Karens Who Got What They Deserved

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Karens Who Got What They Deserved! Which Karen do you think was the worst? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one slpost.info/dev/gWjVgaqeoaay2GY/video.html Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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SSSniperWolf Pred 27 dnevi
which Karen was the worst???
Ariana Walker
Ariana Walker Pred 6 dnevi
꧁MoonFlxwerGaming꧂ Pred 9 dnevi
All of them
Bindy 24
Bindy 24 Pred 11 dnevi
I don’t like all Karen
RocketLeague Master
RocketLeague Master Pred 24 dnevi
grayjl2000 Pred 25 dnevi
The one that got yelled at by her daughter 😂
HopeBlessed Pred 4 minutami
Yo sarah gonna grow to non-binary and she gonna be the dad of the family and not yell at the waitress tho-
Josh Diltz
Josh Diltz Pred 18 minutami
That one Karen was right about the mask
Pepper Pred 26 minutami
The police actually aren't allowed to keep people from recording so- xD
Local Furry
Local Furry Pred 46 minutami
Kid Karen aka first vid
Kimberly Ayala
Kimberly Ayala Pred 51 minuto
Which Karen is the worst hmm so many idk
RainbowWolf Pred uro
Karen:who da hell r u 🤬 Man: I’m not Karen 🖕 DAMN BOI U SAVAGE
#Second Universe
#Second Universe Pred uro
Sarah was really noble to stand up for justice even against her family but the one who asked the girl (who wore the face mask😂) I think it was a misunderstanding at least she apologised
Izzy Rafael
Izzy Rafael Pred uro
7:54 if that was me I would shove her away and if she hits me, I have been in many fights so I can deal with the pain
Juanita Santaliz
Juanita Santaliz Pred uro
Karen: I don't believe in Internet! Me:then how you be finding new things like a new car or new foods how?!
Nightwriter Pred 2 urami
I love the opening one when the daughter stood up to her mother I that little girl so much!!!!!!
Why did that fast food worker even OPEN the window? HOW STUPID.
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Pred 3 urami
The public prison guard was the worst
Adam Silesia
Adam Silesia Pred 3 urami
I am gay.
Adam Silesia
Adam Silesia Pred 3 urami
lana rose
lana rose Pred 3 urami
I honestly don’t know who told everyone that it’s illegal to film someone without their permission because it actually isn’t if you’re not on private property-
Jennay Ovitt
Jennay Ovitt Pred 3 urami
Im tristan
Norma Pearson
Norma Pearson Pred 4 urami
This is a stupid vid concerning mask. No one can demand another what to do. We are free!
James Wulzen
James Wulzen Pred 4 urami
even with the glasses, very nice looking lady indeed, yum yum
Rat Pred 4 urami
omg sarahhh
Hailey Fox
Hailey Fox Pred 4 urami
LoL Sarah....wherever you are.....you ROCK !!!
Stefan Adamcik
Stefan Adamcik Pred 4 urami
Well, I do support people who refuse to wear the mask of obedience.
Laurie Goodwin
Laurie Goodwin Pred 5 urami
Are you to stupid to realize the nacho video was the same woman playing both parts?
Des Vexel
Des Vexel Pred 5 urami
"She woke up and chose loading" that's beautiful
Steve DeLeon
Steve DeLeon Pred 6 urami
Fun👍Fact..there are two rock groups that have SARA songs..
Ahmed slim Realw14v3,dang_memeboy
Ahmed slim Realw14v3,dang_memeboy Pred 6 urami
karen, grew up in the wrong environment and the wrong mindset
Natalie Przybylko
Natalie Przybylko Pred 6 urami
all of them
Laura Catherine Anderson
Laura Catherine Anderson Pred 6 urami
Being Rich doesn't necessarily buy class.
Lucille Cote
Lucille Cote Pred 6 urami
“I didn’t take my pill today”...lmao
Brandie Regan
Brandie Regan Pred 6 urami
Y do people think they can tell others to wear mask lmao you will get smacked to the ground in NC telling people to wear a mask we don't wear them and this is a fact I I wear a mask everyday for a year your immune system will b ten times weaker you morons
Eri Pred 7 urami
ᴵ'ᵐ ˢᵘᵇᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ ❤❤❤❤
Shelly Zucca
Shelly Zucca Pred 7 urami
I'm rich 🤣🤣 no one cares
Amy P
Amy P Pred 7 urami
boy imma drop kick those karens
Issy Orange
Issy Orange Pred 7 urami
Karen: YeAh I’M RiCh Me: No my granny and granddad is rich
Brady Green
Brady Green Pred 7 urami
The Karen’s just get no attention so they attract it
Amy Wiencken-Barger
Amy Wiencken-Barger Pred 7 urami
Karen be like: "stop.stop recording. I don't like mah face on camera!" I be like: "oi, YT, go sub to the lil' floof (she is mah bestie, I'm in some of her vids and she is new on YT)
rhonyroyce Pred 7 urami
Cutting in and out every 3 seconds is not a good video
Católica Aguirre
Católica Aguirre Pred 7 urami
The people think has the power of saying others what to do.
Kevin H
Kevin H Pred 7 urami
Youll get kicked in the mouth for that where's your mask crap here in Oklahoma
Kevin H
Kevin H Pred 8 urami
Your husband's the rich one. You know that
Kevin H
Kevin H Pred 8 urami
R those glasses prescription or fashion
꧁•Izuku Midoriya•꧂
꧁•Izuku Midoriya•꧂ Pred 8 urami
That one Karen the who apologised. She no Karen. She a lady who stands for the common sense of putting your mask on your face not your chin. You have a collar for that chin, and a mask for you face.
꧁•Izuku Midoriya•꧂
꧁•Izuku Midoriya•꧂ Pred 8 urami
Collar as in a shirt collar
Alicia White
Alicia White Pred 8 urami
they’re all crazy all of them nuts just completely batshit crazy
txferretgirl Pred 8 urami
that little girl is a LEGEND! Good on you kid!
Vigya Vinoy
Vigya Vinoy Pred 9 urami
The first girl is amazing, we Stan u Sarah
zach hext
zach hext Pred 9 urami
If someone asked me where my mask was they would get bitched tf out
shipo 911
shipo 911 Pred 9 urami
We need more Sarah to slap those Karens
Deplore Venom
Deplore Venom Pred 9 urami
all of them were bad
Bob Judd
Bob Judd Pred 10 urami
The real Karen is the chick narrating.
TDS Pred 10 urami
If you dont want to be on the internet too bad Karen
Gabriela Andrei
Gabriela Andrei Pred 10 urami
Natasha Dcruz
Natasha Dcruz Pred 10 urami
00:00 ding ding ding!
Absatron 007
Absatron 007 Pred 10 urami
Karen aint hooman, karen be punching bag.
Robert Bougie
Robert Bougie Pred 11 urami
Michele Pred 11 urami
Most apartments have to buzz their visitors in. It is her business if someone is coming in behind an authorised visitor when a door is opened. That is how criminals get into buildings. This guy, to protect his own aunt, should have understood this woman’s fear. It is for the residents security.
Koch Muncher
Koch Muncher Pred 11 urami
He can record in public all he wants
Danielle Westrik
Danielle Westrik Pred 11 urami
That poor waitress who had to watch that girl and her mom 🥺
Kelsie Burns
Kelsie Burns Pred 12 urami
You go Sarah you're the best!!!!
Kimmy Brown
Kimmy Brown Pred 13 urami
Why did she have to show her I’d anyways ?
linda aswad
linda aswad Pred 13 urami
I can’t believe we are in 2021 and we have women still stuck in 1950 where they expect women to be docile and “nice” . What is the equivalent of a male Karen??
Your Mom
Your Mom Pred 13 urami
Sarah needs her own show.....
pink_whiskers Pred 13 urami
sarah is brave and right at what she did.....but I kinda felt bad for the mom to see her daughter shouting at her
Shirley Allen
Shirley Allen Pred 13 urami
Some people lives are so miserable and pathetic, instead of improving themselves they feel better spreading their misery around.
Sean Michael
Sean Michael Pred 14 urami
Ehhh I won’t watch a second video. I don’t dig your theme or flow. No worries good luck.
Andrei Reyes
Andrei Reyes Pred 15 urami
yas sarah!!!!!!
Thekra Al Khaja
Thekra Al Khaja Pred 16 urami
Art Aizen
Art Aizen Pred 16 urami
having a high end platinum credit card , I'm rich me : If you're so rich you probably don't do shopping yourself in some random small store with that big attitude.
Ed Cessna
Ed Cessna Pred 16 urami
Get her Sarah. Dont take that shit
Adriana van der Zwaan
Adriana van der Zwaan Pred 17 urami
Ppl earning money from another persons videos. EASY MONEY
Syria Gamers
Syria Gamers Pred 17 urami
She doesnt believe in the internet 🤣
Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta Pred 17 urami
Check it out
Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta Pred 17 urami
Love your video I have a challenge it's called tiger tastic
Jeffrey Foerster
Jeffrey Foerster Pred 18 urami
I like the last clip, we need more karen reenactments
Callahan Zex
Callahan Zex Pred 18 urami
Tbh the mask one isn't a karen , she fucking apologized and her being upset was for a valid reason atleast
Rick Razor
Rick Razor Pred 19 urami
Wow you didn't realize that the nacho lady and the restaurant waitress were the same person!! Lol
Laimute Jasiukaitiene
Laimute Jasiukaitiene Pred 19 urami
Dang, thats good i live in lithuania🇱🇹 Theres no karens who act like they own the building ;-;
Bell Daikokuten
Bell Daikokuten Pred 21 uro
I remember my run in with Karen, it was hell😂
Dan Kirby Nadonza
Dan Kirby Nadonza Pred 21 uro
OMG Karens are such an act
John Turner
John Turner Pred 21 uro
I have know idea who you are or who you think you are but I love you.
Shoto I am still team pizza Todorki
Shoto I am still team pizza Todorki Pred 22 urami
One like=one nice Karen
Suahanne Carpenter
Suahanne Carpenter Pred 22 urami
This Rona got people acting alot dumber than they were before .
Sherry West
Sherry West Pred 22 urami
Masks do not work. It is an enslavement tool. They knew masks didn’t work in 1918 Spanish flu. Destroys immunity system that is why people get sick. 10 min. Breathing into a mask has enough germs in it to cause pneumonia.
Anita Cunanan
Anita Cunanan Pred 22 urami
Did Lia just raise a v bucks card?! I WANT ONEEE PLS
Dragon king Gacha wolf
Dragon king Gacha wolf Pred 22 urami
Omg my dad feels so sorry he was in a rush and he forgot to put on his masked
plutoMOB Pred 23 urami
This Karen Flexing but shopping at a gas station?smh
Roberts Gaming
Roberts Gaming Pred dnevom
where my family lives you can get pulled over for not wearing a mask
kaleb case
kaleb case Pred dnevom
The one that throw the water it was funny ha
Prayer of The Day
Prayer of The Day Pred dnevom
Spoiler alert The lil.girl was prankin
Nick Miller
Nick Miller Pred dnevom
I need your help.
Sayed Ahmad
Sayed Ahmad Pred dnevom
customer is always wrong. learn from Apple company.
Robocam 01
Robocam 01 Pred dnevom
Another video that could be good if the host talked 90% less.
Eva Aube
Eva Aube Pred dnevom
Why are you talking so loud???????????
NoobMasterr R
NoobMasterr R Pred dnevom
Karen’s use 0 brain percentage while Sarah uses 99999999999999999999999 percent of her brain power
lps FNAFgirl 123
lps FNAFgirl 123 Pred dnevom
"Add a bit of.. ✨Spice✨"
Kelly Genna
Kelly Genna Pred dnevom
Proud of her it’s not like she didn’t try with her mom she went to get tacos with her lol...She Was Fed Up Lmao UNDERSTANDABLE👏🏻👏🏻
RainbowWolf Pred dnevom
Ain’t no one gon talk about the Karen who did not wanna show her Id Did NOT Wear her mask??
•Axsthetic •Ashlyn•
•Axsthetic •Ashlyn• Pred dnevom
*that moment when she shows her credit card*
Leah’s Roblox Channel D
Leah’s Roblox Channel D Pred dnevom
Bunbun Playz
Bunbun Playz Pred dnevom
Karen : yes I’m rich me : then why are you at a gas station and not Louis Vuitton or at a Gucci store. Hah lol
mrs honest opinion
mrs honest opinion Pred dnevom
The woman who was wearing the face mask obviously chose to wear it to provoke that react she got! So I can't blame Karen for that!!
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