This Day Changed Our Lives Forever... (broken spine)

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Tanner Fox

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This Day Changed Our Lives Forever... (broken spine)
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Tanner Fox
Tanner Fox Pred 3 meseci
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Chris Kent
Chris Kent Pred 27 dnevi
William Sergio
William Sergio Pred mesecem
@Jayden Edward Trying it out right now. Seems to be working.
Jayden Edward
Jayden Edward Pred mesecem
Dunno if anyone cares at all but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my gfs Instagram account using InstaPwn. You can find it by Googling for Instapwn password hack if you wanna try it
Zeona Miller
Zeona Miller Pred mesecem
I’m 20 yrs old and just over a month from my spinal surgery T8-T21 spinal fusion ‼️ I’m lucky I’m not paralyzed or dead being that I had many injury’s , I have the exact same brace ‼️ I just wanted to know are you back to “normal” ?? ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ PLEASE HELP ME I JUST WANT TO KNOW THE DOCTORS HSVENT EXPLAIN MUCH ‼️‼️‼️ PLEASE HELP ME
Adam Wright
Adam Wright Pred mesecem
Family means more than money but not to tanner.
Maisea and Kayley
Maisea and Kayley Pred 2 minutami
I have broken my back before and it literally sucks so bad I had to have a brace brace and stuff and you don’t mess with back stuff like that because if you move the wrong way your screwed and also the mri sucks too
Michael Brady
Michael Brady Pred 2 urami
200k for back surgery. America is absolutely fucked! No wonder many people never seek medical help
Liam Simmons
Liam Simmons Pred 3 urami
Rip he back
Kaden Hirsh
Kaden Hirsh Pred dnevom
12,000 dollars is a lot my prayers are going to you man
Austin Johnson Vlogs
Austin Johnson Vlogs Pred 2 dnevi
Im sorry to hear about the accident praying for a speedy recovery I have metal screws and bars from my neck down from scoliosis surgery 6 months after I fell and injured my neck that was the second surgery then June 14th of 2019 I had a motorcycle accident on the mountain fractured my neck one wrong move and it would’ve broke and a lot of internal injuries but stay positive and be safe much love
תאיר שוקרון
תאיר שוקרון Pred 2 dnevi
Omg i watch it now , and i started to cry like a baby ,i hope u feel better !!! Its sort of the same story i had , 2 years ago i fell from a few stairs and broke 4 Vertebrates when i was lay there i couldnt breath and ask for help, anyway i know how you must've felt and i hope u feel well !🙏
Owen Rhodes
Owen Rhodes Pred 2 dnevi
Prayers for Shane. My dad got in a crash and broke 4 ribs and the truck fought on fire and Almost got to the gas tank of the truck
Caleb jones
Caleb jones Pred 3 dnevi
Tyler Erdman
Tyler Erdman Pred 5 dnevi
I have almost the exact same fractures T3-T7 shits not easy but he needs good people around him and he’s gotta keep pushing through it only gets better man!
Summer Price
Summer Price Pred 8 dnevi
I am so sorry I wish you the best of luck you are lucky you did not break your neck you are so sweet and we are here to support you💜🐇🖤💙❤️
Smacked Pred 8 dnevi
Your a good person dude! Helping your friend out the right way!
do piang
do piang Pred 9 dnevi
I'm glad he is like hurting and not feeling thats good for tanner fox
Guy Buddy
Guy Buddy Pred 11 dnevi
I brokw my back. My back is broken Spinal
Autumn McElroy
Autumn McElroy Pred 11 dnevi
Sending prayer’s to you Tanner Fox.🙏🏻🙏🏻
Ava Powers
Ava Powers Pred 12 dnevi
thats crazy you hade a 9 out of 10 I hope you get better
Skim Bros
Skim Bros Pred 12 dnevi
Why would put the features items as something else not new merch for you buddy. Like I understand that promoting product is a great thing but promoting product that’s going help him right now if that’s apart a lot your focus that’s would be a really nice thing to see. Everybody shows love and support wether we know the person in person or not. Your channel and many others creators channels have brought so much light upon all of us during quarantine not just like thank you all for that have a good night or day.
Sodadud Pred 13 dnevi
Hope your better
Lucy Nicolai
Lucy Nicolai Pred 13 dnevi
I can fell your pain little bit and I can barely dreth a little bit I hope you get better God bless you
čɧɨLL· Pred 14 dnevi
holy fuck when i saw that video i was like: wait am i supposed to laugh cause the people are laughing. and then i saw him wave his hand and i was like oh god no no no shit
ced jm
ced jm Pred 15 dnevi
Poor Shane :(.....I hope you get better and better my too last week I hit my head on the trampoline bar it hurt,but that didn't stop me for doing a backflip,1 day later I tried my first backflip on trampoline Be safe and peace out baby
obsessed chaos
obsessed chaos Pred 15 dnevi
to bad your not in canada the hosbitle bill free
Bryan ross
Bryan ross Pred 15 dnevi
dude im scared to use a trampoline now
madison Parker
madison Parker Pred 16 dnevi
That's stupid that shan has to were a mask when he broke his back
madison Parker
madison Parker Pred 16 dnevi
I meant shane
big dripz
big dripz Pred 16 dnevi
If I were tanner I would have dropped every cent I had on his bills just so that man didn’t have to worry.
big dripz
big dripz Pred 16 dnevi
Never even gave that man a second to speak. You can tell who really cares
big dripz
big dripz Pred 16 dnevi
Don’t even think you know what he went through
big dripz
big dripz Pred 16 dnevi
No one will know what that man went through ❤️
Reyna Flores
Reyna Flores Pred 16 dnevi
Hey Tanner Fox my name is Reyna and I’m new I was scrolling down SLpost and I seen that your best friend got hurt so bad I am so sorry 🙏🏼 I hope he gets better . Honestly I went tho the same thing he did in 2016 I wanted to see my boyfriend but I couldn’t so as a teenager I did the stupidest thing ever I live in a two story apartment with my mom and I opened my window and I jumped , I thought I could land on top of the tree but I didn’t . I woke up five minutes later and I saw myself on the ground and I was yelling Mom mom but she couldn’t hear me cuz I shut my door 🚪. But thank god that my neighbors heard me so he carried me upstairs and the ambulance came and when I went to the hospital they told me I fractured my back and I couldn’t move or if I moved I could have been dead or paralyzed from my neck down . But thank god I wasn’t 🙏🏼I have a big scar on my back and I think 4 or 8 screws inside my back and I had to wear a back brace too . I just wanted to tell u my story and I will be praying for you and just know that God is alway with you and hope you get better soon and God bless you 🙏🏼❤️✝️
NianticNoah Pred 17 dnevi
I have been paralyzed playing football
L.O.R WPme hi -_-
L.O.R WPme hi -_- Pred 18 dnevi
if only everyone who is subscribed to you would donate 1$ then you would have 1.1 million $to pay
Shan Jasper Brioso
Shan Jasper Brioso Pred 18 dnevi
Well you are never gonna do stupid things again mate
Tricked Q
Tricked Q Pred 20 dnevi
bro i hope you get better and you will be able to pay the bill I'm broke so I'm sorry i cant support you but honestly i hope you get better bro
ihavefeel1ngsss_2 Pred 20 dnevi
I love how Tanner helps him.
travis tane
travis tane Pred 20 dnevi
Yo do a vortex in your next video
Dj King
Dj King Pred 21 dnevom
Shane I’m glad you are okay & in walking
Buffalo Chicken 234
Buffalo Chicken 234 Pred 22 dnevi
you’ll be fine. but so glad your ok. i had 2 major back surgeries. and i have a huge scar on my back. so i can relate. and you’ll be able to flip again i promise.
Breanne Blaquiere
Breanne Blaquiere Pred 22 dnevi
It’s sad that he had the thought “I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford the ambulance” as someone who lives in Canada and has free healthcare and medical insurance I can’t imagine how hard it must be to go through what he’s going through.
4 OutLaw.
4 OutLaw. Pred 22 dnevi
Get him a hoverboard
WMC. INC Pred 22 dnevi
My dad had to get rods from t2 to c2 And my dad just got through lunge cancer so Ik how bad you feel for him tanner
J B Pred 23 dnevi
2021 Bieber collabinf with 2018 Bieber
Unbelievable Pred 24 dnevi
I feel soooooooo bad omg :(
Marii G
Marii G Pred 24 dnevi
He reminds me of Paul Walker Soo much.. beautiful Soul 🥰 I love you 💝
Zaid Velazquez
Zaid Velazquez Pred 24 dnevi
Has shane recover for his back
Nauf Nazir
Nauf Nazir Pred 24 dnevi
Florim Maksuti
Florim Maksuti Pred 26 dnevi
Prayers he is healing with that back thing
Chris Kent
Chris Kent Pred 27 dnevi
Can He Walk anytime so He die before
Felix Halton
Felix Halton Pred 28 dnevi
Its so crazy watching from the uk how much stress ur guys healthcare causes. Glad shane wasnt hurt more.
Draxla AMB
Draxla AMB Pred 28 dnevi
Love you shane
Ducks Pred 28 dnevi
8:35 why does he sounds like ryan from Cboys like low-key @tanner fox
Natalia Biszczak
Natalia Biszczak Pred 28 dnevi
I can't support I don't have a credit card or anything
Dakota Parker
Dakota Parker Pred mesecem
@Tanner Fox I honestly feel so bad idk just reminds me of what happened a few yrs ago i was with my best friend and we were doing some crazy stunts and- i dared him to do a stunt i forgot it, but at the end his spin ripped out of his back, i miss my little bro jace, hes up with my little brother...sorry for what happened
Lewis Smith
Lewis Smith Pred mesecem
Its crazy how people in the us have to pay for the ambulance like in england its free , all of a taxes together pays for them i think
Brianna Woodward-Fowler
Brianna Woodward-Fowler Pred mesecem
I hope ur okay.
Brianna Woodward-Fowler
Brianna Woodward-Fowler Pred mesecem
I have 2 meddle rods and 24 screws in my back. But this I feel like this is way worse than my back surgery.
Riffs Fan please subscribe to me
Riffs Fan please subscribe to me Pred mesecem
Bro sorry about your back
Alex Anic
Alex Anic Pred mesecem
Sending prayers god bless you all
Talasha Coleman
Talasha Coleman Pred mesecem
I hope you get well 🙏
ReziFn Pred mesecem
I can’t believe u have to pay for an ambulance in America
Kirsty Horner
Kirsty Horner Pred mesecem
If it makes him feel any better I got a major break on my collar bone last year and it's still broken and I'm 9
Neven Komso
Neven Komso Pred mesecem
My dad broke his back on 4 different places but the funny thing he just said it's ok he can walk it off and walked to the doctor
Hendrik Wolter
Hendrik Wolter Pred mesecem
Amarica is so broke... that somebody has to think a second about getting an ambulance. In Germany it wouldn't even coast you something when they need a helicopter to rush you to the best hospital for your kind of injury. And that public healthcare isn't a thing there is even broker. Amarica really is nothing to be proud of.
RowHD Pred mesecem
This makes me sad as the first thing they think of is I can’t afford it where as in the UK we don’t have to.
logan Babula
logan Babula Pred mesecem
I think he broke his fuckin nec and back
Devish Morar
Devish Morar Pred mesecem
Rip back
KNOX GAMING Pred mesecem
Me living in australia like wait u have to pay for being in hospital and stuff
Jess Burciaga
Jess Burciaga Pred mesecem
The same thing happened to me it was on my stomach and I still have it to this day
Airsoft Cheeko
Airsoft Cheeko Pred mesecem
Tanner I’m challenging you to an Airsoft battle as well as a fun weekend in Miami. Let me know if your down for the adventure. Hit up my DMs @mxtt_1926
David Cabral
David Cabral Pred mesecem
BRUH AGAIN ur place is so unsafe! SHUT IT DOWN! SHUT IT DOWN!
BeastxBeast coryxkids
BeastxBeast coryxkids Pred mesecem
Damn I did the math of 300,000 people donated $0.50 and multiply that that equals 600,000k thats a lot of fucking money
Levi Patterson
Levi Patterson Pred mesecem
Hope you get better bro all the love. I will try to cop some merch. All the love.
TiLtErVoY Pred mesecem
US, the dream cou try where u wouldn't move 4 the rest of ur live if u dont have money, 3rd world country actually
Lacey Minogue
Lacey Minogue Pred mesecem
Donated :) So shitty people say tanner should pay for his bills. I’m sure tanner is doing everything he can for his friend. It shows in the merch drop and the sponsored video. If tanner helps him out with his own money then that’s Tanners business.
Cowboy Meeks
Cowboy Meeks Pred mesecem
Guys pray for Shane to get better
Tyler Pred mesecem
You are a blessing Tanner god bless Shane!
Ella Bloemendal
Ella Bloemendal Pred mesecem
I hate that you need to pay your own Hospital bills in America. It makes me sad that u guys were first not going to call a ambulance when u really should have right a way! Wish you Good luck healing man :)
Amy Downward
Amy Downward Pred mesecem
Does Shane have a SLpost channel
Sheila Alley
Sheila Alley Pred mesecem
Jensen Hassan
Jensen Hassan Pred mesecem
I know what he is going through in the mental sense on of this because it messes up you and you want to do stuff so bad but can't.
Davina Stallings
Davina Stallings Pred mesecem
I broke my collar bone before it hurt 8 out of 10
Tyler Berke
Tyler Berke Pred mesecem
I understand his pain I had spinal fusion a few months ago
Tommaso Cepelli
Tommaso Cepelli Pred mesecem
So, in US you have to pay for an Ambulance? Lol idiots.
Gordon Deitz
Gordon Deitz Pred mesecem
God bless the people at Current for doing you a major solid! Back in `04 I fell of a two story building an landed standing up dusted both feet trashed my ankles an hip an a lot of other B.S. so I know your pain. May you gain all you recovery goals. God bless you 👍🙏💪
Patrick Pred mesecem
The US healthcare is so stupid... I basically live in a dictatorship and breathe air that is in the top10 most polluted in the world, but you would have to pay me a shiiiiit ton of cash to move to the US..
Zeona Miller
Zeona Miller Pred mesecem
I’m 20 yrs old and just over a month from my spinal surgery T8-T21 spinal fusion ‼️ I’m lucky I’m not paralyzed or dead being that I had many injury’s , I have the exact same brace ‼️ I just wanted to know are you back to “normal” ?? ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ PLEASE HELP ME I JUST WANT TO KNOW THE DOCTORS HSVENT EXPLAIN MUCH ‼️‼️‼️ PLEASE HELP ME
Carrbi Blancaver
Carrbi Blancaver Pred mesecem
every tanner post a video talking about someone got hurt me: oh man not again
OmenPlays - Games
OmenPlays - Games Pred mesecem
Was anyone else hardly moving during this almost like your back was paralyzed and felt really uncomfortable?
hamza amir Raja
hamza amir Raja Pred mesecem
I also had a spine surgery
alex mendoza
alex mendoza Pred mesecem
Oh. No :(
cheetahlover girl
cheetahlover girl Pred mesecem
oh my goodness please be okay
Losten Lol
Losten Lol Pred mesecem
I feel so bad for you
Isaac Carlson
Isaac Carlson Pred mesecem
A pal of mine from my swim team had this surgery he was playing hide & seek w/ some of his friends and he hid under a pile of leaves on the street and was run over. He's doin' great now, he's doing swim team and basketball. 🙂
João Matos
João Matos Pred mesecem
How much is a health insurance in us ? And if you don’t have one how much and cost an ambulance and all this situation of an surgery ?
tcbobb16 Pred mesecem
Ambulance are only free if you are in a life or death situation. That life or death situation has to be super serious even pasted the point of your normal life and death situation. Even after that event you could still be on the hook for the ambulance bill. The whole health insurance system is super messed up.
tcbobb16 Pred mesecem
It really depends on a lot of factors. It depends on what type of job you have and how you want to pay(typical more money you make the better health insurance coverage you can afford)
Missy M
Missy M Pred mesecem
i am so glade that he is ok
P.Tibor Pred mesecem
soo if this happens in america and you dont have enough money to even pay the ambulance they let you die??
Joseph Gutierrez
Joseph Gutierrez Pred mesecem
All my prayers are with him hope he heals and feels better soon!😇🙏🏻✝️
meryl Hl
meryl Hl Pred mesecem
Wish you the best Shan, l donated 5$
Anthony Borrometi
Anthony Borrometi Pred mesecem
Tanner why don’t you help him out with the bills that’s the least what he should worry about
TrAvIs HoLlAmOn
TrAvIs HoLlAmOn Pred mesecem
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha im dead
Ettni Pred mesecem
holy fuck
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