How I Fixed My Balding (One Year After Surgery)

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The moment you've all been waiting for! One year later, Zach's official hair restoration transformation is here! See the results from his surgery that aimed to reverse balding!
*Disclaimer: This video was filmed a few months ago, when COVID cases were low and all parties on set tested negative for COVID-19 before beginning filming
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Special thanks to the Barber's Surgeon's Guild! Check them out online and on Instagram:
Justin E. Rome M.D.
Founder & Medical Director, Barber Surgeon's Guild
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Vice President of Operations, Barber Surgeons Guild
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Fresh daisy
Fresh daisy Pred uro
I’ve wanted to marry you for years ... mmmm you’re beautiful
Ohmi Dios
Ohmi Dios Pred uro
His voice changed
JUR O Pred uro
Because he couldnt love himself i stopped watching there could he keep us in love with the show if he cant love himself!!!
VV VB Pred 2 urami
ok, but how much does this cost? if it's tens of thousands of dollarinos, it's not really affordable...
nicholasyoder Pred 2 urami
Yeah how much does it cost? No one ever tells me that.
Cora Hunter
Cora Hunter Pred 4 urami
I almost passed out when he put the clipper to his head 😂😂😂 wooow, amazing Z, that’s awesome
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred 4 urami
SEE it didn’t control him anymore and it made my heart smile 🥺
Avé Williams
Avé Williams Pred 4 urami
Zach, you look so handsome. Hair looks great and your lips are very sensuous. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.
S4h4r4 Pred 5 urami
Just came back to check the update. I'm honestly not going with this clinic you guys have chose. Thank you for the video experience.
Hannah Bisson
Hannah Bisson Pred 5 urami
I swear my heart stopped for a second when I thought he was gonna shave it off lmao
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Pred 4 urami
He looks so amazing 💚
Ani Hall
Ani Hall Pred 5 urami
Alright, yep, i fell for that at the end
DaminionC Pred 6 urami
Makes excuses why baldness looks good, gets surgery, no difference.
rae1968 Pred 7 urami
What medicine is he one?
Rose Lee
Rose Lee Pred 9 urami
Welcome back guys. I missed ya. How are you? It’s nice that we could all reunite after all this time.
iloveanimals102 Pred 11 urami
Seeing him so happy makes me. 😊 You go Zack! You look so good.
Rick Drew
Rick Drew Pred 11 urami
I admire his honesty and candor. If only we all had thousands and thousands of spare dollars (or SLpost product placement power) to do this.
Amy Leroux
Amy Leroux Pred 11 urami
I don't know why but these hair restoration videos are some of my favourite videos from you guys
Alexandre Lopes - Movement Elements
Alexandre Lopes - Movement Elements Pred 12 urami
the hair in the front is still very thin. but super cool transformation!
Phil Y
Phil Y Pred 12 urami
All you bald people who have no money for the pills, let alone the surgery, who's confidence about balding has been knocked by someone else getting this done for free, and can also afford it if it wasnt, and are basically rubbing your nose in it - enjoy your misery! Thanks rich and privileged Zach, who presents this expensive option as a "choice".
K D Pred 13 urami
Joanna Maria
Joanna Maria Pred 14 urami
I see a lot of negative comments about your hair cut, which I feel is weird considering this is a video about your journey with hair insecurity. I think the most important thing is that you gained confidence through this journey, and it really shows. It doesn't actually matter how your hair is styled..its how you FEEL. And now, your hair grows back- You can try all these different hair cuts and styles!! I think you looked great, pre haircut and post. Because YOU feel better, and that makes you glow! Men could use more positive role models like you!
cierra brock
cierra brock Pred 14 urami
This man sounds like ryland
Leni Haylett
Leni Haylett Pred 17 urami
zach's hair is the only thing to feel good about. HOPE YOU SAFE zach. rock on. LOL
Wons Phreely
Wons Phreely Pred 21 uro
I feel like im taking frickin crazy pills, everyone saying it looks good, but it looks just as bad as last year!!
TripleFudgePacker Pred 29 minutami
Yeah, he's no Keith. Gunna need a wig to cover that up.
Laura Baker
Laura Baker Pred dnevom
He looks so amazing 💚
arcticfoli Pred dnevom
No offense...but why does everyone still use this stylist? he does everyone so dirty lol
GammaG Pred dnevom
Finastride is fcking poison . It’s banned in most countries for irreversible side effects. If you are one of the 2% who get the hormones messed up there is no coming back.
sister antigone
sister antigone Pred dnevom
Gawd all I can think is how the only stylist I know who works at a hair loss center like this is one we fired bc she was sweet and kind and a good person but soooooo bad at cutting hair.....gurl...
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Pred dnevom
He needs a real hair stylist
Albert the Dog Einstein
Albert the Dog Einstein Pred dnevom
Never heard of this guy before SLpost recommend this much was the total cost?
All hope is lost For good
All hope is lost For good Pred dnevom
I fixed my balding by shaving and not being a pussy.
yeroroo Pred dnevom
I wish he would go to this one korean barber who is really good at styling thinner hair
Beatriz Isaac
Beatriz Isaac Pred dnevom
I'm so happy for Zach!!!
ImLovingThis One
ImLovingThis One Pred dnevom
OR you could have only spent 4 grand and went to Turkey the mother land of all hair transplant which came with a package deal that comes with Hotel, Flight to Istanbul and the surgery but you chose this a $25,000 dollars hair transplant instead. you look great but come on do the math
Tofu Pred dnevom
9:13 this is the reason I hate haircuts.
TurboSol Pred dnevom
I'm not into this body positivity crap, my philosophy is "be the best you you can be". Anything else will just lead to unhappiness and not obtaining what you want in life, that might be a hard lesson but life is hard.
Adrienne Buchanan
Adrienne Buchanan Pred dnevom
This is how I feel about my ears.
Danielle Beckman
Danielle Beckman Pred dnevom
That hoodie tho
Aspen Pred dnevom
I’m transmasculine and take testosterone to transition towards androgyny. I’ve been taking finasteride for about a year to avoid male pattern baldness and preserve my hairline as much as possible. My hairline has still managed to recede some, but I don’t wanna know what it may have done without preventative measures.
jplb96 Pred dnevom
Just shave your head.
Isaac Zapata
Isaac Zapata Pred dnevom
every bald man watching rn
Jeanette R
Jeanette R Pred dnevom
I think he should have said how much it costs. Why is that a secret? Someone considering this needs to know how much to save.
Emily McCann
Emily McCann Pred 5 urami
Well it’s going to depend on where you live and how severe your case is
Bailey and Us
Bailey and Us Pred dnevom
get aloe vera from supermarket or steal from your neighbour's aloe vera's plant, slice it, cut and take the inside, blend it, use it on your scalp and let it sit for 1 hour, rinse, repeat 3 times a week. It works! Remember to store them in tight-seal container in fridge and throw when it smells funky
Weird Sock
Weird Sock Pred dnevom
0:58 Nah, 99% of people look better with a full head of hair. And only a very little percent of people can pull off the bald look, since it requires you to either be extremely attractive and/or have masculine facial features and skull.
Eunice Rivera
Eunice Rivera Pred dnevom
Ryland needs this
Rafael Joaquin
Rafael Joaquin Pred dnevom
He needs a real hair stylist
MonaHerSelf Pred dnevom
The whining. The telltale. How th y talk about sie effects of medicine. It doesn't matter until it's men, who experience this, wow. It's really true. 06:12 when he talks about his experience. Yes that's scary and weird but get over it. :) Women do this all the time because they HAVE TO.
Alejandro Coronado
Alejandro Coronado Pred 20 urami
Ok Karen
egdapo Pred dnevom
$7k - $18k tho for the process... yeesh!
Danilo Carlos
Danilo Carlos Pred dnevom
The real question is how much was it?
raerae555 Pred dnevom
I’m sorry but those are really bad haircuts. Go to someone else next time. I’m happy for your hair growth though!
mal Pred dnevom
the way i wish prince william could've done this,,, :(
Dishwasher Pred 2 dnevi
Zaius Z
Zaius Z Pred 2 dnevi
still ugly though
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 2 dnevi
good job hosting in this video.
ArtBenny Creations
ArtBenny Creations Pred 2 dnevi
not big difference !!! wasted
G Pred 2 dnevi
Spoiler: you didn't. Get a proper fucking transplant, you have the money and hair.
Johnathon Malzhan
Johnathon Malzhan Pred 2 dnevi
Only thing to get better in 2020: Zach's hair
Icefreak Pred 2 dnevi
dang i cant believe its actually been a year since i saw the first video
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Pred 2 dnevi
Giggles adorably
jay •
jay • Pred 2 dnevi
6:04 he be lookin like nikocado avocado 😂
Jerry N.
Jerry N. Pred 2 dnevi
The Barber Surgeons Guild reminds me of Flapjack
MLY Pred 2 dnevi
Let's b honest, there's no difference, before or after. Infact there r some review videos on this transplant tat it probably wasn't done right. With all the experts around, still looks like before (bald).
yes ,i know my eye is my profile
yes ,i know my eye is my profile Pred 2 dnevi
Looks great Zach
Hoganply Pred 2 dnevi
This is just my opinion, but putting my hand up to cover my view of his hair makes me think he would actually not look that bad bald, possibly better.
Your channel
Your channel Pred 2 dnevi
8:52 Look at the front of his head. It's obvious that the _direction_ of the individual hair strands is off. You don't want this done using a robot, but say a wax figure artist that knows how to create artificial hair. This is exactly the type of procedure that requires a human touch.
trueGrizzlesFAN22 Pred 2 dnevi
Not trying be negative but I don't see a big improvement from how his hair look from the beginning. Currently his hair is full in certain areas but his hairline is still jack up. Someone explain..
This is Me
This is Me Pred 18 urami
He wanted to stop his balding, not to change his hair completely...
tutteli88 Pred 2 dnevi
To Zach and anyone taking steroids, it is extremely common to have feelings of depression or just feeling blue while on them! They are a neceserray and a very good medication but have some sideeffects. I am so happy for Zach that he is feeling confident and happy, but people should be told about these things. It is not bad to have some side effects from medicine, but it is so hard to deal with them if you are not educated about them.
Major Marshmallow
Major Marshmallow Pred 2 dnevi
PeaceLoveAndRico Pred 2 dnevi
he was my favorite lil' bald try guy but i'm happy he "fixed" his "insecurity". bald dudes are sexy!!! all dudes are fricken cute tbh. HELL, EVERYONE. Hey you!! yes. stop right there... i need to tell you... YOU ARE CUTE! Have a good day.
Morgan Irbs
Morgan Irbs Pred 2 dnevi
Honestly 👀 Zach with shaved sides or an undercut makes him look from 19 to 28. That actually is a nice haircut for his face shape. In time when the hair has grown out finally, it would look good for him to do some fading and shave the sides with the top full for sure.
Andreas Bengter
Andreas Bengter Pred 2 dnevi
interessting that all barbers are gay.. there's no reason that it is nessesarily unmanly to work with hair..
jeremy wimberly
jeremy wimberly Pred 2 dnevi
How much does that cost ? I feel you I loosing my hair at 20 I’m 23 and I’m so insecure about it I don’t take my hat off
Jeremy Ovsienko
Jeremy Ovsienko Pred 2 dnevi
The soy is strong in this guy. Cant look at him without disgust on my face
Joshua GC Wong
Joshua GC Wong Pred 2 dnevi
My dude should chill more about it. He's got the facial hair, the jawline and I reckon if he started getting them gains he'd look hench af 🤣
Marlon Jiles
Marlon Jiles Pred 2 dnevi
David OMG please tell me that is extra love from corona. Please excuse me of I'm wrong. Lately I've seen a trend in young men with a face full of botox. This is coming from some who struggle everyday with beauty issues. If you can't love yourself how can you love anyone else.
linkinqueens97 Pred 2 dnevi
Lmao wtf. Slapping a disclaimer at the beginning that balding is not that bad and proceeding to show how he's ready to pay thousands and find happiness from hair transplant is hypocritical. Especially when these guys tryna be some beacon of confidence
Lumosnight Pred 2 dnevi
Hair transplants in men give me trust issues. It’s like when women undergo surgeries and look completely different than what they naturally look like. You think you marry someone hot but then get ugly children 🤣
hidden Pred 2 dnevi
Maxime Laville
Maxime Laville Pred 2 dnevi
Americans are obsessed with their hairs, teeths, cloths.. it's a bit sad
Surakshya Tamang
Surakshya Tamang Pred 2 dnevi
I am just so happy for you ♥️
Jacob Baker
Jacob Baker Pred 2 dnevi
How much did this cost you Zach?
Berat Ademi
Berat Ademi Pred 2 dnevi
I’m sorry but this loooks the same I feel like they are BSing us when he first did it they should sooo much Retail and now they kind of just skim through it no that many real close ups to see if it really did change
Charisma Hornum-Fries
Charisma Hornum-Fries Pred 2 dnevi
It’s fine to do something about an insecurity when it’s all consuming. It’s hair, it’s not hurting anyone or anything.
BillyBob Kumar
BillyBob Kumar Pred 2 dnevi
How much?
Ariel Lee
Ariel Lee Pred 3 dnevi
Idk what that stylist was doing. Cut him out.
Crystal Lightwood-Bane
Crystal Lightwood-Bane Pred 3 dnevi
I know what you mean when you felt sad and kinda doubt yourself after the restoration procedure.. I had lazy eyes and it really crushes my self confidence. About 4 years back, I decided to get my eyes fixed. I felt terrible after my surgery because I felt like I am like hating my own body or something.. I kept saying about body positivity and loving ownself but I went for a surgery to fix my lazy eyes because I hated how people always asked if I was talking to them or strangers saying that I am very rude for not looking at them while talking. (I was!! But my eyes were all over the place) I hated taking photos because of how I looked in them. I am always closing 1 of my eye whenever I had to take (like winking in the photo but I am actually hiding the fact I can't focus my eyes) But after the surgery, my friends and family all told me that there is a different aura around me.. I became more confident and more out going and happier. Zach, I am really proud of you to show this to us and I am very glad that you are so much happier now!!
DPRO 1452
DPRO 1452 Pred 3 dnevi
he forgot johnny sins
SHB Pred 3 dnevi
FINALLY. I’ve been hearing about this man’s follicles for way too long. !! Looking good bro. Edit: don’t let that man cut/style your hair ever again.
Username.Candice Pred 3 dnevi
I’m so happy for you, Zach!! 👏👏👏😭
Alyvia Daniels
Alyvia Daniels Pred 3 dnevi
Anyone else have an absolute heart attack when he went to shave his head.
froggie bab
froggie bab Pred 3 dnevi
aw i like it
Ispidre Pred 3 dnevi
Actually jewish men are balding much more rarely and later in life than white men - Its just you Zach, stop putting us jews down with you
sandy victorin
sandy victorin Pred 3 dnevi
I'm in love with zack. That's the comment. I fucking love zack
Krista D
Krista D Pred 3 dnevi
This may be an unpopular opinion but I am more interested in the videos that do that are about each individual person instead of the videos were there all together😳😂
EmC Lorenzo
EmC Lorenzo Pred 3 dnevi
love the new hair. hopefully he gets different styles and plays around with his hair now.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Pred 3 dnevi
the second best thing that came out of that surgery was tomato plump zach
Dylan Pred 3 dnevi
I had amazing hair in highschool. Thick, full, and a great hairline. 6 years later I have a receding hairline, and the hair on too of my head is thin and whispy like donald trump. It got worse and worse and until enough was enough. I shaved my head bald... best decision ever. I actually like how I look for once and the bald head compliments my beard nicely. I could have gotten surgery, or got a hair system...but nahh. I am who I am. I don't fault Zach though, whatever makes you happy is the way to go.
Nishant Singh
Nishant Singh Pred 3 dnevi
Failed transplant
AA Pred 3 dnevi
People can do whatever they want. For me, spending thousands of dollars just because you care about what people think it's nonsense. If you take hair as the factor from which people should judge you then maybe you should sit down and think a bit.
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Pred 3 dnevi
Great Video...cheers bud!!!?
coco loonas
coco loonas Pred 3 dnevi
hey bruh u wanna crush some white claw
Seyy Aura
Seyy Aura Pred 3 dnevi
omg i wanna hug you
TrickleDownGaming Pred 3 dnevi
Just go bald! Own it!
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