Stephen A. reacts to James Harden’s triple-double in Nets debut | First Take

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Stephen A. Smith declares that the Brooklyn Nets will be going to the NBA Finals with or without Kyrie Irving after seeing James Harden record a triple-double in his debut with the team.
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Deanhtay Coleman
Deanhtay Coleman Pred 3 urami
0:34 Maximillian
word to mouf
word to mouf Pred mesecem
Stephen always overreacts and I am a nets fan
BigRon TheKrit
BigRon TheKrit Pred mesecem
Stephen A can’t give Kylie no props
Martik Panoosian
Martik Panoosian Pred mesecem
And now harden likes to play with KD when 2018 final when rockets lost to warrior him and Chris Paul just walked straight to the locker room before any word or congrats to the worrier players
Martik Panoosian
Martik Panoosian Pred mesecem
Kayrie Irving don't look too happy when the nets signed James harden he wants to be the main guy to handle the ball but now harden he won't be able too From the beginning if the league it was him and KD to deliver a chip but now he won't be the main player so I am thinking he might bring a reason and leave KD
Martik Panoosian
Martik Panoosian Pred mesecem
If the nets can sigh 3 super star then lakers should go after Bradley Beal even tho tray young didn't show it but if lakers went after him for the right money he would join the lakers
Hayden Hoodless
Hayden Hoodless Pred mesecem
If Stephen A says they're going to the finals, they're not going to the finals.
Kennedy Vang
Kennedy Vang Pred mesecem
James Larden’s triple double cheese burger please
ARTist.within theART
ARTist.within theART Pred mesecem
Funny thing is that Max is the Durant of espn and SAS is a G league bencher who has one exceptional skill... Yelling
J Groves
J Groves Pred mesecem
Kyrie the one with the ball come clutch time tho. Did you not watch the game yesterday ? Lol
JackJack Thompson
JackJack Thompson Pred mesecem
Man SAS is loud!
mineran asart
mineran asart Pred mesecem
Im holding out for clippers vs nets final. The two historically B teams in the biggest cities NBA wise
Blake Alexander
Blake Alexander Pred mesecem
Lol worst defense in the league
Ronald Edwards
Ronald Edwards Pred mesecem
Stephen A is always wrong when predicting
Munoken 23
Munoken 23 Pred mesecem
Nets will be champs..
Aluha Aloha
Aluha Aloha Pred mesecem
Injury will stop them
Phillip Truth
Phillip Truth Pred mesecem
Stephen A's mouth is too big...smh. I can only handle two minutes of him.
Hammuh. Pred mesecem
I watched Collin Sexton show why he’s a starting PG.... he went off..... and Kyrie lost that game for them
Who’s here after the Cavs?
Random Goodies by W.E.S
Random Goodies by W.E.S Pred mesecem
Now all they need is Westbrook and Serge ibaka
Andrew Marajh
Andrew Marajh Pred mesecem
1:49!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 My new Ringtone!!!
BEEF'S Adventure
BEEF'S Adventure Pred mesecem
Nope not this year. but don't matter LAKERS WOOOO!!!! Championship back to back
todd pinnell
todd pinnell Pred mesecem
Ok, yes, it is possible the Nets meet the Raptors in the Conference Finals, Raptors will take the series in 6 games.
Andrew kim
Andrew kim Pred mesecem
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Toronto Hip Hop Outlet
Toronto Hip Hop Outlet Pred mesecem
Mario Tv
Mario Tv Pred mesecem
Scary Hourss the league better tighten up Lebron and AD can’t stop them! Unstoppable!
Timotej Kresnik
Timotej Kresnik Pred mesecem
Miami over brooklyn
enter a name here
enter a name here Pred mesecem
KD fucks up his achilles and is out for the season coming soon
Jay Brown
Jay Brown Pred mesecem
Its over for Lebron and Anthony Davis.Especially if Kyrie comes back.
Banele Mpama
Banele Mpama Pred mesecem
“You’re holding onto Milwaukee bro?”🤣
John Travolta
John Travolta Pred mesecem
Why this this man needs to shout like an idiot?
Vipstarizm Pred mesecem
Defense wins you games in playoffs. History had taught us this is when Harden goes missing.
Murder INC
Murder INC Pred mesecem
yea no one can guard KD and Harden but the Nets can't guard anyone on defence.
Lanz Labro
Lanz Labro Pred mesecem
Stephen A: Your name is not Max Kellerman and here's why
Youssef Ehab Medhat
Youssef Ehab Medhat Pred mesecem
4:21 milwaukyyyyyyyie
Jeffrey Youngblood
Jeffrey Youngblood Pred mesecem
Can we let Brooklyn play a decent team before we anoint them ECF champs? I mean they beat a broken down and busted Orlando in ONE GAME, THEIR ONLY GAME SO FAR... I'M GOING TO NEED TO SEE THURTY GAMES FIRST.
D M Pred mesecem
SAS....tell us something we don't know...
Joel Brown
Joel Brown Pred mesecem
Y’all can laugh all you want KD averaging 30pts a game who else doing that right now after a so called career injury ?
Isaac Behdadnia
Isaac Behdadnia Pred mesecem
Subscribe to my SLpost channel it’s called Isaac behdadina if you subscribe I’ll shout you out
Sean Omari
Sean Omari Pred mesecem
This team could win at least 3 chips with Kyrie, Durant & Harden if Kyrie don’t keep playing up
Bruss Jr
Bruss Jr Pred mesecem
I’m a nets fan so I’m happy that he came but I don’t like that Jarret Allen and Caris Levert left
Orlando Pred mesecem
I love it!
Ehsan Rahmedt
Ehsan Rahmedt Pred mesecem
They will bottle it
Christen Spremulli
Christen Spremulli Pred mesecem
The sweltering stew fortuitously glow because ice regrettably harm midst a cooing feet. imaginary, heartbreaking john
Kelvin Dela Cruz
Kelvin Dela Cruz Pred mesecem
f your Brooklyn Stephen. remember when Ginobli blocked Harden
The Moon
The Moon Pred mesecem
Nets win by 2 points. Nets are going to the Finals.
Thomas Baader
Thomas Baader Pred mesecem
Check in on them after 30 games. Tendons fail as T levels drop...its a long season.
Justin Hogan
Justin Hogan Pred mesecem
This dude so annoying
Pat Star
Pat Star Pred mesecem
Kyrie wanted to be the man on the team he hated being #2 to lebron now hes third option to kevin and james hahaha poor guy going to have a mental breakdown again
Edward Yang
Edward Yang Pred mesecem
A New York team that's not the Knicks, no wonder Max knows so much about boxing, especially those low jabs lol
Martin Staton
Martin Staton Pred mesecem
RooKi3 Pred mesecem
Hahaha they cut Molly at the end.
Paschal Ekeji
Paschal Ekeji Pred mesecem
“ Brooklyn is going to the finals, Brooklyn is going to the finals! That’s all I learnt !”😂😂😂
Sunny Darko
Sunny Darko Pred mesecem
Daniel Obi
Daniel Obi Pred mesecem
Stephen.A the G.O.A.T
Amity Sucks
Amity Sucks Pred mesecem
Hawwww........I missed when he 7 feet tall instead of 6'11
Tough Balls
Tough Balls Pred mesecem
Does Stephen A know that he yells when he gets excited about certain issues?
vulcainI80 Pred mesecem
Kevin Durant will be the MVP
Digital Hometech
Digital Hometech Pred mesecem
Where is west brook ...? The separation was a ERROR...REUNITED N IT FEEL SOO GOOD 😀😀🤗🤗🤗🤗 here comes okc of the east...
jbanez78 Pred mesecem
Here we go... it’s time to get under Harden’s jock strap.
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian Pred mesecem
Brooklyn built a monster squad....they will be tough to stop.
Jeremiah Jeremy Nzala
Jeremiah Jeremy Nzala Pred mesecem
For once Stephen A, I agree with you.
Weedy Guitar Studio
Weedy Guitar Studio Pred mesecem
KD is a bad man ad Harden and you got Kyrie Brooklyn is going to the Finals thats a fact hopefully Kyrie gets better but they got dis!!
Luis Lacayo
Luis Lacayo Pred mesecem
AS is all about cloud... dismissing everyone in the east like the Nets, kd, kyrie or James have done something on their own, pls! But the media is gonna ride that wagon like they did with Leonard's and THAT other LA team. AS is a clown
Playboi Andres
Playboi Andres Pred mesecem
Everytime I see Max all I hear is “iGUadaLA”
Mcgriffin67 Pred mesecem
What a surprise, Harden looks fantastic in the regular season and scores a lot of points.
Anthony F
Anthony F Pred mesecem
Where Brooklyn at
Me: Stephen A how many times are you going to say Thurty Stephen A: THURTY!!!!
NotoriousSSV Pred mesecem
So KD is going by himself then? Because Harden gon disappear too lmao
Alvaro Egas
Alvaro Egas Pred mesecem
what a delight seeing Kevin Durant playing the game of Basketball, WoW!! Harden, boss.
fuckyou2z Pred mesecem
Max is always wrong when it comes to basketball...he has no clue...maybe he was better at commentating boxing maybe not, but deff.not basketball..
Dark Reyule
Dark Reyule Pred mesecem
Stephen A. Has become a characture of himself. He's unwatchable anymore.
John Solobro
John Solobro Pred mesecem
Molly lookin fine, Nets looking dangerous. King James gonna squash it though.
bob bib
bob bib Pred mesecem
i was wrong as well normally in the past that 1st year back is like growing pains till you get your feet back under you
The god of facts
The god of facts Pred mesecem
If y'all mid checking my video about Lebron out it would be very appreciated.
vege Pred mesecem
this man crayy :D:D
alex wong
alex wong Pred mesecem
The physical disgust mechanically bow because fox neurobiologically plan pace a bumpy statistic. third, substantial increase
jesse Pred mesecem
Nets can score on everybody, but they can't stop anybody. With that lack of depth, expect them to fizzle out by the end of the season.
Luis Cruz
Luis Cruz Pred mesecem
Mama there goes that man....
Itss Breezeyy
Itss Breezeyy Pred mesecem
Celtics in 6
danrdre hutto
danrdre hutto Pred mesecem
When they play Westbrook it’s gonna be awkward 😂
Blackfrog67 Pred mesecem
0:05 thats all you need to know
Mark Marino
Mark Marino Pred mesecem
Everytime i watch kellerman. I still believe he has a crush on kawhi and still toxic on lebron. Click this if you agree. 👇
Jack B
Jack B Pred mesecem
THURTY!!!!!! Is my new alarm
Willie Roland
Willie Roland Pred mesecem
Giannis not getting to the finals now, not this year at least
justin lagrange
justin lagrange Pred mesecem
thy always act like giannis didnt get hurt in that miami series
Dxddy Javiion
Dxddy Javiion Pred mesecem
I like the idea of going to the finals with or without Kyrie Irving, but it sure would help if he could play
RichBay9 Pred mesecem
James Harden + KD is enough to get to the NBA Finals... ~ ~ ~ Try mo naman pakinggan ang pagkanta ko… ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "Help" ~~by John Farnham: "Bohemian Rhapsody" , "Too Much Love Will Killl You", "Love of My Life", "A Kind of Magic", "Under Pressure", "Crazy Little Thing Called Love", "We Will Rock You", "Don't Stop Me Now", "Killer Queen" ~~by Queen "Don't Stop Believin", "Open Arms", "After All These Years", & "Faithfully"~~by Journey … I sang them here on my SLpost Channel. Kindly see it for yourself, please check it out. Thanks.
TheGoat Pred mesecem
People forgetting harden and kd played together for 3 years?
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano Pred mesecem
Does Molly ever stfu
Jamil Agosto
Jamil Agosto Pred mesecem
Nets ain't going to no finals mannn
True Legacy Customs
True Legacy Customs Pred mesecem
Steven A looks like a muppet 😂😂😂
say my name
say my name Pred mesecem
The way SAS *Melwoakii* cracks me up
uropy Pred mesecem
Hmm. KD just stands out too much. He and Steph Curry are two players in the league that are levels ahead of all others. Now you have Harden who is a ball hog but professional. I think Nets has no more patience for Kyrie now. Either he comes back, shut his mouth and focus on playing or they are ready to void his contract.
richard kanipe
richard kanipe Pred mesecem
¹¹+!¹1¹!Q SSF E ADD ONS
AJ Sam
AJ Sam Pred mesecem
Do it in a Game 7 in the finals and I will be impressed!
Hryhoriy Hribov
Hryhoriy Hribov Pred mesecem
I hope that when Kyrie is back, KD, James, and Kyrie will score THURTY each in a single game.
Andre Jamison
Andre Jamison Pred mesecem
Why does he always seem like he's dogging Kyrie all the time
Mrclean 304
Mrclean 304 Pred mesecem
Imagine If lakers get Steph curry
Drey South
Drey South Pred mesecem
D D D Did you see KD? 😂
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