gus johnson in try not to laugh (compilation)

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gus johnson guest starring in smosh's try not to laugh except it's just the best parts

Bongees Pred 21 uro
"she hasn't developed yet" is my favorite Gus line
ThyKiwiDuck Pred 23 urami
I love how basically all his jokes are full jokes not just a bunch of nonsense thrown together to be funny.
Gage IsAres
Gage IsAres Pred dnevom
This that even allowed 😂😂
Kyle Dault
Kyle Dault Pred dnevom
did anyone else have to google whether or not Christopher Walken was in fact, in Catch Me If You Can
Camden Barnes
Camden Barnes Pred 2 dnevi
“You think your sorry I just lost a kid” dead
Nick Henrich
Nick Henrich Pred 2 dnevi
"ALL OVER MY FLOOR" kills me
Pabish Pred 2 dnevi
The last clip killed me
Determined TV
Determined TV Pred 2 dnevi
That dudes laugh huck huck huck huck
Dillon Hendrickson
Dillon Hendrickson Pred 2 dnevi
When you see it say Motorola ringtone and you go... You mean Tmobile?
P3rsephoneCH Pred 4 dnevi
Footage of “The Boss Baby 2: Back in Business” 5:02
SumDumKid Pred 5 dnevi
2:51 mortuary moments
Cartoon Corner
Cartoon Corner Pred 5 dnevi
Thumbnail looked like conan o brien
I̸c̴y̶w̵a̸v̶e̴ Pred 5 dnevi
The f chord is the best 1:00
RAMEN Pred 6 dnevi
it’s concerning how many of his jokes include breastfeeding.
Ignite92 Pred 6 dnevi
Dude at 5:30 was lowkey cheating, Gus had him 10x over
Aleksander Klaas
Aleksander Klaas Pred 6 dnevi
"He didnt cry turing the titanic, men dont have any emotions and cant feel pain!" Men: 2:18
Jeremy Chavez
Jeremy Chavez Pred 6 dnevi
The guy who's afraid of the F chord has gotta be my favorite skit
Another cubing channel
Another cubing channel Pred 7 dnevi
I’d just swallow the water
John Howard
John Howard Pred 8 dnevi
Gus is that one friend in class that would make faces to you during an exam
Juan Ceballos
Juan Ceballos Pred 8 dnevi
A"board"tion I'm done 🤣🤣🤣
ShortLived Pred 9 dnevi
There is a reason why he's a recurring guest in this game.
Jonathan Graber
Jonathan Graber Pred 10 dnevi
he never laughed at any of their bits and they know why.
X_Plays Pred 10 dnevi
The baby head bit kills me everytime.
Fish boi
Fish boi Pred 10 dnevi
He is literally the only way that those videos funny
AJP247 Pred 15 dnevi
“She hasn’t developed yet” I would totally say this in that situation if they were fine with it
Jacob Richardson
Jacob Richardson Pred 16 dnevi
I subbed to you just because of your name
harrypoggers Pred 16 dnevi
ahaha thank you!!
360Tomahawk_obese_gorilla87 Pred 17 dnevi
5:38 possibly the best line in all of TNTL
杜曼沄 Pred 18 dnevi
oWcHi アーティスト
oWcHi アーティスト Pred 18 dnevi
Eli Morel
Eli Morel Pred 19 dnevi
Paul Stephens
Paul Stephens Pred 20 dnevi
That f chord one startled me when he yelled.
JefflezZz Pred 20 dnevi
someone get Gus his own Netflix Comedy Special
FozaDanimarca Pred 23 dnevi
This man is just too funny haha
Cpt50Caliber Pred 23 dnevi
Is it just me or does Gus have a fixation with breastfeeding?
Homework Hopper
Homework Hopper Pred 24 dnevi
3:53 - I don’t get this one
Mike G
Mike G Pred 24 dnevi
Idk who the blonde chick is, but she's terrible in every clip I see. Why is she there
Braedin Davis
Braedin Davis Pred 25 dnevi
Thousandth sub
Unassuming Antonio
Unassuming Antonio Pred 26 dnevi
Is the song at 1:01 an actual song?
Maxime Blondeau
Maxime Blondeau Pred 27 dnevi
Tha baby mask is haunting, it's a mix of Bruce Willis and Joe Biden
ッLuckypizzasocks ッ
ッLuckypizzasocks ッ Pred 27 dnevi
Bro he made him laugh behind the blinds!
Jake Kramer
Jake Kramer Pred 27 dnevi
He is the real life morty
Baby yoda Addict
Baby yoda Addict Pred 27 dnevi
Gus never fails to make anyone laugh
ultimateninjaboi Pred 28 dnevi
The fucking F Chord bit is absolutely god tier
shrodox Pred mesecem
Oh the jersey baby killed me I'm crying...
[ *Ruby: Navy* ]
[ *Ruby: Navy* ] Pred mesecem
You’d have to have the power of a all powerful being not to laugh at Gus
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Pred mesecem
I would win everytime at this game
Elizabeth Monteith
Elizabeth Monteith Pred mesecem
I want to see gus sing the fresh prince of bel air theme song in a high pitched voice
guesswho Pred mesecem
5:01 is the best
Creep302 Pred mesecem
He nailed the role of clean cassandra.
Oeoe Monkey
Oeoe Monkey Pred mesecem
He is funny
Camden Rafftery
Camden Rafftery Pred mesecem
The dude at 1:58 is a f*cking legend lasting as long as he did.
soranotroxas 02
soranotroxas 02 Pred mesecem
Christopher walken baby and the puppet one almost killed me
Best Username Ever
Best Username Ever Pred mesecem
I love how in the F chord joke he told us exactly what to expect and it was still hysterical.
8MoonKnight8 Pred mesecem
You guys don’t have to watch these compilations. just go to Gus’ channel, hit shuffle, and try not to laugh. No one has ever made it through...
GAMERBANDIT3112 Hi Pred mesecem
I have a moterolla
Jarred Wise
Jarred Wise Pred mesecem
He was very into breastfeeding humor for a bit tbere
Tanner Davis
Tanner Davis Pred mesecem
I hate this smosh game but Gus genuinely made me laugh
what Pred mesecem
Gabriel Irvine
Gabriel Irvine Pred mesecem
Bless you
Godd Howard
Godd Howard Pred mesecem
Gus and Shayne are the only reason to watch these videos
Mr Beef.
Mr Beef. Pred mesecem
I love how it's like to the point that when they even see him they die laughing lol
Why am I still on YouTube
Why am I still on YouTube Pred mesecem
What surprised me was Damian when he didn’t laugh ???? HOWW
SimasTheMozė Pred mesecem
Im noticing a pattern
Gustav Ahr
Gustav Ahr Pred mesecem
Clearly he has never seen “I Am Legend”😂
Anurikta Kar
Anurikta Kar Pred mesecem
That girl in the first two clips looks like Sabrina w a blonde wig
Tyson Parker-Bates
Tyson Parker-Bates Pred mesecem
I love gus
jax1ctc Pred mesecem
5:01 is possibly the greatest comedy ever seen on this platform
Scott Webster
Scott Webster Pred mesecem
Great Christopher Walken and baby ! Al Pacino's baby is angry. Hoohah !
Terrorbite Pred mesecem
Gus wasn't in the last one
SirTipene XL
SirTipene XL Pred mesecem
None of these are funny
Paul Won
Paul Won Pred mesecem
I would LOVE this if I was 12
Laze Pred 3 dnevi
@Paul Won cool
Paul Won
Paul Won Pred 3 dnevi
@Laze true, but I will say this, I didn't try, and I most definitely didn't laugh
Laze Pred 3 dnevi
But you are here
Gabriel Irvine
Gabriel Irvine Pred mesecem
And yet, your here.
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Pred mesecem
Omfg I didn’t get that last joke until now! 😂 I thought it had something to do with her voice.
Jose Velazquez
Jose Velazquez Pred mesecem
I can honestly say that up to this point in my life, I am actually glad I had no idea this thing existed. This shit is not funny at all. What’s actually funny is thinking about how all you here think this dude is a legend or some comedy genius.
Still Hold'n The L
Still Hold'n The L Pred mesecem
Gus can not be compared to the other people, the last clip proves that
RedBeard OnFire
RedBeard OnFire Pred mesecem
Hmmmm naw
TheSaviorOfSouls Pred mesecem
The body of a comedian
Feeble Crusty
Feeble Crusty Pred mesecem
6:10 Even when it’s not his round Gus takes the W
Milo Bixler
Milo Bixler Pred mesecem
He can sing dang
Smiley Bear
Smiley Bear Pred mesecem
I dont get it
sebYB67 Pred mesecem
Is it me or does he sound like Morty at 2:39?
Jessica febbo
Jessica febbo Pred mesecem
wait they actually get funny people on that show?
TheBoneDaddyJenkinsEsquire Pred mesecem
3:07 this. This is a man
Mr Beef.
Mr Beef. Pred mesecem
Please Someone give the johnson bros. a sitcom
Ricky Rick
Ricky Rick Pred mesecem
I mean, you almost have to laugh even if it isn't funny cus it's gus
Beyonce Layne
Beyonce Layne Pred mesecem
The F chord one gets me every time
Florian Starke
Florian Starke Pred mesecem
Thank you SLpost, for once your "recommend" algorithm seems to work
Migvel Americano
Migvel Americano Pred mesecem
I'm trying to enjoy this, but this is really not funny.
Nolan Rossiter
Nolan Rossiter Pred mesecem
1:00 song?
3:15 😆
_AlW_ W
_AlW_ W Pred mesecem
Notice how he is the only funny one there
Jack Burns
Jack Burns Pred mesecem
Didn't laugh
Rube Tube Review
Rube Tube Review Pred mesecem
HARD ratio
Rube Tube Review
Rube Tube Review Pred mesecem
@Arthur Morgan the coolest
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Pred mesecem
@Jack Burns Like sooooo cool
Jack Burns
Jack Burns Pred mesecem
@Rube Tube Review thanks I know
Rube Tube Review
Rube Tube Review Pred mesecem
Dude youre so cool
KillJoy Since2017
KillJoy Since2017 Pred mesecem
I kind of forgot about this channel
Leonard Crainie
Leonard Crainie Pred mesecem
Jordan Jackson
Jordan Jackson Pred mesecem
Who's the guy that said "DAD!!?"
Not Jade _
Not Jade _ Pred mesecem
It’s great that he didn’t do any of those bits about that stuff to the women
Not Jade _
Not Jade _ Pred 21 dnevom
@Mike -_- Litoris obviously they were all consenting that’s not what I’m saying, the fact still remains it would of been disrespectful if it were a woman he were making to jokes to regardless
Not Jade _
Not Jade _ Pred 21 dnevom
If it were a woman it would be really disrespectful
killakam Pred mesecem
Communist Elmo
Communist Elmo Pred 2 meseci
Gus should make a show
Gabriel Klein
Gabriel Klein Pred 2 meseci
JOHN 3:16 FOR GOD SO LOVED THE world that he gave his only begotten son JESUS CHRIST FOR OUR SINS so whoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen Amen
Rube Tube Review
Rube Tube Review Pred mesecem
F*** your god
Pdx Jessie Vera
Pdx Jessie Vera Pred 2 meseci
Bruh I didn’t laugh
Christian Ramirez
Christian Ramirez Pred 2 dnevi
@Pdx Jessie Vera No, Mr. Minions
Pdx Jessie Vera
Pdx Jessie Vera Pred mesecem
@Rube Tube Review stfu nigga
Rube Tube Review
Rube Tube Review Pred mesecem
Yeah he’s not as funny as....minions
The Maykr
The Maykr Pred 2 meseci
Magyar GabeN
Magyar GabeN Pred 2 meseci
He's really funny, he should become a comedy youtuber or something
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