
John Monteforte
John Monteforte Pred mesecem
When did Wade start making SLpost videos?
YBDub 418
YBDub 418 Pred mesecem
Kelsey came when she saw lil kid cody
Panini Wasteland
Panini Wasteland Pred mesecem
Kelsey is glowing here 🙂
Wilts Music
Wilts Music Pred mesecem
I like how she makes fun of him for trying to dress up hot and then she dresses up as a hot hot Cheeto
Susan Hansen
Susan Hansen Pred mesecem
Why does kody look like wayne from wayne's world
Smaho13 Pred mesecem
I fucking love you guys
babu dxb
babu dxb Pred mesecem
2:45 i thought Cody would be like: Okay. Cut the camera, lets do this 😎 😂😂😂
Brokkr Pred mesecem
“Chili and the Chocolate Factory” **looks at Chili** “Aww, you would die.”
Madison Selent
Madison Selent Pred mesecem
Cody here’s a costume idea, you should dress up like Kai from the vampire diaries
Cwazyburrito •_•
Cwazyburrito •_• Pred mesecem
Kelsey kinda looks like Alexandria daddario I just noticed
Jp Lang
Jp Lang Pred mesecem
I feel like they are the same person
Remoteflpr Pred mesecem
So..Kelsey makes hers more scary cuz that mask makes her blue eyes pop !😆
Archie Chrisanthou
Archie Chrisanthou Pred mesecem
I didnt even know cameras existed when cody was a kid
Angel Quiroz
Angel Quiroz Pred mesecem
Bro, she wants ur babies. Get to work
S.U.N.A Pred mesecem
I love watching this right before bed
daniela aguilar
daniela aguilar Pred mesecem
i love yallll
Meag_ Ken
Meag_ Ken Pred mesecem
This video was everythinggggg. Y’all are going to make ADORABLE babies one day ❤️
Andrew Stidham
Andrew Stidham Pred mesecem
I understand that Cody super old... but not knowing Disneys Robinhood hurt a bit.
Jacob Coite
Jacob Coite Pred mesecem
My favorite book is "Chilly and the Chocolate Factory"
Luke Klopfer
Luke Klopfer Pred mesecem
"Tripping out on da weed"
Katie Hunt
Katie Hunt Pred mesecem
Cody you were friar tuck lmaooo not robin hood
Master Youforia
Master Youforia Pred mesecem
Cody you gotta wife this girl up she wants your kids
Sock The Rat King
Sock The Rat King Pred mesecem
10:58 I thought she was supposed to be a red card...
Bun Pred mesecem
I thought she was supposed to be a red flag a ref throws down, not a hot cheetoh 😂
Clare Ellen
Clare Ellen Pred 2 meseci
@10:50 legit thought it was supposed to lydia deets and beetlejuice....
Malissa Llivichuzhca
Malissa Llivichuzhca Pred 2 meseci
Cody: ⬛️🔪⚰️ hello ⚰️🔪⬛️ Kelsey: ✨🧸🌼 hey guys 🌼🧸✨
audry a and a
audry a and a Pred 2 meseci
No one is talking about how he got the idea from Kylie Jenner
Diego Marques
Diego Marques Pred 2 meseci
2:26 Her ovaries just exploded thinking of how her little son could look like.
Robert Sabolo
Robert Sabolo Pred 2 meseci
Lmao we gon act like Cody wasn’t an ugly ass kid 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Taylor Brianne
Taylor Brianne Pred 2 meseci
Those masks are horrific. Love it
Fisnik Xheladini
Fisnik Xheladini Pred 2 meseci
those blue eyes tho
Charlie Bedingfield
Charlie Bedingfield Pred 2 meseci
Shoxk Pred 2 meseci
god i hope they get married
brontë woolf
brontë woolf Pred 2 meseci
who's Jen though...
lexi burton
lexi burton Pred 2 meseci
Me thinking their costumes said “chili vibes”
Calistus Jay
Calistus Jay Pred 2 meseci
Aww Cody’s hands were so tiny when he was a fireman. They haven’t grown since.
Mia Pred 2 meseci
3:25 didn’t know Cody was friends with Timothee Chalamet
Young Fraggle
Young Fraggle Pred 2 meseci
Doesn’t like weed and dressed up as Cheech and Chong? The disrespect
Michaela Renee
Michaela Renee Pred 2 meseci
So Cody...who’s Jen?
Nathaly Pacheco
Nathaly Pacheco Pred 2 meseci
gina elaine
gina elaine Pred 2 meseci
that mask really brings out kelseys eyes
K'Rae Z Nailz IG: KaoticNailz
K'Rae Z Nailz IG: KaoticNailz Pred 2 meseci
Kelsey's costume is creepier cause her piercing blue eyes just shine through the red.. she gon kill u in the middle of the night wearing that if u don't tell her who tf Jen is lmao
K'Rae Z Nailz IG: KaoticNailz
K'Rae Z Nailz IG: KaoticNailz Pred 2 meseci
U know they fought after that camera shut off & she beat his ass lol
Ange D
Ange D Pred 2 meseci
Absolutely cannot believe yall never saw fox Robin Hood
Kenna Bee
Kenna Bee Pred 2 meseci
magdalena kwlsk
magdalena kwlsk Pred 2 meseci
Ever since somone said they have the same face i cant unsee it
LaPulgaM Pred 2 meseci
F*ck you guys, my birthday lands on Halloween!! 😠😵😂🤣🤣
sixlittlecavies Pred 2 meseci
thought they were pepparamis by the thumbnail ngl
Tiger Boom
Tiger Boom Pred 3 meseci
Damn... they are boomers
The Amazing Alex
The Amazing Alex Pred 3 meseci
seriously my favorite couple ever
Savannah Faith
Savannah Faith Pred 3 meseci
If you don’t get Kelsey a necklace that says baby then you’re doing it wrong
ava sweeten
ava sweeten Pred 3 meseci
ava sweeten
ava sweeten Pred 3 meseci
why are bbq chips just like a little bit apocu
ava sweeten
ava sweeten Pred 3 meseci
what the fuck is that brown thing
ava sweeten
ava sweeten Pred 3 meseci
ava sweeten
ava sweeten Pred 3 meseci
i’m drunk as hell and i thought that sai dchooo vibes chili vibes. CHILI VIBES
Liv Rose
Liv Rose Pred 3 meseci
I wanted to see KELSEYS COllege ones
deviltrigger Pred 3 meseci
But Kelsey's eyes in that mask are literally terrifying. Thanks for that haunting image in my mind.
alysha Pred 3 meseci
I’m zooted rn an this is making me so uncomfortable (the intro)
Wilddrewbster Pred 3 meseci
Cody looks like he would smell really bad
Stephen Boeddeker
Stephen Boeddeker Pred 3 meseci
Lol don't worry g. I get uncomfortable when my girl gets baby fever too...
Samar Kiradu
Samar Kiradu Pred 3 meseci
Look at Kelsey's ears. They are so red!!!
GruppeSechs Pred 3 meseci
2:42 Fuck, that was so sweet.
Mug Pred 3 meseci
I have that scream mask
Noah 94
Noah 94 Pred 3 meseci
I want a little you
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Pred 3 meseci
0:20 purge 2020 (colorized)
The Negro Curious George
The Negro Curious George Pred 3 meseci
My internet parents are back
The Negro Curious George
The Negro Curious George Pred 3 meseci
Kelsey's reaction to Cody's firefighter costume made me smile
Meme Theater
Meme Theater Pred 3 meseci
I see that Liquid Death hat Cody. ...nice 👌
Logan Crawford
Logan Crawford Pred 3 meseci
What's with all the liquid death?! I want all of it
Febreze Weslowski
Febreze Weslowski Pred 3 meseci
Wades too scared to take gummies? Guess he doesn’t burn.
Sonya Tillman
Sonya Tillman Pred 3 meseci
why does cody look like mike myers circa Wayne’s world every time he puts a hat on?
mearra hudson
mearra hudson Pred 3 meseci
You guys should do a video where you both eat the edibles
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