How to make Russian cheese (Русский сыр) - Cooking with Boris

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Russian cheese is the block of processed cow juice you find on store shelf in Russia. Some love it and others love it. It is the best no doubt. Here is how you make it.
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uamee Pred 3 dnevi
Ayy blyat bring the cheese Boris!! 😂 we all eat Russian cheese from childhood
Brandon TheCool
Brandon TheCool Pred 4 urami
@Charles Calvin i see you are a messyourself viewer.... watched his henry stickmin vids lol
JosephtheOracle Pred 13 urami
Eh boy happy day of birth
Linda Diggs
Linda Diggs Pred 17 urami
Yes, yes.
Edith Guadalupe
Edith Guadalupe Pred 18 urami
I remember when he had 1 million subscribers
_*T E S S E R A C T!*_
_*T E S S E R A C T!*_ Pred 20 urami
the (probably) unironic 😂 emoji ruined it
Adib Shahriar
Adib Shahriar Pred 11 minutami
He had me at C H E E S E S
N A Pred 22 minutami
Where do you get all these crazy contraptions
Fantasy Hanolith Cruxaw
Fantasy Hanolith Cruxaw Pred 35 minutami
Stilton cheese and wensleydale with cranberries are gods gifts to mankind how DARE you?!
The Phantom Soprano
The Phantom Soprano Pred 50 minutami
“Now russian cheese is strong” L i k e t h e p e o p l e
kubo 34
kubo 34 Pred 53 minutami
Hey Boris try to cook with a sicle and a hammer
Evgeni Ikonomov
Evgeni Ikonomov Pred uro
Seems like pure кашкавал to me.
Nigel Ilagan
Nigel Ilagan Pred uro
@LifeofBoris could you please make videos about the tarkov? :)
J Sosa
J Sosa Pred uro
So this is the FPS Russia of cooking? 😂
Lukáš Kolouch
Lukáš Kolouch Pred uro
Ah So you Are Polish because you read IT in Poland on the packet
Milosz Mazurkiewicz
Milosz Mazurkiewicz Pred uro
do melting test Boris
I'm Alone
I'm Alone Pred 2 urami
Halo FBI
Vikrant Banerjee
Vikrant Banerjee Pred 2 urami
Now I get it, cooking with kalashnikov 🤷‍♀️
Clown Pred 2 urami
Camera in meat grinder 😎
Tomas Balciunas
Tomas Balciunas Pred 2 urami
4:30 Actually, you can buy Tarhun, Baikal and Duchess in the Baltic States and there are some Baltic stores in England where you can buy from there
HeLL ChaN Pred 2 urami
Ah yes CaCl=Forbidden sugar
mistyandtogepi Pred 2 urami
I have no idea why I got recommended this but I'm glad I did
Patryk Grzeczny
Patryk Grzeczny Pred 2 urami
Pozdrawiam z Polski Boris!!!!
Hydra Pred 2 urami
no one has told me to start cutting the milk ever before
Sky Arc
Sky Arc Pred 2 urami
Your camera need the cheese
Bogdan Georgescu
Bogdan Georgescu Pred 2 urami
0:40 In romanian beton its pronounced the same,thank goodness i understand its concrete,and nothing else...blyat
Taylor, Taz & Tarzan
Taylor, Taz & Tarzan Pred 2 urami
Ive seen some of this "Culture" stuff in a stallroom of a nightclub. Down here in Aus we crush it with our credit cards and smell the "aromas"
Baker Maker
Baker Maker Pred 2 urami
0:02 *When a Stalker sees a bloodsucker rushing out of the swamp*
Marko Kostoski
Marko Kostoski Pred 3 urami
play gta v online xd
Montage Main
Montage Main Pred 4 urami
Cooking with radiation
Montage Main
Montage Main Pred 4 urami
Go to Chernobyl
Deependra Rana FIELDMEDIC
Deependra Rana FIELDMEDIC Pred 4 urami
Hey Panasonic, if you cannot make camera,dont make camera,no shame,go back to making lamp-sockets. That cracked me up real bad😂😂😂
decuervo Pred 4 urami
Will vodka cooled PC run Cyberpunk 2077?
Ernie Saggers
Ernie Saggers Pred 4 urami
You know that he says he eats black bread. What about when he has buterbrod, that is white. Will he show how to make that like the black bread? Hope so.
Miko Pred 4 urami
they sell tarkhun also in lithuania, i was on vacation there and i was drinking this execpt pepsi
The Potato
The Potato Pred 5 urami
oh god. just turn the autofocus off.
The Randomizer
The Randomizer Pred 5 urami
I found Tarhun from russian grocery store in my hometown, had to taste it in honor of Boris. Wasn't disappointed
Biggie cheese
Biggie cheese Pred 5 urami
Mans really just said "CHEESE?!"
Alex Chungus
Alex Chungus Pred 5 urami
we have same in sweden
Владимир Г.
Владимир Г. Pred 5 urami
Play call of duty cold war I remember that you enter a Soviet base with an asshole that goes into your elevator and you many options one of them us to kill him
Александр Щеголев
Александр Щеголев Pred 5 urami
Yoooooooooy, you create something like new brand Cheese(тот первый сыр, от которого ты откусил), заменп Applе'у
Nick McTavish
Nick McTavish Pred 5 urami
By using bayonet to check the cheese I can confirmed that you are russian and not american spies. хорошая работа, товарищ.
dj draws
dj draws Pred 5 urami
DeoFlasche Aal
DeoFlasche Aal Pred 5 urami
a cooking show without boris is not a cooking show , что есть, то есть
Š P R Ï Ń Ģ Ţ R A P D Ø B Ə K I N Đ Á S Ü S Pred 6 urami
Nobody: Not even satan: Boris: ChEeSe!!
Youth Walk
Youth Walk Pred 6 urami
Is that knife ak-47
Albacksen Pred 6 urami
So that's why there are so many cheese blocks in Tarkov!
Castia B
Castia B Pred 6 urami
Usagi Tsukino
Usagi Tsukino Pred 6 urami
Blyat, I ended up with tofu
M EE9 Pred 7 urami
DORMANT Pred 7 urami
Im bosnian and i can understand some of this like beton is like rock or in that area its not same but the languages have similarites
Atulya Bajpai
Atulya Bajpai Pred 7 urami
6:18 this is called paneer (cottage cheese) in india btw thanks for ur tutorial now i can make cheese
Otho Neall
Otho Neall Pred 8 urami
The dislikes are from people who couldn't make cheese.
KroneYT Pred 8 urami
0:26 - This is basically the Russian knockoff equivalent to James May's "Cheese" meme. And yes, I realize that was most likely the joke. But it's 11:43 PM and I almost went a full day without explaining (and ruining) a joke to somebody. So tough shit.
Bon Bon
Bon Bon Pred 8 urami
This man is the living embodiment of an russian accent and *goddamn do i love him*
Gopnik Awarder
Gopnik Awarder Pred 8 urami
americans:vegtables is healthy than mayonaise russians:mayonaise is heapthy than vegtable
Perkumpulan bule gak jelas :v
Turtle Pred 8 urami
You know your day is going to be good if boris uploads a new video
Comandar Potatoe
Comandar Potatoe Pred 8 urami
Austin Floyd
Austin Floyd Pred 8 urami
Boris French
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred 9 urami
0% Vadim 0% Blyat 50% Talent 100% C H E E S E
Zero Frosty
Zero Frosty Pred 9 urami
Is it just me or boris slimmed down since i watched him
Matthew McDonald
Matthew McDonald Pred 9 urami
focus cyka
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt Pred 9 urami
Amazing video man
Life with Flappy FUN!
Life with Flappy FUN! Pred 9 urami
Oi, comrade Boris, when is next video blin?
Pamela Islam
Pamela Islam Pred 9 urami
One dislike 👎. Annoying camera 📷
Dante Suarez Flores
Dante Suarez Flores Pred 9 urami
How do you know 38c is the body temperature of a cow
Peter D
Peter D Pred 9 urami
Focus you fuck
Piemaster Pred 10 urami
I have no idea why I’m here
MechaEmperor7000 Pred 10 urami
It took 8 months but Boris has deciphered old grandma handwriting.
Lichewitz Pred 11 urami
Don't get me wrong, I love Boris' channel, but besides being made in Russia, there's nothing "russian" about this cheese like the title advertises. This is a very rudimentary cheese recipe that basically the whole world follows to some extent
Mr. Jackson :P
Mr. Jackson :P Pred 11 urami
Boris is no longer a member But a professional Cook
Justin Alexander
Justin Alexander Pred 11 urami
Thumbnail looks like some black cake with cheese cream lol.
Ariel Lopez
Ariel Lopez Pred 11 urami
My question is when are you are going to play KSP again?
Nitrogen Gaming
Nitrogen Gaming Pred 11 urami
If soviets built the economy out of cheese then that explains a lot
Britt Pred 11 urami
this is a freakin' process bro
Penaali_ana Pred 11 urami
Russian cheese is so bad that russians buy their cheese from Finland. Or maybe they haven't invented cheese in Russia.
Джамбо Pred 11 urami
Ну дароу
Von Millard Manalastas
Von Millard Manalastas Pred 11 urami
Hey Boris, do you know Uncle Roger? If so, can you do a video about how you/a slav makes egg fried rice?
Taylor Smith
Taylor Smith Pred 12 urami
Cyka Blyat! 👌
mr bokoblin
mr bokoblin Pred 12 urami
Do a discord boris
The Inlander
The Inlander Pred 12 urami
I was thinking to myself "putting cameras around cheese is normal?" But then I remembered. Russia.
Comissar Pred 13 urami
You don't make Russian cheese. Russian cheese makes you.
Jesse Baker
Jesse Baker Pred 13 urami
How do you know about cow body tepeture
ZeroBro Pred 13 urami
Man the way Boris talks about measuring is exactly like America does it “Just add about this much” lol
vanja popov
vanja popov Pred 13 urami
boris make how to make kompot
Mehmet カーン Turgut
Mehmet カーン Turgut Pred 13 urami
my eyes.... cant focus
Laurynas Pokvytis
Laurynas Pokvytis Pred 14 urami
Only now i have seen that he's from poland xD
KUSHAL BISWAS Pred 14 urami
So in Russia we can buy money in exchange of money from store?!? Pretty Convenient 🤔
Scott Peltier
Scott Peltier Pred 14 urami
Boris is right. Solid cheese from russia is absolutely amazing. My uncle got me some that had wasabi infused in it and just...well I suggest you try it
General Tso
General Tso Pred 14 urami
IT toolk me 3 days to figure out the intro boris THANK YOu
Sharpwave The decepticon
Sharpwave The decepticon Pred 14 urami
Who here is a westerner who came here for a good laugh?
valerio benito cena
valerio benito cena Pred 14 urami
Sometimes I try to understand what you say by closing my eyes. I can't understand shit.
Sir Bigfoot
Sir Bigfoot Pred 14 urami
I dislike blacks.
Wolfcaradura Caradura
Wolfcaradura Caradura Pred 15 urami
shturmovik makes cheese--HAHAHA ,one of your best videos komrade! Thanks for the laughs.
jimmy neutron
jimmy neutron Pred 15 urami
technically the title should be: How to make Russian cheese (нормальный сыр) - Cooking with Boris
Boocho Pred 15 urami
Boris did usee the video of the russian guy seting his mercedes on fire? I dont think hes russian he had a western spy squat =))
Ace Q
Ace Q Pred 15 urami
I’ve never liked cooking videos.... Until now, I just found you and I am so subbing
Benjamin Walton
Benjamin Walton Pred 15 urami
Blyat Vadim is a fly.
Atonanonymous Lemon
Atonanonymous Lemon Pred 15 urami
How get cheese out of wax
Shinydog16 Shinydog16
Shinydog16 Shinydog16 Pred 16 urami
Приветствие товарища
Camille Bizeul
Camille Bizeul Pred 16 urami
Who else is actually trying to learn this accent? Vadim...
HɅRXN Pred 16 urami
Otkroi zavod, tovarish. And delai this good cheese.
E.K9708 Pred 16 urami
Im your comrade from another dimension. I'm here to tell you that, that your cheeeesee CAAAaake is amazing if you add some soviet red jam
Plottyboy Pred 16 urami
Can slav cheese spot slav boolet? (ak bullet) Make this next vid
VDSDU25 Pred 16 urami
am i the only french dude thinking the "building block" looks like comté ? XD
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