my roof

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Gus Johnson

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Honestly, I'd rather be up here.
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this is a video about where i talk about how i like my roof
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast please. Eddy Burback and I make it and it's ok.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred 10 meseci
just so people don't get scared the roof is actually cgi so it's not real
Cooking and reviewing With Bob!
Cooking and reviewing With Bob! Pred 9 dnevi
Obviously he's ok it wouldn't be posted if he wasny
Cooking and reviewing With Bob!
Cooking and reviewing With Bob! Pred 9 dnevi
@reads too much bruh
Alwyn Nito
Alwyn Nito Pred 21 dnevom
Jesus Christ, you almost tripped
devil furby
devil furby Pred 21 dnevom
thank you, i was so frightened by the sight of gus on top.
Mohamed Zine
Mohamed Zine Pred 26 dnevi
Physical Computing
Physical Computing Pred 11 minutami
You should make a roof skit, except It's the roof of his car
John Stefanov
John Stefanov Pred 6 urami
“That ain’t gonna Marty Mcfly” freakin’ killed me xD
Nick Gacevic
Nick Gacevic Pred 13 urami
Love how he says ruf
murphdogg Pred 15 urami
its dwight
Rod MacKinnon
Rod MacKinnon Pred dnevom
What's a Ruff? Roof?.
James Bowers
James Bowers Pred dnevom
Chris Farley would have loved this dude
Stillframe Pred dnevom
A Serious Man (2009)
James Spooky
James Spooky Pred 3 dnevi
Hearing Sven laugh and snort as Gus keeps saying funny shit is the best part of the editing
Mr. Nova
Mr. Nova Pred 4 dnevi
The fact that he said plan L which means hes on plan 12😂
A cat
A cat Pred 4 dnevi
Feels like a Joel Haver skit
mel on
mel on Pred 5 dnevi
Billy joel once said "This is my roof!" DUN DUN DUNUN
Balisong Tricks and Flips
Balisong Tricks and Flips Pred 5 dnevi
This is ligit garbage but it’s so damn funny
electrify my heart
electrify my heart Pred 5 dnevi
I just love how the camera guy can't hold in his laugh half the time it makes the whole thing even better.
cincymutt1812 Pred 5 dnevi
How the hell did I miss this upload?
Fence Idiot
Fence Idiot Pred 6 dnevi
Want come to my basement on Opposite Day
Jonah Lanz
Jonah Lanz Pred 6 dnevi
2:40 it looked like you were about to actually fall Lol
Scale Pred 7 dnevi
bangus Shmangus
bangus Shmangus Pred 9 dnevi
Workaholics Midwest edition
Meton12765 Pred 9 dnevi
Cheyenne Bates
Cheyenne Bates Pred 10 dnevi
I'm from northern Minnesota and I'm astonished how this man literally looks and sounds like every one of my uncles.
CladGreenHero Pred 11 dnevi
I so wish that his arm was in the way of the window and they had to nudge it out of the way XD
BuBu Pain
BuBu Pain Pred 11 dnevi
Did u just study my boss then make a video of him
sausagehedgehog Pred 12 dnevi
Sven trying his best to not laugh behind the camera is the best part of the video
Michael Iskander
Michael Iskander Pred 12 dnevi
Mr. Wilkie
Mr. Wilkie Pred 13 dnevi
Hearing Sven try not to laugh at every little thing is the killer😂
Sermarfil Pred 13 dnevi
You have beautiful hair. You should grow it out
clickthecreeper Pred 13 dnevi
lets keep something in mind: this man is 26 years old
Pops Sqaut-O
Pops Sqaut-O Pred 13 dnevi
This has inspired Matt Foley written all over it, and I love it!!!
Aydo Mac
Aydo Mac Pred 15 dnevi
Sometimes I watch these videos to feel better about my life.
Baron Pred 16 dnevi
You may be laughing now, but wait till you realize Sven’s cut off chuckles are just canned laughter in disguise.
A_True_Generic_Gamer Pred 16 dnevi
I find it funny that he talks to the camera man, yet the camera man doesn't help him. He doesn't even think to ask him. I absolutely love gus and his humor
EpicLollipop Pred 16 dnevi
the laughing in the background makes it perfect
giorno Giovanna
giorno Giovanna Pred 17 dnevi
I like how he can make himself look any age so easily
Mobile_Bot Pred 17 dnevi
plan L
Michael Stanford
Michael Stanford Pred 17 dnevi
The other lad keeps cracking up.... Fkn funny....
fartyboots Pred 17 dnevi
the cameraman is having violent breathing spasms for chrissake
YeetusMcgeetus Pred 18 dnevi
Guys I know this sounds crazy but I think it might be HIS ROOF 😱
Sushi3k Pred 18 dnevi
joe mama!!!
Dr Cage
Dr Cage Pred 18 dnevi
Plz make more of these
Scott Bradford
Scott Bradford Pred 18 dnevi
Fucin "plan L"
JhongYT Pred 18 dnevi
Somehow, he climbed the roof with his mug and briefcase.
Jayden R.
Jayden R. Pred 19 dnevi
Asks out a girl and she smiles Me: 1:00
Not A Cheese Sandwich
Not A Cheese Sandwich Pred 20 dnevi
Nice roof, Gus.
Patrick Cahill
Patrick Cahill Pred 20 dnevi
2:50 me talking about my crush
knighthog 117
knighthog 117 Pred 21 dnevom
Its the KFC dude
xMag1c Pred 21 dnevom
that roof is bussin
Aaron ferguson
Aaron ferguson Pred 22 dnevi
Son finds dad just passed out on the roof him nope not today
Outdoor Boi
Outdoor Boi Pred 24 dnevi
dude your friend busting up was so good hahahah im surprised he was able to keep it in as much as he did
mags Pred 24 dnevi
"A guy's on the roof right about now!" omfg i love this
Victoria P
Victoria P Pred 24 dnevi
Officially my favorite skit lmao
CHA0T1CSP1D3R Pred 24 dnevi
each video the breifcase changes
Nert Pred 26 dnevi
Your roof
Ashley Templin
Ashley Templin Pred 27 dnevi
vizthex Pred 28 dnevi
damn, what'd my man Stu do that got his family to alienate him?
Thonking Thatcher
Thonking Thatcher Pred 28 dnevi
869, honestly i can't say anything about these people 69 noice
David Schrock
David Schrock Pred 29 dnevi
plan L for Loser
Abandoned Quiche
Abandoned Quiche Pred mesecem
2:50 me telling my family how social I am
Will Kill
Will Kill Pred mesecem
He looks like a knock off btk
Maanasa Miriyala
Maanasa Miriyala Pred mesecem
The lighting is everything
ye old duck
ye old duck Pred mesecem
I love how happy he is the whole time
Michael Berra
Michael Berra Pred mesecem
Is it just me or does he really look like Joshua Weissman at 4:20! 😂
waldogonsh Pred mesecem
Has no one commented on how the camera guy keeps snorting and then cutting to a new scene?
Noah Henninger
Noah Henninger Pred mesecem
i love the thick minnesota accent
Yegor Pred mesecem
I was breathing in and this whole video I was barely breathing and mostly laughing
CherryBacon Astro
CherryBacon Astro Pred mesecem
This John Guston guy is really funny!
INSERT NAME 101 Pred mesecem
teacher michelle
teacher michelle Pred mesecem
Dude Man
Dude Man Pred mesecem
I would love to know the inspiration for these skits
Izzze Sapphire
Izzze Sapphire Pred mesecem
I think he’s like a dad Michael scott😂
Jack Lehmkuhl
Jack Lehmkuhl Pred mesecem
The mosquito at @4:15 got me to rip my headphones off.
simplylogan93 Pred mesecem
2004 productions
2004 productions Pred mesecem
Primal Cat Chow commercial comes on screen while I wait for academy award winning SLpostr Gus Johnson to make his appearance. Little girl holds up bag of cat food in front of confused cat and tries to look cute. Pisses me off instead because I hate people. I hit"stop seeing this ad"button Google: why? Me: irrelevant. Google: why? Me: I don't have cats and I never will. I'm a dog person.
LifeAsHunter Pred mesecem
Plan L
Joe Campbell
Joe Campbell Pred mesecem
I’ve never seen someone nail “Midwestern dad” so perfectly… Not even an actual midwestern dad.
Ben Cedeño
Ben Cedeño Pred mesecem
its amazing how long the video feels compared to how long it actually is
A Jo
A Jo Pred mesecem
More of this character please!
Miguel de Clercq
Miguel de Clercq Pred mesecem
i came
MrLameJoke axb
MrLameJoke axb Pred mesecem
Why is this not an entire show.
Margaret Harris
Margaret Harris Pred mesecem
The melted bestseller subjectively examine because energy marginally stroke into a dull sock. poor, misty zephyr
Commando Elf
Commando Elf Pred mesecem
my wall
Dial Up Dave
Dial Up Dave Pred mesecem
passive agressive: the tutorial
Jason Jarod Coetzer
Jason Jarod Coetzer Pred mesecem
Why doesn't he ask the videographer for help?
Tyler Hankel
Tyler Hankel Pred mesecem
"well that ain't gonna marty mcfly" The best line
Spark :
Spark : Pred mesecem
I love how something accidentally happens and it just makes it a whole lot better
Smeely biscuit Studios
Smeely biscuit Studios Pred mesecem
Plot twist: he was robbing the house
Oliverandom Pred mesecem
autistic turtle
autistic turtle Pred mesecem
Your roof
LVBBoi Pred mesecem
2:45 I feel like was just as dangerous as it seemed.
Sub-Zero Pred mesecem
This is gonna Marty mcfly
Kenneth Lee
Kenneth Lee Pred mesecem
Revelatus Pred mesecem
The short tie, the white sneakers, and the camera guy laughing are what made this a masterpiece
Lee Gauntlett
Lee Gauntlett Pred mesecem
You look like Hbomberguy
Rita Rubary
Rita Rubary Pred mesecem
You remind me of that one guy I forgot existed
Rita Rubary
Rita Rubary Pred mesecem
You remind me of that one guy I forgot existed
Zakarias Hansen
Zakarias Hansen Pred mesecem
1:09 Plan L
SpookySpoon1235 Pred mesecem
Turns out he didn’t live there
Mudball Creative
Mudball Creative Pred mesecem
Is this a deleted scene from A Serious Man?
Flint Lockwood
Flint Lockwood Pred mesecem
I like how the character still acts calm through all of this and still acts chill even after the pool incident.
Teresa A Chahine
Teresa A Chahine Pred mesecem
I am nana from afar and if it would not I would love to find out where you live and kiss you have you loss your damn mind
Teresa A Chahine
Teresa A Chahine Pred mesecem
Now ignore and please my deepest apology for grandson who wrote that rude comment. Now allow me, what the hell is wrong with you? I was ready to take slipper and through it at my tv directly at you and you have no clue just how lucky you are to live so far. Shame on you and I feel bad for your poor mother and pray that your daddy didn’t teach you to act this way. You ruined my night with that disgrace of a video. Are seriously that bored and stinky? By the way I am from Detroit and we don’t have people like you out here. Oh and it’s not about this video once my silly grandson. It is about one of the most disturbing pictures I’ve seen in 85 years of a Desperate man showing his hair ass under arm and some pathetic spray. You need attention. Sign Nana
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