Film Theory: How Wonder Woman DOOMED Humanity! (Wonder Woman 1984)

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The highly anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 is FINALLY out! It's been too long since I had a new superhero movie to talk about, so I had to watch and see if anything stood out as theory worthy. Well, Theorists, Wonder Woman did it again - or rather she DIDN'T! The last time I talked about Wonder Woman, she'd failed us as a hero. Well, looks like she's up to her old habits again! Yep, Wonder Woman has failed us once again - and I'll tell you how!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Koen Verhagen, Forrest Lee, and Tyler Mascola
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Namialus137 Pred 8 dnevi
superhero: *exists* matpat: *i diagnose you with... failure*
JabirYT Pred dnevom
Namialus137 Pred 2 dnevi
69th reply
Some One
Some One Pred 3 dnevi
@Namialus137 yes
Namialus137 Pred 3 dnevi
@Some One - me??? edit: mega oof
Some One
Some One Pred 3 dnevi
you sound like my parents
larryparry 69
larryparry 69 Pred 13 minutami
Dam she failed as a movie and inside the movie dam
Cody Banks
Cody Banks Pred 13 minutami
Do A Theory on movie "MouseHunt".
Ahmed Sarkar
Ahmed Sarkar Pred 22 minutami
Don't write beyond your intelligence.
Hikoro Productions
Hikoro Productions Pred 42 minutami
Hey MatPat, first of all, I'm a big fan Second, Are you gonna do a theory 'bout WandaVision? I mean, that thing is practically asking for a theory at the old hello internet style
Aspelonkers Pred 53 minutami
Do a theory on Wanda vision I think It’s in twist plot you love
Jessica Popoff
Jessica Popoff Pred uro
hey, Mat I found a podcast that I think could have theory potential it's called welcome to night vale you can find it on spotify
Danna Jones
Danna Jones Pred uro
Please do a film theory on which Disney character, 22, from Soul became after going to earth. Would loveeeeee to see that
Charles Blair
Charles Blair Pred uro
this is a great movie it has a amazing deep message.
Darien Steven
Darien Steven Pred uro
Can you do a promised Neverland theory
Jack's Universe
Jack's Universe Pred uro
Yo do a battington theory
qubonic Pred 2 urami
Hey film theorists, you should do a theory of jon wick chapter 3, if Winston really betrayed him at the end or not.
Jackson Cooke
Jackson Cooke Pred 3 urami
Can you guys do a film theory on live die repeat: edge of tomorrow. I think it would be really interesting and there are a lot of loop holes in it.
7811sparky Pred 3 urami
She said she did not want to wear anything sexy for this movie, just sayin
kole Pellerito
kole Pellerito Pred 3 urami
Wesley Bryant
Wesley Bryant Pred 3 urami
I guess Dianna forgot about her invisible jet. It probebly would have been more believable because you couldnt see any fuel tanks so you could assume she had the extra fuel needed.
Tofu Bake & Game
Tofu Bake & Game Pred 4 urami
How much u guys wanna bet that if productions teams watch these videos they hate Matt for debunking the less technical stuff from movies
Ryan Hill
Ryan Hill Pred 4 urami
ANT Colony
ANT Colony Pred 4 urami
Oh no the math doesn't add up 😱 job well done. Great theory
Evan Roberts
Evan Roberts Pred 5 urami
The next channel will be book theory
sl33py music
sl33py music Pred 5 urami
Make Wandavision theory mat
Ivan Caravaca
Ivan Caravaca Pred 5 urami
2:51 That was the most BS part of the movie, like, he had a passport because of the way he was back, but instead of doing what was obvious (apart from not screwing with the body of someone who is being possessed by your loved one because you might cause that person trouble and is quite similar to screwing with someone unconscious, since they can't consent, and that's really creepy) and taking the other person's passport since the rest of the people were seeing the real person.
Arin Miller
Arin Miller Pred 5 urami
Can you PLEASE Do a video on Brian David Gilbert’s ARG! It’s really interesting
k 47
k 47 Pred 5 urami
Shazam Wonder Woman aqua man are both related 🤯but only this guy can explain it in theory 😎😝🥳🤩
Brooke Hayes
Brooke Hayes Pred 6 urami
Hey can you do it Theory on WandaVision plz like if you want him to do it plz
KeiHatsumeX 10
KeiHatsumeX 10 Pred 6 urami
MatPat here's a theory: Where natsu really draw his strength? Not the whole power of frienshship thing
PulpleishTriforce3000 Productiolns
PulpleishTriforce3000 Productiolns Pred 7 urami
Please matpat
PulpleishTriforce3000 Productiolns
PulpleishTriforce3000 Productiolns Pred 7 urami
Do don't hug me am scared
Hon Wan
Hon Wan Pred 7 urami
My kids quite watching after 45 min. I force myself to watch, bad decision... Sad.... bad movie.
jenp657ify Pred 7 urami
Why does wonder woman even need a plane
Rontom bear
Rontom bear Pred 7 urami
what lucids by nicholas podany please, it is soooooo good
michael clift
michael clift Pred 7 urami
You should find out why marge Simpsons hair is so tall
Ally Lewis
Ally Lewis Pred 8 urami
Please do a theory about Soujo Tsubaki it's an Anime movie that really weird and has a lot of theory possibilities (but if you do just know its messed up so I won't be mad if you don't watch it)
Davis Orton
Davis Orton Pred 9 urami
Hey mat I was just watching your Jurassic park videos, and I was wondering could you Combine a animal and a humans brain to make the animal smart.
Davis Orton
Davis Orton Pred 9 urami
Also if you can make a chicken have big wings and teeth could you do that with other animals, or Evan humans.
Silvia M
Silvia M Pred 9 urami
Love that the symbol for air is from avatar haha
Crazz Overdrive
Crazz Overdrive Pred 10 urami
Imw ating for a wandavision theory
Josh Harris
Josh Harris Pred 11 urami
connor Pred 11 urami
Do a nother poppy video it looks like poppy is try to break free pls it been so long
Vicki Graely
Vicki Graely Pred 11 urami
Hey matpat I think u should make a channel called book theory with a book and its blue like ur other logos I think it would be cool cus I've been enjoying food theory,game theory and film theory
Gaming And More
Gaming And More Pred 11 urami
Notification squad I am a part of but it but I never knew what it was
Prashanta Dhimal
Prashanta Dhimal Pred 12 urami
10:50 is that TOM SCOTT?
Konix Twenty
Konix Twenty Pred 12 urami
The funniest review I’ve ever heard about this incredibly idiotic and stupid movie. Good job and I look forward to more. Wonder Woman 3 I’m sure will not disappoint and will be just as dumb and we will get a great funny review from you.
Jerwas 170
Jerwas 170 Pred 12 urami
Can you make a theory about why Sans is in Coco?
Mr. yet animations
Mr. yet animations Pred 13 urami
Hey if you want you can make a theory on this animation I
Ulysses Cervantes
Ulysses Cervantes Pred 13 urami
What if they’re flying against the rotation of the earth? Won’t that make a huge difference
Kalvin C
Kalvin C Pred 13 urami
Please do “as the Gods will”
Cameron Hunt 35 (STUDENT)
Cameron Hunt 35 (STUDENT) Pred 13 urami
I would love to see some more anime theories on this channel!
Nunya Biness
Nunya Biness Pred 14 urami
You do realize this is a Wonder woman movie a movie about a goddess who fights a woman that turns into a cheetah and the main villain grants wishes...
T. Rizbone
T. Rizbone Pred 14 urami
A child that loves to play flight simulator video games would have a much better chance at flying that plane than Steve Trevor..
Pigwalker Productions
Pigwalker Productions Pred 14 urami
Movie wasnt that bad, i dont understand the hate
GregRyan Pred 14 urami
its just a massive oversight.
animatronic boss
animatronic boss Pred 15 urami
I 100% believe i found something you cant make any theory's of something so hard you will be stumped well maybe its hazbin hotel a (pilot) SLpost video by vizipop that soon will turn into a SLpost TV-like series that's based in heck it would work only for the film theory channel unless the fourth light in the theory circle is SLpost either way i challenge you to make a theory video based of hazbin hotel
IVANNA RICO Pred 15 urami
Wanda Vision episode plz
beh rui qian
beh rui qian Pred 15 urami
Film theorists take about mystey of the advemturs of thomas 🤔
Ray Rays crafts
Ray Rays crafts Pred 17 urami
Can you do soul it's on disney plus
Ray Rays crafts
Ray Rays crafts Pred 17 urami
Can you do over the moon it's on Netflix
CJ 2000
CJ 2000 Pred 17 urami
MatPat, If the fourth theory channel is going to be music theory, I have a suggestion for you, Why is Old Macdonald sung past tense with nothing ever mentioning what happened to his farm and the animals on it, “Old Macdonald HAD a farm EIEIO and on that farm he HAD a pig EIEIO” and I would like it if you gave me a shoutout if you ever make a music theory channel and put a video like my suggestion on that channel.
Gideo Vames
Gideo Vames Pred 17 urami
All good except the radar part. We have to assume that, since that ability is inherited from in-universe Zeus, it mirrors the ability to hide the Amazon island. So radar and other ways of detection cannot (within the universe's logic at least) simply bypass said cloak ability. Movie still sucked real bad but I had to say it.
YetAnotherYoutuber Pred 18 urami
Am I the only one who just noticed Max is the mandalorian ?
YetAnotherYoutuber Pred 18 urami
I want to be that flat earthed guy here. But Mat Pat, why are they not trying to fly in a straight line rather than a curved line ? You're welcome
Nick Leach
Nick Leach Pred 18 urami
He should do an adventure time theory on whether or not Finn is in a coma
Dodge Gaming
Dodge Gaming Pred 18 urami
i would love to see a film theory episode of steins gate
Elliot W
Elliot W Pred 18 urami
Why is this not part of Cinema Sins???? This is perfect for it! *ding*
That80sGuy1972 Pred 18 urami
Actually, despite your usual brilliance, the plane design is the only flaw I see. I can see her using her magic to make the plane invisible. Magical invisibility makes you invisible to any and all light, which would include radar... radio is a form of light and is a kissing-cousin to EMR. Wonder Woman is also able to fly. Her not knowing that yet could also be transitioned into bolstering her aircraft's flight capability.
Adam Kumalski1
Adam Kumalski1 Pred 19 urami
Make the Opal theory!
Tomislav Rendulic
Tomislav Rendulic Pred 20 urami
Hey matpat I yust wanted to say that the 2 more episodes for hiimmarymary came out so can you pls make a new theory?
Reuben Leonard
Reuben Leonard Pred 20 urami
hey everyone, i had an idea for something that film theory should cover. who is howtobasic
Nate Lou
Nate Lou Pred 20 urami
matpat you should look into disneys atlantis im sure that its full of theories
Michael Rother
Michael Rother Pred 21 uro
Hey man i wonder how Superman cann fly
GoldenTrashCan Pred 21 uro
Amilia DeNeko
Amilia DeNeko Pred 21 uro
Matpat, WondaVision, it’s definitely got something going on
Goodrich Gaditano
Goodrich Gaditano Pred 22 urami
Do some theory on soul 2020
ً Pred 22 urami
Other person's idea: How rich is Phineas and Ferb?
Mobile_Gamer_Dragon Pred 23 urami
Day 1 asking matpat to: make theory about “as the gods will”
SJjgaming Super
SJjgaming Super Pred 23 urami
Ok matpat might not even see this but when the fnaf movie comes out will it come out as a game theory or film theory
Vids With Kyle
Vids With Kyle Pred 23 urami
Vids With Kyle
Vids With Kyle Pred 23 urami
Matt can you do a theory on yugioh
That Guy YT
That Guy YT Pred dnevom
I just chose the latest video, but what happened to don't hug me, I'm scared.
That Guy YT
That Guy YT Pred 20 urami
I'm lonely
Jack Pred dnevom
She faild us.... again
Mike BC
Mike BC Pred dnevom
this channel needs some family guy theories
AdamShweet Pred dnevom
How is this a theory?
Rodex Pred dnevom
You should make a theory on Wanda Vision
Sons Of Arrow
Sons Of Arrow Pred dnevom
How Wonder Woman DOOMED Humanity: She got WOKE
Ca you make avideo about Ena by goel g
SleepyNova Pred dnevom
In reality I think it would be odd for visible wavelengths of light to be able to pass through and not radio waves. If so, that would disprove his theory.
kamila hdz
kamila hdz Pred dnevom
i need a wanda vision theory videooooo pleaseee
Guinea pig Gamer
Guinea pig Gamer Pred dnevom
You and SuperCarlinBrothers should collaborate
꧁the Queen Of wolves꧂
꧁the Queen Of wolves꧂ Pred dnevom
Can you make a video on if mr.poopybutthole from rick and morty is a parasite from that episode, I dont know the name or number but all I know is that it’s the “parasite episode”. My dad thinks that mr poopybutthole is a parasite but I disagree. Can you pleeeeease make a video on this so I can prove him wrong? Me and my dad love your channel and I would just love to be right. UwU
murder Pred dnevom
If you ever did a qna I'd like to ask, how much money do you spend making videos
Mystic Queen
Mystic Queen Pred dnevom
Matpat! You should do a Film Theory on Alice in Borderland.
SleepyNova Pred dnevom
Alice in borderland doesnt need a theory lol
Can you do the Nemo was never there Theory
Jdubshh Gaming
Jdubshh Gaming Pred dnevom
Hey @TheFilmTheorists I was wondering if you could crunch the numbers on the TOTAL AMOUNT OF PROPERTY DAMAGE for the battles in the MCU. I know that some 23 movies is a lot, so I’d be more expecting to see the big boys... all the avengers movies’ property damage total. It would be interesting to see the amount of both U.S. based damage as well as whatever other European and Global cost for the battles the avengers have fought. AND... could the stark relief foundation cover it all?
Chickengirl2442 Pred dnevom
You should do a theory about whether water effects a light-saber!!!!! Like if you agree!!!👍
SleepyNova Pred dnevom
it wouldnt effect a lightsaber much because photons pass through water and also its plasma so water would just make it stronger
Sugey Lara
Sugey Lara Pred dnevom
duuuuue theirs a simson perdition tomorrow
Jacob Curran
Jacob Curran Pred dnevom
3:57 seeing as they steal what looks to be a military jet, its motr likely they were in d.c. and taveled to the nearby andrews airforce base. This is where the president, vice president and many other high rabking officials fly into d.c. they also have military jets there, since its an airforce base.
Minecraft Mike
Minecraft Mike Pred dnevom
Did the movie say they flew there in one flight? Because there are ways to fly a plane with limited range across the Atlantic.
Minecraft Mike
Minecraft Mike Pred dnevom
Jet airplanes do not use pistons
SleepyNova Pred 48 minutami
@Minecraft Mike lol where did i mess up i just asked for a timestamp. thanks for the timestamp but i personally hate you
Minecraft Mike
Minecraft Mike Pred 4 urami
@SleepyNova I know what that. It is ok that you made a mistake. We all do, and there is no reason to go on making yourself look like a fool. Just drop it and admit that you messed up.
SleepyNova Pred 4 urami
@Minecraft Mike dude go to
Minecraft Mike
Minecraft Mike Pred 5 urami
@SleepyNova I don’t get what your point is. I know I probably don’t look like it but I am actually quite knowledgeable on airplane engines. Also I told you I don’t want to make a fool out of you but you kept going. There is no reason to be mad at me just because you were wrong. We all make mistakes I forgive you.
SleepyNova Pred 6 urami
@Minecraft Mike r/iamverysmart
zane jones
zane jones Pred dnevom
do a theory on the lorax it a weird show
SleepyNova Pred dnevom
he has one
Elizabeth Nguyen
Elizabeth Nguyen Pred dnevom
Go check out the grub hub memes
FBI Pred dnevom
Kristen Wiig ruined the pelicula.
RxLsnipeZ Pred dnevom
DO THE MOVIE GREENLAND!!!! It's a disaster movie
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