your inappropriate uncle at family gatherings

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Gus Johnson

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"i didn't say anything"
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Thank you to Sabrina for her help with this video!
this is a documentary about your inappropriate uncle at family gatherings
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast please. Eddy Burback and I make it and it's ok.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred 11 meseci
follow me on twitter to win a free uncle @Gusbuckets
Shahmeer Delawalla
Shahmeer Delawalla Pred dnevom
@gusjohnson stop waiting on that uncle give away.
Austin Daugherty
Austin Daugherty Pred 17 dnevi
And then a free basement
I'm Myself
I'm Myself Pred 21 dnevom
I’m an uncle
chris kimball
chris kimball Pred 29 dnevi
Thanks I lost mine
Gabriel Klein
Gabriel Klein Pred mesecem
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son JESUS CHRIST FOR OUR SINS so whoever believeth in him shall not perish but have eternal life Amen Amen Amen
Edward Burton
Edward Burton Pred 6 urami
You know who still uses the word "Oriental"? .....Asians.
Dragon Horse
Dragon Horse Pred 8 urami
the one in my family is named Bill
Username 69
Username 69 Pred 10 urami
Dude. This is way to accurate.
Brianna Cross
Brianna Cross Pred 14 urami
the type of uncle to have a rebel flag tho- we all have that one
I’m a Llama
I’m a Llama Pred 15 urami
And don’t even think about mentioning anything trans related. Hours of your life will be wasted
Rafael Pedro
Rafael Pedro Pred 19 urami
Its just an average american thats not fron cali
parallax boy
parallax boy Pred dnevom
I'm glad neither of my uncles are like this
parallax boy
parallax boy Pred 15 urami
@David I am currently in school
David Pred 15 urami
@parallax boy zoom classes are boring enough to make you scroll down a lot in SLpost comments
parallax boy
parallax boy Pred 18 urami
@David I was not expecting a response neat
David Pred 21 uro
neither of my uncles acts like this as well. but it would be funny if one did, cause ALL my aunts and uncles on my dads side are either arts people, socialists (actual socialists, one of them was even a member of the communist party) or a combination of both. family gatherings would be much more entretaining if i had an uncle like this
Theodore Westbrook
Theodore Westbrook Pred dnevom
Ey Arkansas got a shout out lol
Brooks H
Brooks H Pred dnevom
Cory L
Cory L Pred dnevom
im just the drunk cousin who talks tractors and sits in a lawn chair the whole time and somehow always has a another beer yet i dont move inless its to play basketball or that yard ball game
FlawlessRhythm Pred 2 dnevi
The really distant "I'm just sayin" killed me.
R3D L1N3 302
R3D L1N3 302 Pred 2 dnevi
So my uncle Kyle
Solid Coal
Solid Coal Pred 2 dnevi
to be honest inappropriate uncles are the best uncles
1123581321 34
1123581321 34 Pred 2 dnevi
“I’ve got some articles for you to look at” How did you film my monthly phone call with my mom without me noticing?
Mister Music Man
Mister Music Man Pred 3 dnevi
This video makes ALM supporters look so much worse than they really are
TomTheMemer23 Pred 3 dnevi
i cant helo but love these loser uncles they are trying the best they can
aa Pred 3 dnevi
this made me realize i had an uncle like this
MiniMineMaster2 Pred 3 dnevi
*ah yes, the inappropriate uncle* *also a suspected trump supporter*
Isaias Penilla
Isaias Penilla Pred 3 dnevi
This is my aunt
Caleb Drake
Caleb Drake Pred 3 dnevi
This is accurate to my uncle on my mom's side
Steven Bowser
Steven Bowser Pred 3 dnevi
"You've got a lot to learn" perfect
AJ B Pred 3 dnevi
Next day: the beer was "talking".
Sir Spy Hotdog
Sir Spy Hotdog Pred 3 dnevi
this guy wouldnt last 2 seconds on twitter..
yournightmarepro 666
yournightmarepro 666 Pred 3 dnevi
This is nothing like an uncle
s r
s r Pred 3 dnevi
LA, the video.
Master Jcp
Master Jcp Pred 4 dnevi
That’s not my uncle that’s my dad
Ax Pred 4 dnevi
i had a visceral reaction to "you're my favorite nephew"
David Bare
David Bare Pred 4 dnevi
Other people: *just that 1 uncle* Literally half my family: allow us to introduce ourselves.
David Pred 21 uro
and then theres me. i'm not an american and one of my biggest wishes is to have an uncle like this, cause my uncles and aunts on my dads side are all either arts people, socialists (like literal socialists, not just american-"leftists", actual marxists) or a combination of both. having an uncle like this would add a magical layer of spice to family gatherings
Test topper
Test topper Pred 4 dnevi
Oddly specific, hmmmmmmm 🤔
Creepy boi__
Creepy boi__ Pred 4 dnevi
The video was until he talked about never leaving Arkansas I WILL CRY
Joe Bachman
Joe Bachman Pred 4 dnevi
If you don’t have an uncle like this, your dad is the one like this in the family.
Layne Baker
Layne Baker Pred 4 dnevi
I was wondering where my uncle like this was then I realized it's my dad.
Pokeballer Pred 4 dnevi
people on reddit who claim to be “chads” irl
Just another apartment building
Just another apartment building Pred 4 dnevi
My uncle is more on the Australian side and drinks vb has an old 1999 nissan patrol diesel turbo he is the best he made me tough
Chalupa Games
Chalupa Games Pred 4 dnevi
I want to major in construction but as soon as he said it's the only thing not stupid I worried I was going to be like him when I grow up😂😂😂
NOT OEM Pred 5 dnevi
"your trying to get a better paying job to improve yourself, your family, and community? snowflake."
CloudBurst Pred 5 dnevi
What the hell??? Why is my dad on SLpost
Chappy Pred 5 dnevi
Wait .... I’m that uncle and he is AWESOME
Icommitdie8756 Pred 5 dnevi
why the fuck does he sound like Rick
B L I T Z Pred 5 dnevi
i have this uncle but the opposite, he looks the same, and yeah kinda acts the same except the sexism and racism lol
Thomas Weis
Thomas Weis Pred 6 dnevi
Why he gotta do Arkansas like that?
Maui-Brawl-Stars Yt
Maui-Brawl-Stars Yt Pred 6 dnevi
This ain’t inappropriate this is racist nice video tho
Common Ground
Common Ground Pred 6 dnevi
maceofspades Pred 6 dnevi
Thankfully I don’t have this uncle, however my family likes to talk about the “pcp police” stuff. I tend to have a lot of Christian uncles who shove religion down throats
IamCyka Pred 6 dnevi
The Arkansas thing is so true
Gene Wade
Gene Wade Pred 6 dnevi
God he is my whole family.
Cooper Fenik
Cooper Fenik Pred 6 dnevi
this all makes sense
The Jaxson Video Blog
The Jaxson Video Blog Pred 6 dnevi
Where I'm from this is the family and the weird uncle is the liberal.
Ensrick Pred 6 dnevi
This uncle is the guy who buys all the truck bumper stickers from that other guy.
Beaux Taylor
Beaux Taylor Pred 7 dnevi
How is this so accurate
GalaxyPickle439 Pred 7 dnevi
Why is this so true
Dave Wolf
Dave Wolf Pred 8 dnevi
Can't believe his towel sketch brought me here
DeathbyDawn141 Pred 8 dnevi
Now that I’m an uncle I think this may be me
Night Shade
Night Shade Pred 8 dnevi
That cough at the end had me rolling.
Jordan stalheim
Jordan stalheim Pred 8 dnevi
I agreed with all of this
PurpleBrick Productions
PurpleBrick Productions Pred 8 dnevi
He must of burped a hundred times
Ethan McDaniel
Ethan McDaniel Pred 8 dnevi
2:00 through 2:17 is my dad...
JesseIsAngry Pred 8 dnevi
I'm pretty sure I'm "tHaT UnCle"
Totally_Not_Skyler Pred 8 dnevi
Oh god that's unironically my dad! 😳
Woofles1 Pred 8 dnevi
i'll show this to younger kids when im a teacher and teach them about being racist
Kerem Yıldırım
Kerem Yıldırım Pred 8 dnevi
That guy is horrible. We should be aware of the fact that we are living in a society which everyone inside is equal to another. We should avoid prejudices and respect everyone. And also we should consider that everyone is an individual beyond their skin color or sexual identity. 2:15 Definitely rapper btw
landyn _boy
landyn _boy Pred 8 dnevi
This video made me realize we haven't said the pledge at school in the past 3 years
Ginga Okanomi
Ginga Okanomi Pred 9 dnevi
My grandpa:
jazmer12 Pred 9 dnevi
gus Just put the gun down GUS GUS GUUUUUUUS NO YOU JUST SHOT SOMEONE oh it's a 3 am youtuber
Amarvir Johal
Amarvir Johal Pred 9 dnevi
The thing is he’s speaking facts but society makes us think he isn’t
Michael Z.
Michael Z. Pred 7 dnevi
Matthew Pred 8 dnevi
the thing is you are wrong :)
Oroku saki
Oroku saki Pred 9 dnevi
talks about how real men can take a punch but cries for the police when you punch him in his big pink face ...MURICA !!!
Tom Pred 9 dnevi
The accuracy of this video is incredible
Leo’s Lemons
Leo’s Lemons Pred 10 dnevi
I want that hat
Sufian Omar
Sufian Omar Pred 10 dnevi
I live him
CloutBoyChris Pred 10 dnevi
Fucking grass
Fucking grass Pred 11 dnevi
My mom is lowkey like this about pronouns and things like that... ._. I can't stand the whole "oH aM i AlLoWeD tO sAy ThAt AnYmOrE??"
Fucking grass
Fucking grass Pred 10 dnevi
@O Not really? Lmao. People forget pronouns have always been part of the language. We're just specifying which ones we use now, like stating your name instead of making people guess it. :P
O Pred 10 dnevi
Tbf pronouns are fucking annoying
Yeet Lord McSwaggins
Yeet Lord McSwaggins Pred 11 dnevi
Leave Arkansas out of this. You’re thinking of Alabama.
socerboy10 Pred 11 dnevi
Ayrond Pred 11 dnevi
This type is insulting in every fucking way
Engineer Gaming
Engineer Gaming Pred 11 dnevi
Engineer gaming!
The Great Cornholio
The Great Cornholio Pred 11 dnevi
inappropriate uncle? More like how liberals see the world.
Konstantinos Panagiotakis
Konstantinos Panagiotakis Pred 11 dnevi
1:19 "wa dIDNt SAY NOth"
Margaret Harris
Margaret Harris Pred 11 dnevi
The amuck tights optically object because ease monthly surround round a purring department. fretful, momentous boy
Omin Cat
Omin Cat Pred 12 dnevi
most girls cant grill.......... Cus they simply prefer not to
random Pred 12 dnevi
"I didn't say anything, just saying"
Ace airsoft
Ace airsoft Pred 12 dnevi
My uncle is a racist he’s. A democratic
Noah Block
Noah Block Pred 12 dnevi
One word Rick
Alex Whitney
Alex Whitney Pred 12 dnevi
“Women should do all the cooking” 0:05 - “wait no not like that”
Kinlegate Pred 13 dnevi
2:15 If the roles were reversed: "He could have been an... accountant, or a... college admissions officer... *I didn't say anything!* "
Kaleb Scott
Kaleb Scott Pred 13 dnevi
"iiiiiii DID'nt say anything"
Nate Howard
Nate Howard Pred 13 dnevi
Alex Resa
Alex Resa Pred 13 dnevi
Grant Fisher
Grant Fisher Pred 14 dnevi
understands how to make fun of conservatives better than any political "comedy" shows on rn
Postal Dude
Postal Dude Pred 14 dnevi
Im with the uncle
Akshay Anand
Akshay Anand Pred 14 dnevi
When you combine Rick Sanchez, Dwight Schrute and Donald Trump
KalCounty Pred 15 dnevi
Fuck that last bit was pulled off flawlessly. I hate ignorant people who condescend to people smarter than them like that.
Tanner Phillips
Tanner Phillips Pred 15 dnevi
He sounds like Johnny Knoxville
CrispTomato94 Pred 15 dnevi
“I’ll give you a nickel if you go grab me a beer. You know when I was your age I only got paid five bucks an hour your generation has it easy. That’s why you guys whine so much about ‘college debt’ and ‘equality’. Back in my day all you had to do was walk up to the owner and shake his hand to find a job and we could mistreat minorities whenever we felt like it. We have grit, you guys are a bunch of crybabies. Now hurry up and get my beer what are you waiting for?”
Ezra Skrippt
Ezra Skrippt Pred 15 dnevi
Your uncle is my father-
Tim van Aken
Tim van Aken Pred 15 dnevi
The gesture at 1:16 is the most homophobic thing I have ever seen, lmao (and yes that's a compliment bc that's how these people really be)
BannaMan420 Pred 10 dnevi
Kaitlyn Rauch
Kaitlyn Rauch Pred 15 dnevi
This whole thing makes me WIDLY uncomfortable.
Red Jet
Red Jet Pred 15 dnevi
Lol I burped right as Uncle Gus burped
ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ Pred 16 dnevi
"all 6 years of highschool"
a very chronic tonic
a very chronic tonic Pred 16 dnevi
University really isn't a place of diverse ideas anymore, now it's more like a hive mind. When I was there, I said something about the black group that was trying to claim texas. They stated they would fight black oppression where ever it is, so I said "why don't they go to africa then, and fight the Libyan slave trade?" I get it sounds bad that I'm saying go to Africa to a black group, but the group did say they would go to Africa, if they don't get Texas. So my thought was they want to go to Africa already, and there is still black oppression there too, so why do they need Texas? No one asked any questions, I was just labeled the raciest guy on campus.
a very chronic tonic
a very chronic tonic Pred 6 dnevi
@Swoff I get your point but how does giving a group, an ethnic state do anything? That would just raise racial tensions, even higher than they already are. While solving almost nothing.
Swoff Pred 6 dnevi
Americans want to solve problems in America, who would've thought
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