Luka Doncic Shows Respect To Celtics Legend: "You Can't Compare Me To Larry Bird"

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Luka Doncic admitted he watched a lot of Larry Bird film growing up, but didn't feel like he deserved the comparison to the Boston Celtics legend quite yet.
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Rohan Kapuria
Rohan Kapuria Pred 18 dnevi
I just said 5 minutes ago to my brother that luka is very similer to larry having never seen anything that agrees with me and then 5 mins later im scrolling through yt and i see this
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred mesecem
next which made me choose to watch him on TV over bron and giannis
Tony Tang
Tony Tang Pred mesecem
So humble nice
Louie Murphy
Louie Murphy Pred mesecem
There will never be another Larry Bird. But there will never be another Luka Doncic.
Small Ben7
Small Ben7 Pred mesecem
You can't compare stats from this inflated NBA to previous eras
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred mesecem
To be fair, you can’t compare Larry to Luka. He was still playing against kids at Luka’s age.
Brilliant Hooligans
Brilliant Hooligans Pred mesecem
My goodness Rachel!!!!!!
Hasan Elenanzih
Hasan Elenanzih Pred mesecem
this is the first time i hear lukas voice and it shocked me.
boracay 2piece
boracay 2piece Pred mesecem
Now you know😂
Craigslist Reply
Craigslist Reply Pred mesecem
this man also talks and answers at his own pace
Gseric47 Pred mesecem
If Luka gets that field goal percentage up, he's doing just fine by his standards 👍🏾 47% is still pretty crazy efficient though XD
kut52 Pred mesecem
Sorry but that shirt is just stupid on Luka - how wxactly was he built by black history?
notthereal billybobthorton
notthereal billybobthorton Pred mesecem
Porzingis plays more like bird
BeeGee Bad
BeeGee Bad Pred mesecem
Lebron said Hes the greatest player of all time. Sheesh
Tom Nilsen
Tom Nilsen Pred mesecem
Larry would average 40 12 10 today with the fouls. Birds a bad man
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred mesecem
Luka was built by black history growing up in Europe lol
Dan Wood
Dan Wood Pred mesecem
Hes not Larry bird! Just cause he's white! He plays more like harden
MerickPlayz Pred mesecem
99potoy Pred mesecem
If this attitude continues and he proved to be a really great player... Jordan level.. I wouldn't mind him to be the GOAT... This is what lacking with Le Flop.... Humility!!!
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu Pred mesecem
Lakers" Dude was a complete savage and does not get enough respect today.
Isaiah Pred mesecem
why does he always get compared to Bird when he clearly plays more like Lebron and magic? is it just because they're both white? weird
innosanto Pred mesecem
Ueha it is a racist view. All whites look the same llol.
Grand Turtle
Grand Turtle Pred mesecem
To be fair, you can’t compare Larry to Luka. He was still playing against kids at Luka’s age.
Noneya Biz
Noneya Biz Pred mesecem
He hasn't done shit compared to Larry Bird lol. Don't know why he would think that haha
Nem Zor
Nem Zor Pred mesecem
Само пери легендо!!!
Hunter Pred mesecem
"You can't compare me to Larry Bird. I'm better."
innosanto Pred mesecem
Nly a stupid person would say such bs.
ponypower8 Pred mesecem
Gabor Nagy
Gabor Nagy Pred mesecem
it's kinda wow that in 2021 you make a video title where an nba star stays humble and respects someone else. pure wow to me...
Shawn Fig
Shawn Fig Pred mesecem
Damn ig Lukas black
Big KW
Big KW Pred mesecem
Smelly Fart
Smelly Fart Pred mesecem
Damn the more i heard him, the more i love him. This face will be the face of the NBA. Character, skill, and pretty handsome too lol
Dino Nanic
Dino Nanic Pred mesecem
Can someone tell me last few years is ever three the best basketball players in the history of that sport, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson....if they say anything, something about Luka?
Rudolph Valentino
Rudolph Valentino Pred mesecem
You can't compare Luka and Larry just yet, Luka knows that. He does need a few MVPs and championships first
Jorge Delgado
Jorge Delgado Pred mesecem
You can't compare a stat line in today's NBA which doesn't play defense at all, their is more spacing and offensive players can't be touched. Plus, an assist is counted differently from Birds era. Now the player who receives the pass can dribble up to 5 times amd score and the assist will count. In Birds era a player who receives the ball cannot dribble more than 1 before scoring. So, apples and oranges. BTW, L. Doncic has put better stats than LeBron in their 1st three seasons and at the same age.
The Big Bronkowski
The Big Bronkowski Pred mesecem
Larry legend once played an entire game only scoring with his left hand and ended with 47 pts/14 reb/11 asts. When asked about it he said "I'm saving my right hand for the Lakers" Dude was a complete savage and does not get enough respect today.
WR3 KJV Pred mesecem
Black Suprano
Black Suprano Pred mesecem
Nba is like America currency when it comes to stats. Wild inflation
ExopMan Pred mesecem
I mean, he's right, they're not comparable. Luka needs to keep winning for 10 more years and win 3+ rings...
chris topher
chris topher Pred mesecem
We talkin like luka got the Mavs in the finals 6 times already smh
Tomas Wenmakers
Tomas Wenmakers Pred mesecem
Yes Luka, we know
Josko Jansa
Josko Jansa Pred mesecem
I'll say this in english. Luka, needs some coaching for when speaking with media in english. Or beter not. Thing is, he thinks in slovenian, when he speaks english. Thats why he constantly refers to "you know". Thats how you honestly talk to one of us in slovenian. You base your sentence, to "you know", then you develope your thoughts, and wait for honest reply, if it comes. Kid is a jewel. Handles media narcissism like a pro. "You know"... I helped to explain it to you.
Ingemar Smith
Ingemar Smith Pred mesecem
The reason you can't compare him to Larry Legend is because there is NO DEFENSE in this NBA.
Kdog Poop
Kdog Poop Pred mesecem
Anyone who hates luka probably hate him because of the people who hype him up or some randomly on the internet. I see no reason to dislike that man based on anything he’s done.
Jordan Aponte
Jordan Aponte Pred mesecem
666th comment
nacka78 Pred mesecem
European standard of humbleness. Here in Europe we just love the game and admire the great ones. I mean ALL of them, because there are many of them. Including Larry Bird (my personal favourite :). For info -> we don't care about goats, and "my goat is better than your goat" crap narrative. To sum up -> even if Luka wins some chips, MVPs etc., even HoF -> he still will not even take this comparison of him to Bird into serious consideration.
James Winny
James Winny Pred mesecem
Definitely a good player but cmon y’all the defense in Bird’s time was insane, elbows to the face were a usual theme back then, everyone is easily averaging 25pts a game these days.
Faris Z.
Faris Z. Pred mesecem
The game is a lot faster now and it’s a lot more difficult to play defense nowadays and stay within the rules. You basically can’t compare players from different eras.
Tonio Abad Cruz
Tonio Abad Cruz Pred mesecem
Damn illuminati again new tattoo 0:52!!!!
jonathan. Pred mesecem
Lukas numbers are stat padded so yeah no comparison
Bae Pred mesecem
Lol let’s not ignore hardens flop and bad d
Kyrie Pred mesecem
Larry bird < Luka
Christine Ford is CIA
Christine Ford is CIA Pred mesecem
I met Larry Bird. The man was massive. Don't let the short shorts and skinny guys back then fool you. It is a different league now. Luka is the closest thing to Bird there is, but Bird was unreal and won 3 straight MVPs back when the league was much tougher. Luka is my favorite player and only 22. You can't make that comparison yet, but make no mistake about it, Luka has Hall of Famer written all over him. Too bad the Mavs owner is such an ass.
I'm starting to believe that "You know" is a foreign thing.. Don't believe me? then watch Pacquiao interviews.
Ante Rados
Ante Rados Pred mesecem
Train hard and always give your best and you will be the best you know. We love you Luka you know. A lot of fans in Croatia support you and we all enjoy in your skills. Luka👑
Nick Cisneros
Nick Cisneros Pred mesecem
Larry Bird can't be compared to the Triple-Double-Everynight Luka Doncic
Nick Cisneros
Nick Cisneros Pred mesecem
@Christine Ford is CIA most of Luka's game winners were uncontested and I think speed will always be greater than strength
Nick Cisneros
Nick Cisneros Pred mesecem
@Christine Ford is CIA most of Bird's game winners were fadeaway threes with 6'9 grown men hand-checking him during the shot
Christine Ford is CIA
Christine Ford is CIA Pred mesecem
Different eras. Must tougher basketball back then.
David Thierry
David Thierry Pred mesecem
Averaging 22 points in 1823 is like averaging 33 today And journalists comparing them only on the basis if their skin color regardless of their game... Lame
Abraham Rico
Abraham Rico Pred mesecem
Luka’s English has become so good!
Mignon Gakuba
Mignon Gakuba Pred mesecem
Not gonna all white fans are riding luka
light yagami.
light yagami. Pred mesecem
lol u saw every thing in black and white ..filipino and south american are also here..
Jo Hannes II
Jo Hannes II Pred mesecem
And he‘s got a better haircut than Bird
Adan Sanchez
Adan Sanchez Pred mesecem
How is this comparison not Racist ?🤦🏻‍♂️ Out of all the players in the league, all the players of the past, they compare him to Larry Bird a white guy . Anti-racism is amazing 🤭
notthereal billybobthorton
notthereal billybobthorton Pred mesecem
Not yet
Makula53 Pred mesecem
Bird won 3 straight League MVP’s not many have done that. Luka has a chance to be that but different players, IMO.
sqjam Pred mesecem
Proud fellow Slovenian here! You can't compare legends with "new players" yet! Ask him this question after 10 years in the NBA league
Sunny Darko
Sunny Darko Pred mesecem
The Messi of Basketball. I don't think he will win a chip at the Mavericks tho. He will be another James Harden story. The sooner he's out the better.
Jetmir Lekiqi
Jetmir Lekiqi Pred mesecem
@Sunny Darko I like KP but yeah i do see him getting traded if he doesn't stay healthy. The best ability is avaliablilty. I love draymond, the heart and soul of the team. This season he proved that he doesn't need kd or klay to be an elite passer. As the season goes on, his shooting percentages will average out but right now he is shooting 39/22/71. Thats awful! Haha
Sunny Darko
Sunny Darko Pred mesecem
@Jetmir Lekiqi word. I think their going to trade K.P. Let's see who goes there. Haha. Draymond is the most underrated player in the leauge. Thought I'll throw that one in there since your a warriors fan.
Jetmir Lekiqi
Jetmir Lekiqi Pred mesecem
@Sunny Darko I'm a warriors fan so that's great haha. You're right though, its wasted talent if it turns into another Harden situation. The good news is the Mavs don't have a cheapskate owner like the Rockets.
Sunny Darko
Sunny Darko Pred mesecem
@Jetmir Lekiqi Same. I feel like he will end up at golden state
Jetmir Lekiqi
Jetmir Lekiqi Pred mesecem
Id rather Luka win like the 2011 mavs than join a superteam
lilmari10 Pred mesecem
I been saying this since last year, Luka will be the next best player in the league after LeBron retires
Črtomir Štrucl
Črtomir Štrucl Pred mesecem
His English is gradually getting better but his usage rate of "you knows" is also up I belive. :D
edbert acorda
edbert acorda Pred mesecem
Yep, no comparison, Larry Legend fought a tougher competition before. Defense was tighter and players were more solid.
lepi22222 Pred mesecem
whats your point? its how the game evolved over time? would most of the players today play the same way if they were born 50 years ago? I dont think so...with that being said, since the training, diets etc also proressed over time, most of the players today are much better athletes then 30-40 years ago, on average. There will always be freaks and hard af workers though that just stand out...
J. Henry
J. Henry Pred mesecem
Luka “You know” Doncic
john carlo Florentino
john carlo Florentino Pred mesecem
Yep. Hes right!
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Pred mesecem
“Hoping to get drafted you know, three years ago, you know, I didn’t even know” 😂
Michael O'Toole
Michael O'Toole Pred mesecem
This is just a Cedric Maxwell troll. He used to do it with Dirk Nowitzki. Cedric has always been angry because he had a stellar career in Boston but was always over shadowed by Bird.
Esteban Zazueta
Esteban Zazueta Pred mesecem
Can't compare them cause luka on a different level then larry bird already
Tyler B
Tyler B Pred mesecem
Even after a win, it looks like he wants to start crying at any moment.
Giri Dharan
Giri Dharan Pred mesecem
Luka: You can't compare me to Larry Bird, there are many games to play ESPN: He is not Lebron type, so let's reduce his screen time ESPN First Take: Stephen A reacts to Luka showing respect to Celtics Legend Larry Bird ESPN: Damn it Stephen A!
Jue80 Pred mesecem
I say: you can't compare the NBA nowdays with the good old times, it's not the same hard defense anymore! Some people will think that's fine that the NBA isn't that hard anymore, and some not...
uropy Pred mesecem
Luka can be better than Bird but he is nowhere near Steph Curry.
RUGGED BREED Pred mesecem
THis kid will go far
Gabriel Lima
Gabriel Lima Pred mesecem
*This is a very LAZY comparison because they’re both white. It doesn’t make sense, they don’t play like each other*
Mickael Emman
Mickael Emman Pred mesecem
Same as Jordan during his first season!
Michael Ocansey
Michael Ocansey Pred mesecem
Luka : you know! Giannis: at the end of the day Me: yes, at the end of the day we know
ab djang
ab djang Pred mesecem
Harden flop again
pestel 5
pestel 5 Pred mesecem
50% Luka Magic 50% you know
j k
j k Pred mesecem
comparing luka to bird instead of lebron, shows luka will be greater than lebron in the future.
Matej Korpar
Matej Korpar Pred mesecem
Luka - The "You know" man.
Rome Pred mesecem
You gotta stop comparing these players to legends. He puts up great numbers, but he’s no Larry Legend..
Fernando Nardini
Fernando Nardini Pred mesecem
Luka duka
CapitalistDog Pred mesecem
Hes compared to Larry because he's white but his stats at his aged are compared to Lebron's smh
Mo_Bi_Wan 80s
Mo_Bi_Wan 80s Pred mesecem
Other times, with different type of games.
Keith Wright
Keith Wright Pred mesecem
The media need to give these new stars breathing room to cement their own legacies It’s tiring seeing how amazingly talented Luka, Trey, Donovan, Jason, Lamelo but it’s constantly a narrative painting them a redubbed version of legends when they are in their full rights creating their legacies in our eyes and ppl aren’t taking it in
Vile Ink
Vile Ink Pred mesecem
U can't hate this kid👏
Abdus Shakur
Abdus Shakur Pred mesecem
When Larry Bird shot the ball, it was like he never missed. And he was a nasty trash talker! In todays style of play Larry would have crazy stats!
ToxaKastela Pred mesecem
Somebody count how many times he said it
CMIRV RV Pred mesecem
Bron would've said *I'm better than Larry cuz I'm the best player in the world* lol
Casual Gaming & more by Kigama
Casual Gaming & more by Kigama Pred mesecem
It's always the same storytelling. U compare a young guy to a legend, the young guy responds ty but he is a legend I've to go a long way. These narratives sound so trivial and trite. It gets boring after u heard that already so many times. And by the way, why is he compared to Larry Bird? Because both r white? I mean if u look it up u will find so many other players statistics wise that have similar numbers. I don't get it. Media is making things up again.
Jay Si
Jay Si Pred mesecem
Imagine if he actually meant it the other way round.
pim b
pim b Pred mesecem
The media should really calm down with stuff like this. It's his 3rd year and he hasn't gotten very far yet. Way too early to compare him to one of the best players of all time. Luka is humble enough to even say that himself
Matthieu Saade
Matthieu Saade Pred mesecem
Luka "You Know" Doncic 😂 I love it
Tim Cleezy
Tim Cleezy Pred mesecem
Fax luka you’re way better than that old head
joe duru
joe duru Pred mesecem
they are not alike..just cuz he white
FBI Pred mesecem
Take notes Lebum. You don't call yourself the king. Let other ppl do the job for you. That's why MJ is the🐐.
Yee Lahowah
Yee Lahowah Pred mesecem
Luka is basically a bigger but slower version of Harden
DannyBZ9 Pred mesecem
Larry can hit FT’s unlike this bum
Billy Ya
Billy Ya Pred mesecem
take a shot everytime Luka said you know
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