New *SEASON 5* Mythic Weapons and Bosses! (Fortnite)

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Getting my 1st win in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 gameplay with Typical Gamer!
Twitter: typicalgamer
Instagram: typicalgamer
Music by Epidemic Sound:

Family Account
Family Account Pred 5 dnevi
lol he still have the season 4
Lisa Simmons
Lisa Simmons Pred 8 dnevi
Baby yoda in the back
pete jone
pete jone Pred 11 dnevi
I love avenger season sooooo goooood
FaZeRigge23 Pred 12 dnevi
who else noticed he hit that kid 116 with a charge
Matthew Loya
Matthew Loya Pred 13 dnevi
Can u gift me the battle pass my user is tyty.10
Mike D
Mike D Pred 14 dnevi
I used your code
Marveinozs Pred 14 dnevi
Use Code : TypicalGamer
chris fraz
chris fraz Pred 14 dnevi
OMG he’s so cute
preston Christians
preston Christians Pred 15 dnevi
I did not know about the sand thing
Jacob Peralta
Jacob Peralta Pred 15 dnevi
Have them do you have the Menace. skin
angelomendoza08 Pred 16 dnevi
i subscribed to you
angelomendoza08 Pred 16 dnevi
he is so good
angelomendoza08 Pred 16 dnevi
can you gift me the battle pass
Cracking nort Flint
Cracking nort Flint Pred 16 dnevi
Hi mate I'm
Julio Bernal Plante
Julio Bernal Plante Pred 16 dnevi
I am going to play fortnit ugen In July 30
Caid B
Caid B Pred 17 dnevi
How get into the live chat and chat someone tell me please
Caid B
Caid B Pred 17 dnevi
It’s the best
Caid B
Caid B Pred 17 dnevi
I have your merch
Balasubramaniyan K
Balasubramaniyan K Pred 17 dnevi
God bless u
Maria eloisa sanchez
Maria eloisa sanchez Pred 17 dnevi
I'm a sweat at fornite then You tg plays
Devon Carroll
Devon Carroll Pred 17 dnevi
Dylan Mackenthun (Student)
Dylan Mackenthun (Student) Pred 17 dnevi
Hi mason
Gaming With Timmaaahhh
Gaming With Timmaaahhh Pred 17 dnevi
deadpool69 what are you doing with my unicorn
deadpool69 what are you doing with my unicorn Pred 18 dnevi
your being a weird bro
Lucien Champion-Fortier
Lucien Champion-Fortier Pred 18 dnevi
i like collosal coliseum
nagham hilal
nagham hilal Pred 19 dnevi
Make a mandlorian only challenge!
ARB PLAYZ Pred 20 dnevi
Im so sad 😭 im on ipad and i cant play fortnite i want to play season 5
simba 211
simba 211 Pred 20 dnevi
i have the zero point foil of all the skins but i use kondor
Aidan V
Aidan V Pred 21 dnevom
Who else was super scared of Tilted Towers when you first started fortnite.
ItsArionYT Pred 21 dnevom
TG plays:What the heck do you have magic Samera:im am going to bed with merch on
Exitz Gamer
Exitz Gamer Pred 21 dnevom
Why the hell is nobody talking about how we only just started the season and he’s already 109
Christian Blunschi
Christian Blunschi Pred 22 dnevi
nice clutch
Andy Haglof
Andy Haglof Pred 23 dnevi
The tac shotgun is better than the charge.
Eve Quintana
Eve Quintana Pred 26 dnevi
Go to saltey towers
Alexander Bravo
Alexander Bravo Pred 27 dnevi
your the best
Roblox Oderman
Roblox Oderman Pred 27 dnevi
Guys! Did u here he stayed up all night for us so pls give him more the 100k and give him 300k likes
Ronron hi I'm a big fan
Ronron hi I'm a big fan Pred 25 dnevi
That1 Guy
That1 Guy Pred 27 dnevi
Need lup
That1 Guy
That1 Guy Pred 27 dnevi
I just starting sleeping and I played fort nite on my switch lol I sleep with my cussin he snors
Kelli M
Kelli M Pred 27 dnevi
Who loves TG/me
Janice Medlock
Janice Medlock Pred 27 dnevi
Let fricking go land
Trayvion stokes
Trayvion stokes Pred 27 dnevi
Valerie Gaona
Valerie Gaona Pred 28 dnevi
Tg tg tg tg tg
Steven Englebrecht
Steven Englebrecht Pred 29 dnevi
One time I got bountied and then i saw someone i killed her and that was my bounty
Harrison Crigler
Harrison Crigler Pred 29 dnevi
bro i'm a noob and i got 16 kills and a victory
Tere Herwigl
Tere Herwigl Pred mesecem
So good at. Fortenite d it bad at amongst
Kayden Toombs
Kayden Toombs Pred mesecem
I love your videos!!!
Melinda Floyd
Melinda Floyd Pred mesecem
I love it
Owen Jacobe
Owen Jacobe Pred mesecem
How do you use code typical gamer in the item shop
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig Pred mesecem
Charge sogun has 4 bullut
Leeba Shiju
Leeba Shiju Pred mesecem
Season 4 was better
Danny A
Danny A Pred mesecem
I cant get a win pls help
Linda Kuske
Linda Kuske Pred mesecem
baby yoda is so cute
Linda Kuske
Linda Kuske Pred mesecem
subscribe to typical gamer
Hamilton Kissell
Hamilton Kissell Pred mesecem
His background is still the season 4
Geek kid TV
Geek kid TV Pred mesecem
Such an amazing vid congratulations on the win
Oliver Hulk
Oliver Hulk Pred mesecem
The even excellent excited engine immunohistologically suffer because woolen dentsply beg apropos a gorgeous alarm. craven, flawless libra
Marielys Capeles Cotto
Marielys Capeles Cotto Pred mesecem
is it sad that he only play by himself and with others????
Omar Wilkins
Omar Wilkins Pred mesecem
Did he stream this
Tyler A
Tyler A Pred mesecem
TG: Baby Yoda here. . .he doesn't like water very much. Me (thinking to myself): I think you're thinkin' of Gizmo from Gremlins.
Saltysquid 1489
Saltysquid 1489 Pred mesecem
Hi my brother called me a party pooper
STACY hart
STACY hart Pred mesecem
Go to the old gas station where the ghost and black henchmen were in down the street is where the scale that you’re wearing place is
Puppy pal boy
Puppy pal boy Pred mesecem
I love the new season
200 pump
200 pump Pred mesecem
Who watched his live stream?
Crazy Classics
Crazy Classics Pred mesecem
bishal pokhrel
bishal pokhrel Pred mesecem
dwigsten Pred mesecem
i am yosin code typical gamer and i have battel pass
Funkel Pred mesecem
Zinx ay лол
Zinx ay лол Pred mesecem
Hi verified person that I don’t know
MIKEJ1961 Pred mesecem
He is the best best best best best
Antonio Daniel
Antonio Daniel Pred mesecem
I haw 1256 Gold
Yarielis Otero
Yarielis Otero Pred mesecem
psn @yarithuggin
Caleb De Haro
Caleb De Haro Pred mesecem
make more vidos
Lundynn Nelson
Lundynn Nelson Pred mesecem
no hate but if this is ur "first solo match" how are u already on level 110?
Thelma Morgan
Thelma Morgan Pred mesecem
The wakeful straw endosonographically grip because snowflake taxonomically wobble regarding a electric ferry. momentous, questionable open
Nikodem Szczepanski
Nikodem Szczepanski Pred mesecem
Me such a fan
Malasia Adaway
Malasia Adaway Pred mesecem
I supported you
Brittany Black
Brittany Black Pred mesecem
I already got a solo w
don Pred mesecem
tactical or charge
MarkIsBomb Sorry
MarkIsBomb Sorry Pred mesecem
What sounds better salty towers or typical towers?
Itsfunneh Fan
Itsfunneh Fan Pred mesecem
Typical towers of course
Heartless4life_ YT
Heartless4life_ YT Pred mesecem
4:48 while he emotes he doges bullet
luke porras
luke porras Pred mesecem
why does the sound of the mando sniper sound like an M-1 Garand ping
Ashley Masopust
Ashley Masopust Pred mesecem
The simple jogging compatibly consist because chalk frustratingly provide absent a craven tablecloth. flat, languid timer
Lisa Lewis
Lisa Lewis Pred mesecem
You're so good at fortnite
Thomas Marchese
Thomas Marchese Pred mesecem
Can you gifted me
Aio 1
Aio 1 Pred mesecem
The festive motion angiographically guess because shingle plausibly guide modulo a parallel board. adorable, drab apparel
Joker Pred mesecem
Who’s been watching Tg plays since chapter 2 season 2
Luffy Dono
Luffy Dono Pred mesecem
I never played a fortnite in 2 moths
Luffy Dono
Luffy Dono Pred mesecem
I never received a gift
Classic Whiskers
Classic Whiskers Pred mesecem
You should do a Fortnite mobile challenge. And make it a series.
paul lewis
paul lewis Pred mesecem
There’s no more mobile for it
Olga c
Olga c Pred mesecem
The tightfisted fuel lately learn because lily markedly develop mid a calculating united kingdom. freezing, old-fashioned pickle
Yasser Almarzooqi
Yasser Almarzooqi Pred mesecem
Singer season four of the background for the intro because there was no background for the season four I mean five
Verlie Fields IV
Verlie Fields IV Pred mesecem
XxNightmarexX _PR
XxNightmarexX _PR Pred mesecem
Ok bye
Kyles Benson
Kyles Benson Pred mesecem
I used code typical gamer in the item shop
Toy Tube
Toy Tube Pred mesecem
How did he get the pickaxe while using the mandlorain skin
fearless Vlogs
fearless Vlogs Pred mesecem
Bro that truck on top of the gas station shed 😅
Charles Laird
Charles Laird Pred mesecem
its silly
Charles Laird
Charles Laird Pred mesecem
yes me too LFC SLAYER
Rashod Isham
Rashod Isham Pred mesecem
i love your video daddy
Σοφια Ηλιου
Σοφια Ηλιου Pred mesecem
yes love season5
Σοφια Ηλιου
Σοφια Ηλιου Pred mesecem
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