Mobile Game Companies: YouTube's Worst Sponsors

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Gus Johnson

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Mobile game sponsorships are the absolute worst.
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Mobile game companies suck.
I am Gus Johnson. I make music, I put out bad skits. Thanks for your time, internet stranger. Sometimes I go by gustoonz.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

trash _
trash _ Pred 15 urami
7:27 doea anyone know the whistle song in the backround?
Josh Brown
Josh Brown Pred 19 urami
Yo I know this is old but you're fucking gold
RywnDaze Pred dnevom
Dang. Another creator besides Brandon rogers who makes fun of there sponsor without care
Kaiden Watts
Kaiden Watts Pred dnevom
I love how he's just casual holding a gun the entire time
chrispy fried chicken
chrispy fried chicken Pred dnevom
When new Rockstars, a very professional group who seems that they are not at all right on money which is indicated by their very professional sets, decides that they just neeeeeeeed to include a 5 minute long mobile game sponsor, 2 ads, and a merch plug in all of their videos
B3 Productions
B3 Productions Pred 2 dnevi
SLpost put mobile game ads on this video
CalculuS Pred 2 dnevi
Nice trigger discipline
Crystal Newman
Crystal Newman Pred 3 dnevi 4:14 I KNEW YO FACE.... dam Burback cult!!! Take my money, Oivei!!
Charlie Ferret
Charlie Ferret Pred 4 dnevi
His be like: this is a stick up give me your subscriptions
Greg's Game Room
Greg's Game Room Pred 5 dnevi
I made a Lego head out of that Little Caesar’s pizza kit box
Elliot G
Elliot G Pred 5 dnevi
Anyway, this video is sponsored by Raid: Shadow Legends
Dramoka Pred 5 dnevi
As you point a gun at me, you now have my attention.
Salvia Pred 6 dnevi
i have that exact gun daisy powerline 340 if anyone was wondering
Harold Pred 6 dnevi
6:50 best scream on the planet
Cooper Gray
Cooper Gray Pred 6 dnevi
It’s the Mac book and Mac and cheese vid right?
Jackson B
Jackson B Pred 6 dnevi
“But before we start complaining about mobile sponsors, I’d like to think our sponsor, raid: shadow legends
Scurvy McGruff
Scurvy McGruff Pred 7 dnevi
At 5:58 I got and ad for something called a mobile game?
BekensDwarf Pred 7 dnevi
The Terrarian Creeper
The Terrarian Creeper Pred 7 dnevi
Luckily i got that premium
Trxly.MurdererYT Pred 8 dnevi
My mom bought 4 little caesars pizza kits a few weeks ago. Also, Pyrocynical makes really good ads.
Ace Jones
Ace Jones Pred 8 dnevi
That's why I love flashgits as they don't act serious about it at all
BitTrippn Pred 8 dnevi
Looks like Incense Zen doesn't exist anymore and may have been scamming people. Lots of posts online about people not getting their orders. Whoops.
Bailey Wattron
Bailey Wattron Pred 8 dnevi
This is exactly how I felt when I tried being a door knocking home security alarm salesman.
Spaghetti Inadictionary
Spaghetti Inadictionary Pred 8 dnevi
Im only here cause this video had no title on mobile lol
WilliaMusic Chorski
WilliaMusic Chorski Pred 8 dnevi
incense zen: our requirements is to shit on all other sponsorships for 10min and then bring up our sponsorship and tell everyone how great we are
Jacob The master66
Jacob The master66 Pred 2 dnevi
And then scam the people that order and not giving them their stuff
Edward Karnitz
Edward Karnitz Pred 9 dnevi
Raiding the legends of shadows
Generic Gaming channel
Generic Gaming channel Pred 9 dnevi
This is got to be the funniest kidnapper I’ve ever had
Adam Major
Adam Major Pred 10 dnevi
This video brought to you by Raid: Shadow Legends
Big Toe
Big Toe Pred 10 dnevi
2:31 - I am literally eating apple slices out of a tin with a spoon in my room at 4 minutes past midnight
Devyn Golphy
Devyn Golphy Pred 10 dnevi
There are so many youtubers that want money they just get sponsored by random companies that are bad and they except the offer no matter what it’s annoying
Tax Evader
Tax Evader Pred 10 dnevi
I thought you were robbing me y are u ranting about mobile games
Bizzeplayn Pred 11 dnevi
goddamn, almost all the other creators i watch, have these mobile game ads! makes me wana just go out and buy the latest and greatest phone so i can play them all. i wonder if they had that in mind? hmmmmm
Linkolin Alamar
Linkolin Alamar Pred 11 dnevi
alternate video title: Gus holds his fans hostage for 13 minutes while rambling about youtube sponserships
Norah Lusk
Norah Lusk Pred 11 dnevi
Bro he IS sponsored by a mobile game
Zoonix Pred 12 dnevi
This should have been sponsored by Raid: Shadowlegends.
KingMB XJ Pred 12 dnevi
I would play gus's fuckin poker game for at least 3 minutes
Parzival Pred 12 dnevi
I don't recognize these trends... I just skip that shit. Thank god for the skip button.
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine Pred 13 dnevi
7:00 I love how the slide isn't even moving back
Fish Pred 13 dnevi
“So anyway, this video is sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS!”
pivot skits
pivot skits Pred 12 dnevi
Ghostshot990 Pred 13 dnevi
This title gives me no new information
Zachary Breeden
Zachary Breeden Pred 13 dnevi
*Raid Shadow Legends has entered the chat*
I’m in a Box
I’m in a Box Pred 13 dnevi
I wasn’t expecting to be held at gunpoint. Also Raid shadow legends is the worst
Joshua Caicedo
Joshua Caicedo Pred 13 dnevi
I had a mobile game ad in the middle of the video.
Thndr_ Pred 14 dnevi
9:48 I'm continually impressed with gus's improv abilities
sortabl Pred 14 dnevi
Kolya Kolya
Kolya Kolya Pred 14 dnevi
Is it normal to now want to make a mobile game and ask him to sponsor it but tell him do what ever the fuck you want?
JT Pred 14 dnevi
Bridges were burned
Dark Arts Dabbler
Dark Arts Dabbler Pred 14 dnevi
I was gonna shoutout internet comment etiquette, but you already did
Metal Detecting with landon
Metal Detecting with landon Pred 14 dnevi
We’re is the trigger discipline in this video
Hunter Mayes
Hunter Mayes Pred 15 dnevi
I don’t mind skippin through ya’lls ads. Make that money brother!
Hxpek猫 Pred 15 dnevi
The pack of icebreakers in the back 🤣
Hyperboid Pred 15 dnevi
is it really a sponsorship if there's no control?
Fricke r
Fricke r Pred 15 dnevi
Local youtuber Gus Johnson holds 3.5 million people hostage to complain about marketing
Ashlee Mortimer
Ashlee Mortimer Pred 15 dnevi
Man just be pointing a gun at the viewers lol
Mac n cheese
Mac n cheese Pred 15 dnevi
0:00-12:42 I agree to this
MargaritaOnTheMic Pred 15 dnevi
The truth is... it was all rigged from the start
KostjaSk Pred 15 dnevi
i can't stop laughing at the gun lmfao
xd Yeet
xd Yeet Pred 15 dnevi
Dinosaurtacos64 Pred 15 dnevi
mobile games are the fucking worst there just ad simulators and raid shadow legends is so desperate that they sponsor every video of every fucking youtuber its such a shitty game too! its like we have over 100 million downloads! well how mich of those downloads are actually playing your crappy game huh?
Skela Tonne
Skela Tonne Pred 16 dnevi
Remember when Gus made content like this? hes too famous now...
Captain Deadpool
Captain Deadpool Pred 16 dnevi
Thanks for letting us know the Intel broski...this is some BS on their part and way to many youtubers do it
Will Packer
Will Packer Pred 16 dnevi
I think internet historian makes the best content out of his ads. He’s made an entire cinematic universe out of ads and they are so entertaining.
Steve Sucks
Steve Sucks Pred 16 dnevi
1:10 not going to lie I would buy that
secrect pirate
secrect pirate Pred 16 dnevi
Raid shadow legends wants to know your location
Isaac Tilsen
Isaac Tilsen Pred 17 dnevi
I got a raid shadow legends ad on this video
anime0wolfs12 Pred 17 dnevi
Plot twist: Gus's fucking poker is a real game that he's advertising.
SobekTube Pred 17 dnevi
POV: shut the fuck up with your POVs, everyone feels like they’re being held hostage, everybody feels like they’re being monologued, nobody cares about you, you aren’t special, god is dead
Slick Rick
Slick Rick Pred 17 dnevi
Honesty is the best policy
MR.F4C3P4573R Pred 17 dnevi
I've got three words that encompass this entire spiel... RAID SHADOW LEGENDS.
Joshua Block
Joshua Block Pred 17 dnevi
wow that sounds great! im gonna go buy some incense :D
SynCityLyfe !
SynCityLyfe ! Pred 17 dnevi
Lmfao @ 8:35 “You guys like gameplay??? You naughty little bitch...” 😂
UnjustifiedRecs Pred 18 dnevi
Its 2021, nothings changRAID SHADOW LEGENDS
Dodge Check'em
Dodge Check'em Pred 18 dnevi
ah. dejavu. here's a goofy suggestion: spanish closed captions. I also feel like the editing and amount of effort you took in this video took entirely way too long for comfort
Imminent Fates
Imminent Fates Pred 18 dnevi
Gus : I don't like selling things no one does Also Gus : *holds you at gun point*
soap 1
soap 1 Pred 18 dnevi
every time I see one of these I just skip trough them.
Paxton Hamilton-Bailey
Paxton Hamilton-Bailey Pred 18 dnevi
and this video is sponsored by raid shadow legends just click the link and get 50 million gold coins or whatever the hell they use
White Male
White Male Pred 19 dnevi
Would you like to develop an app?
LVBBoi Pred 19 dnevi
"Everybody knows, it's not fun to have to push things on other people" *says as he's pointing a gun at the screen*
Tommer Pred 19 dnevi
I wonder why this video is demonitized? 🤔🤔🤔
Luke 94
Luke 94 Pred 19 dnevi
A history channel called Lindybeige was sponsored by the dollar shave club and he just spent 5 minutes roasting all their products in the box they sent him. It was hilarious.
momue100 Pred 19 dnevi
"... Emotional and engaging story how poker has influenced my life" I feel like being thrown back into school having to write an essay, the flashbacks
Thomas Mcnabb
Thomas Mcnabb Pred 20 dnevi
Hey have y'all tried Raid shadow legends?
Thecodytree Pred 20 dnevi
today’s video is sponsored by raid fucking shadow legends AGAIN
Isaac Jebsen
Isaac Jebsen Pred 20 dnevi
That's a nice bb gun
Rogue Sample
Rogue Sample Pred 20 dnevi
Damn bro that XC story about the pizza is relatable AF - they’re so expensive and taste like cardboard
Roland Deschein
Roland Deschein Pred 20 dnevi
I'd buy a little ceasers garlic stick kit.
Death Star
Death Star Pred 20 dnevi
Pov: One of your angry employees that's you didnt give a raise
Stop Sign
Stop Sign Pred 20 dnevi
I hade one of thos pizza kits it was the bomb
PHONE ✅ Pred 20 dnevi
So IncenseZen no longer exists. That's a bummer.
Trevor Pred 20 dnevi
Gus I already dodged a bullet with mobile game ads stop making me dodge real bullets
JulianIsKool Pred 20 dnevi
Wouldve been cooler if you had a raid sponser
And that is why this video is sponsored by adblocker!
J T Pred 21 dnevom
I was like 3 mins in to the video when I realised that this isn't a skit
Otimo Pred 21 dnevom
Ray-con good! Wires baaaad!!!!
Tucker Johnson
Tucker Johnson Pred 21 dnevom
Sorry Gus, that story was emotional, but not very engaging..
mytchell Nolan
mytchell Nolan Pred 21 dnevom
I remember the video the sponsor was from
Chad Chipman
Chad Chipman Pred 21 dnevom
Fact Fien does a good representation of how mobile gaming do this it’s a Ridiculous list
Alex Luessow
Alex Luessow Pred 22 dnevi
Is that a Nono stick?!? Without a trigger warning?!? Well guess we should cancel Gus now This is satire and is not meant to be taken seriously..
Noddle TV
Noddle TV Pred 22 dnevi
I love this
Burger Nugget
Burger Nugget Pred 22 dnevi
His shirt and mic mount make the red solo cup make sense.
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