Full Face Using FROZEN Makeup Challenge 🥶

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James Charles

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HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to freeze every single product in my makeup routine! This makeup challenge was insanely fun to see which products still worked and which ones turned into ice cubes! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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Payton Welsh
Payton Welsh Pred 2 minutami
right now there is a foot of snow and no i hate it sometimes but i like it some times cuz i love to snow tube and play with my little brother and my dog in the snow
Palak Jain
Palak Jain Pred 20 minutami
No snow in INDIA 😭
Allana goddards
Allana goddards Pred 20 minutami
Omg how dare u James , eat a un crustable, don’t u know people are starving 😩😩( this is a complete joke )
Tonya Mckinney
Tonya Mckinney Pred 24 minutami
No I don't have snow I love in La
rachael orantes
rachael orantes Pred 29 minutami
florida- I GOT NO SNOW smh i love winter UGH i miss the snow *sobs*
Mayzie Melchiors
Mayzie Melchiors Pred 47 minutami
I mean my Minecraft cat's name is snow so yes there is snow where i am
juli7561 juli7561
juli7561 juli7561 Pred 47 minutami
Oh yes snow up to my knees, it's amazing.
V. R BuLLeT PrOOf Pred 52 minutami
I'm from india
Belle Rose
Belle Rose Pred 53 minutami
I got a little scared when he asked where I lie
XxGacHa_ GirLsxX
XxGacHa_ GirLsxX Pred uro
Wow.... You are so Beautiful... 😶😳
smily hadia
smily hadia Pred uro
there is no snow here PK
Claudia Addai
Claudia Addai Pred uro
I love your videos
Merel Apers
Merel Apers Pred uro
I live in the Netherlands
Merel Apers
Merel Apers Pred uro
I have no snow where I live
Josip Lončarić
Josip Lončarić Pred uro
In Croatia is not snow i live in Croatia😐🇭🇷🇭🇷
silvia plascencia
silvia plascencia Pred 2 urami
Yuna Tuazon
Yuna Tuazon Pred 2 urami
There's no snow here lol Im from Philippines.
//Wølfie_cøøkiecrumbs\\ Pred 2 urami
I live in Ohio and I had an entire week of snow days 🥶😶
Pranjali Hiremath
Pranjali Hiremath Pred 2 urami
He is so cute
yoyo and the doggy club
yoyo and the doggy club Pred 2 urami
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat Pred 2 urami
i live where there is snow and i love it
Horse Girl
Horse Girl Pred 2 urami
There is a ton of snow in NY yass james
Jenica Desai
Jenica Desai Pred 2 urami
I love that in this into there is fire first and this is a cold challenge! Like if you know what I’m talking about
Wandisa Shabangu
Wandisa Shabangu Pred 3 urami
And in Jo'burg there's no snow🥺
roos Pred 3 urami
we used to have snow where i lived (netherlands) but the last few years it just feels like a long autumn ;/ but this year we got a week of snow again with -4 weather but a week later it was 15 again
Moni O.
Moni O. Pred 3 urami
in my country is snowwwww and i love snoww hehe :D
Lugein luai saad
Lugein luai saad Pred 4 urami
No we do not have snow in the uae
melody ventzki
melody ventzki Pred 6 urami
huh its sooo cold XD
Tali-Rose DiNozzo
Tali-Rose DiNozzo Pred 6 urami
Tho who freezes their Malibu tho... I mean wtf
Notiameliana 1
Notiameliana 1 Pred 6 urami
Yes I have in jordan
Uddeshika Pandey
Uddeshika Pandey Pred 6 urami
I am from nepal in the winter it’s like a mild cool it’s so amazing in the solukhumbhu the way to go my everst you should come but I live in biratnagar
Klaudia K
Klaudia K Pred 6 urami
In the uk there was snow
Catriona Morgan
Catriona Morgan Pred 7 urami
where im from It dose not snow but I go on skis trips sometimes
adirup S
adirup S Pred 7 urami
Angelo Luyun Sagun
Angelo Luyun Sagun Pred 7 urami
No but we have the best beachest in the dilipines
Angelo Luyun Sagun
Angelo Luyun Sagun Pred 7 urami
Jessica Jorstad
Jessica Jorstad Pred 8 urami
I like the snow for 2 or 3 days like if your like me
Donna DiazDiaz
Donna DiazDiaz Pred 8 urami
james : am I dieing me : hahaaaheha
Natalie Sizelove
Natalie Sizelove Pred 8 urami
California no snow
hemasinkar Pred 9 urami
Teofilo Lorenzo
Teofilo Lorenzo Pred 9 urami
I live in the Philippines so no snow here
UwU for life Addison
UwU for life Addison Pred 9 urami
I love your vids
drawing dork
drawing dork Pred 10 urami
ok i was just watching the vid and i read online comics and it notifies me when one of them updated, so i read a comic called The Makeup Remover and I got the notification for it while watching this, i just thought it was kinda funny. oh and James Charles i recently started watching your vids Love you sister
Nia Mezclillas
Nia Mezclillas Pred 10 urami
Xx.Shy_That_One_Lovely_Girl. xX
Xx.Shy_That_One_Lovely_Girl. xX Pred 10 urami
Ok so ✨✨love the make-up look sister James✨✨ and yes I am in a state where there is snow and I hate it🤣🤣🤣
Darren Loughran
Darren Loughran Pred 10 urami
Yes I do live where there is snow
Mary Dayton
Mary Dayton Pred 11 urami
Sorry james can't take you serious with ear muffs 😂😂😂😂😂
Aviva Blonder
Aviva Blonder Pred 11 urami
We have so much snow it's my nkrmal
Akari Mai
Akari Mai Pred 11 urami
I just noticed, James uses Duo, which so use for my lashes, Duo is a very good brand to have!
Summer Crystal
Summer Crystal Pred 11 urami
I have snow and a mount baker an hour away from my house but it only snows 1 or 2 times a year! So you can go skiing! I go to Whistler in the winter because I am Canadian and my family has a giant cabin there. But mount baker is also good! I would say if you want cold winters and warm summers live in Whistler Canada because they have amazing ski slopes on the mountains! I mean sure I have got a concussion and my sister fell down a small cliff but it is fun...
lizabeth scheottler
lizabeth scheottler Pred 12 urami
I don't really mind a little bit cold for me not too bad I get used to it
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy Pred 12 urami
Shout out for me because I subscribe to you and I also turn the bell on and I've watched all your videos
Heidi Stirling
Heidi Stirling Pred 12 urami
I live in snow and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could never live anywhere else
Andrew Kennedy
Andrew Kennedy Pred 12 urami
I live in Australia and I live in the Muswellbrook never snowed here step for once
Kendall Lol
Kendall Lol Pred 12 urami
It's giving me a headache IM I DiEiNg💀💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣😭😭
krysta gibbons
krysta gibbons Pred 13 urami
I love ❄️ winter
Rexxie Dino
Rexxie Dino Pred 13 urami
James: *immediately shocked* Louis you know what this feels like and actually looks like? Me: Cu- James: GELATO Me: Oh...... Yeah that
Unicornleprechaun Me
Unicornleprechaun Me Pred 13 urami
Yes and I hate it but it can be fun playing in it btw I live in WI
Piper G.
Piper G. Pred 13 urami
It does snow where I live but not much this year I love snow I want to live in maine they have alot of snow
Isabella Sasenberg
Isabella Sasenberg Pred 13 urami
Freda Sinclair
Freda Sinclair Pred 14 urami
Yesses and I have it
Strxberry Sunshine
Strxberry Sunshine Pred 14 urami
Only The people from his TikTok can like.......
Tammy Murphy
Tammy Murphy Pred 14 urami
there is lots of snow where i live but i do not like it the most bec there is so much stuff to put on
No I’m from Colombia James ilysm
Sadie Cabral
Sadie Cabral Pred 15 urami
I live in Florida so I don’t get any snow and it so hot
marin bennett dessureau
marin bennett dessureau Pred 15 urami
if you go to 5:47 and set the playback speed to 0.5 it is a beauty
Samantha Kelly
Samantha Kelly Pred 16 urami
Melanie Playzz
Melanie Playzz Pred 16 urami
James, honey, if you have did this every day you would be a cold person in a good way
Blue Bean
Blue Bean Pred 16 urami
James wanna know why I love you, it’s because so many people say you’re a joke but you ignore them and you stay with the people who give you confidence and you really inspire me
Christina Balilo
Christina Balilo Pred 16 urami
Crystal Rodriguez
Crystal Rodriguez Pred 16 urami
I live in Ohio so I get snow. Like a lot of snow
Kennedy DeVormer
Kennedy DeVormer Pred 17 urami
Yes and sort of
Contortion Distortion
Contortion Distortion Pred 17 urami
it does not snow where I live
AK - 03ZJ 855885 Settlers Green PS
AK - 03ZJ 855885 Settlers Green PS Pred 18 urami
AK - 03ZJ 855885 Settlers Green PS
AK - 03ZJ 855885 Settlers Green PS Pred 18 urami
I live in Canada
AK - 03ZJ 855885 Settlers Green PS
AK - 03ZJ 855885 Settlers Green PS Pred 18 urami
Yes and it’s winter right now and I like the winter ❄️
Savannah Horoho
Savannah Horoho Pred 18 urami
Id imagine the freezer would make the eyeshadow harder because its making it colder so I’d freeze and become a solid 🤔
Harper Stone
Harper Stone Pred 18 urami
I have so much SNOW!!!
Mathilde Berube
Mathilde Berube Pred 18 urami
i am from QUÉBEC at CANADA
Mathilde Berube
Mathilde Berube Pred 18 urami
and i am frrench
Cheyene Williber
Cheyene Williber Pred 18 urami
In the freezer I saw malibu and said "not the Malibu" and laughed
Emina A
Emina A Pred 18 urami
Why is he always saying Lewis like Lewis it’s frozen
Fan of Noris nuts
Fan of Noris nuts Pred 18 urami
Umm I’m from the uk and yes it did snow ❄️ and it was very cold but yeah bye sisters xxx
C Hendrie
C Hendrie Pred 18 urami
Hey James! How do you apply the 10% off coupon code on Morphe for your palette? Love you sister! ❤️
Amy Bird
Amy Bird Pred 18 urami
I'm in Wisconsin soo... it SNOWS AND I HATE IT!😠
Leah Avramson
Leah Avramson Pred 18 urami
I live in Toronto so they’re is a lot of snow and I love the snow I’m a hockey player so obviously I love snow 🏒
Rm Az
Rm Az Pred 19 urami
There is no snow in my country.. i am from Indonesia
OrangeUnderworld Pred 19 urami
Why does his frisbee look like a pantry 🤣 like somebody be: OOOOHHHH CHEETOS MUST BE IN THE PANTRYYYYYYYYYY oh wait- what the hell?!
Misty Moyse
Misty Moyse Pred 19 urami
"Not the iconic disney movie" "leT It gO"
hope kathryn
hope kathryn Pred 19 urami
**laughs in wisconsin**
Melina Jimenez
Melina Jimenez Pred 19 urami
Gabi Rocha
Gabi Rocha Pred 19 urami
I live in Rio de Janeiro and there’s definitely no snow here lol 🇧🇷
Ree NeeNee
Ree NeeNee Pred 19 urami
I live in Ohio and it snows I’m in the middle of if I like the winter or not
Gamer girl River
Gamer girl River Pred 19 urami
Am I dieing😅🤣😂
Avery Archer
Avery Archer Pred 19 urami
I live in Texas, no snow!
Jackie Taylor-Plunkett
Jackie Taylor-Plunkett Pred 19 urami
I live in a place that sometimes gets snow but its normally not a lot and it doesn't stick and it normally just falls😭cause I love the snow
Amairany Hernandez Delgado
Amairany Hernandez Delgado Pred 19 urami
no there is no snow
Rainbow star Please
Rainbow star Please Pred 19 urami
No the only time it we Snow if snow if it snow storm
Adanya Harrison
Adanya Harrison Pred 19 urami
Verity Simpson
Verity Simpson Pred 20 urami
I dont have snow because I'm in Wales UK
Melody Jeffries
Melody Jeffries Pred 20 urami
Canada has lots of snow ...and no I don’t like it