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A BRAND NEW segment + Get Crafty, Wheel Unfortunate & Top 10.. another amazing OT!
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Behind the Scenes, Bloopers, Deleted Scenes.. plus so much more!
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Intro (0:00)
Get Crafty (0:44)
Name This Win That (7:09)
Wheel Unfortunate (13:53)
Top 10 (20:36)
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Philippe Lagacé-Wiens
Philippe Lagacé-Wiens Pred uro
When does anyone approve of ty's top 10
Philippe Lagacé-Wiens
Philippe Lagacé-Wiens Pred uro
Cody: I dont know why anyone watches this show Me: because we like your suffering
VyomC Pred uro
crime reported! 23:55
Sebastian Tempeny
Sebastian Tempeny Pred uro
I want to see another smelling bee Segment
Dylan D
Dylan D Pred uro
Soumya Shivkumar
Soumya Shivkumar Pred 7 urami
👌👌👌 Very Nice 👌👍
Sakshyam Pradhan
Sakshyam Pradhan Pred 11 urami
Cory's unfortunate
Mahabujul Hoque
Mahabujul Hoque Pred 11 urami
OK I know your name 30 and lobster in this video
Mahabujul Hoque
Mahabujul Hoque Pred 11 urami
That was the wrong that’s wrong don’t read this
Daxcicerelli Apex
Daxcicerelli Apex Pred 11 urami
The best cereal in the world is for sure captain crunch
Elusive Honey
Elusive Honey Pred 11 urami
18:38 anikan: nooo Edit: I am not sure who's gonna get this
juaneo garcia
juaneo garcia Pred 14 urami
Shade Linc
Shade Linc Pred 15 urami
15:41 me after Taco Bell
B Moka
B Moka Pred 16 urami
Two words chocolate chex
ThatWeirdoRani Pred 16 urami
No cool not cool :C
Miles Bowman
Miles Bowman Pred 16 urami
Jerry looks like Dr. Disrespect
Kind Caceres
Kind Caceres Pred 16 urami
There is not cool not cool😡😡😡🤬
Khoo Cheng Guat
Khoo Cheng Guat Pred 16 urami
I know crash bandicoot by playing skylander imaginators
Vincent Sacco
Vincent Sacco Pred 16 urami
I still can’t believe that Cody has only been picked once
JT INVICTUS Pred 17 urami
Tyler must stay as top 10
merdocdavis Pred 17 urami
Team Cory all the way
Woodster 605
Woodster 605 Pred 18 urami
Frosties, Cheerios and Cookie crisp are the only ones I’ve had on this list
YourAverageChip _
YourAverageChip _ Pred 18 urami
Ive never had reeses puffs
Arran Scaranari-Methven
Arran Scaranari-Methven Pred 20 urami
They don't do the chair spin in he intro anymore
tehila sabag
tehila sabag Pred 20 urami
How dare you
Jed Clarke
Jed Clarke Pred 21 uro
the judging of the paintings is so far wrong
joharah Alhussaini
joharah Alhussaini Pred 21 uro
I play it
joharah Alhussaini
joharah Alhussaini Pred 21 uro
Crash bandicoot
Jotham Deslandes
Jotham Deslandes Pred 23 urami
Tyler's face is SO red at 15:48
Liam Haffey
Liam Haffey Pred dnevom
Sparky is horrible at judging
Janice Pagsuyuin
Janice Pagsuyuin Pred dnevom
Love you Cory, your the best
Albert Chang
Albert Chang Pred dnevom
The messiest segment is not get crafty, it’s top 10
hadi elzein
hadi elzein Pred dnevom
I think the first cereal should be Oreo cereal
Trippie Free
Trippie Free Pred dnevom
Garret should’ve won so easily
L&M Toones
L&M Toones Pred dnevom
I do garret
L&M Toones
L&M Toones Pred dnevom
Garret candy
TJ Oetrosky
TJ Oetrosky Pred dnevom
Make a cake what’s a called
Gamer god
Gamer god Pred dnevom
Ry Che
Ry Che Pred dnevom
The boring drake obviously trust because wedge kelly battle around a feeble feigned stomach. fluttering, tacky calf
ninjaghop YT
ninjaghop YT Pred dnevom
irakli gaming
irakli gaming Pred dnevom
17:28 why does he sound so much like dr disrespect 😂😂😂
Bradyn M
Bradyn M Pred dnevom
Im very sad that the OG... Cheerios, Were not on the list
Marley Sadler
Marley Sadler Pred dnevom
Sparky is a horrible judge...
Brobrox Games
Brobrox Games Pred dnevom
23:56 best part ever 😂
DannyTheFrostyDragon Pred dnevom
where is the scene that my Froots Loops being Puffs
SadDetective Pred dnevom
Can we talk about how fruit loops easing on there
Aahil alam
Aahil alam Pred dnevom
I till can't belive that sparks gave coby the 4th place.
Lucas Hutchens
Lucas Hutchens Pred dnevom
Jerry kinda sucks.
Master SEB
Master SEB Pred dnevom
2:17 what in the world is that sound?
Shea HW
Shea HW Pred dnevom
Everyone when Cory picks himself : yayyyyyyy! Woooooo! I don't know how to react 😳
rzr_ beastmode
rzr_ beastmode Pred dnevom
they forgot that cory was spinning the wheel anyway sense he yeeted the mic last video and they counted that as a noise
ItsMrfishy Pred dnevom
At 19:30 there is a word written on the table
Beans1 gg
Beans1 gg Pred dnevom
David Demello
David Demello Pred dnevom
The part when Tyler slipped on the rug and fell I was crying laughing
Phoenix967 Pred dnevom
I think Krave tastes nice
Ryan Carney
Ryan Carney Pred dnevom
how do you throw away honeycomb😭😭😭
michelle valentin
michelle valentin Pred dnevom
The juvenile sousaphone superiorly include because reason unfortunately preserve atop a noisy energy. delirious, thoughtless stranger
Aaliya Ahsan
Aaliya Ahsan Pred dnevom
Its a bandicot.
Jordyn Floyd
Jordyn Floyd Pred dnevom
Poor Cory I feel bad for him
Chris CISV GERMANY Pred dnevom
Tyler was not suppose to do the top 10🙁
Clément Payette
Clément Payette Pred dnevom
can we have garrett's opinion
Goblin Shark
Goblin Shark Pred dnevom
Ur bad ty
Events Sebber
Events Sebber Pred dnevom
Bring back Ned
tj _
tj _ Pred dnevom
Caleb Coates
Caleb Coates Pred 2 dnevi
Cody is so annoying in all top 10s
Caleb Coates
Caleb Coates Pred 2 dnevi
dude i like sparky but coby 100 % should have won
FIN2703 Pred 2 dnevi
I like how the sidemen got a million likes on a mukbang but Dude Perfect couldn’t even get a million even tho I’m fan of both I’m just saying.
Rasal Hewage
Rasal Hewage Pred 2 dnevi
I hit my like with the failed kick of tyler where he hit his back🤣🤣🤣🤣
Contrariar ps
Contrariar ps Pred 2 dnevi
Cory was just asking for it wearing that shirt
Magicblood The Hedghog
Magicblood The Hedghog Pred 2 dnevi
im confused about wheel unfortunte due to wheres ned like he says hes the golden boy
Barley 2_ BrawlStars
Barley 2_ BrawlStars Pred 2 dnevi
18:15 Cory did not fake the expression in the punishment
ItzMint Pred 2 dnevi
Hello DP Editors :)
GalaxyGaming Pred 2 dnevi
Cory 2nd fr
Tannah Richens
Tannah Richens Pred 2 dnevi
Beau Griffin
Beau Griffin Pred 2 dnevi
Where is the coco pops
Matthew K. Matthews
Matthew K. Matthews Pred 2 dnevi
Mom can we go to the beach? But we already have a beach at home The beach at home : 18:55
Jeremiah Rummerfield
Jeremiah Rummerfield Pred 2 dnevi
28:20 Coby: " I didn't know that!" Coby less than a second later: "It is called 'Dude Perfect Plus."
عباس معروف
عباس معروف Pred 2 dnevi
جم من زال
Fawn Bear
Fawn Bear Pred 2 dnevi
I agree with Cody get someone else to do top 10
Samurai Pred 2 dnevi
I hate resses puffs bc I hate peanuts butter and I’m allergic to peanuts
Dominic Cognetta
Dominic Cognetta Pred 2 dnevi
Do it for you Cody we’re gonna take this journey with you
Victor Chen
Victor Chen Pred 2 dnevi
If my kid asked what’s karma? I’d show them this The video should be called “the cereal strikes back 21:06
Jack OBrien
Jack OBrien Pred 2 dnevi
I love how ty says are we still gonna play cod later a the end of get crafty
King D
King D Pred 2 dnevi
Number 4 sucks so much
Wil G
Wil G Pred 2 dnevi
Ngl Cody’s painting was awesome
KingJake2511 Pred 2 dnevi
That DP logo painting should have won and everyone knows it
Alexander Younk
Alexander Younk Pred 12 urami
Cory's painting should not have placed so high.
Kaden Johnson
Kaden Johnson Pred 17 urami
Bill Coward
Bill Coward Pred dnevom
@SShined yeah
Aiden Berridge
Aiden Berridge Pred dnevom
Thank you
Cøre LVL
Cøre LVL Pred dnevom
35 likes more like 1 mill likes for this comment
Bradley Mohammed
Bradley Mohammed Pred 2 dnevi
When ty was kicking nothing on the floor he looked like my 5 year old cousin when he was told no eating dog food
Rachel McCausland
Rachel McCausland Pred 2 dnevi
May I just say the edits for wheel unfortunate are freakin amazing 😂😂
PaulOfDuty Pred 2 dnevi
Firoza Shakhizada
Firoza Shakhizada Pred 2 dnevi
From coby is the best
FireHawkGamer Pred 2 dnevi
Team Cory
Ryan Jin
Ryan Jin Pred 2 dnevi
Say rip for crash bandicoot
Lum1et Pred 2 dnevi
26:19 true the best there is no beating the mighty CTC
Grass_hopper 1213
Grass_hopper 1213 Pred 2 dnevi
Dream in his most recent manhunt 15:41
William Pergerson
William Pergerson Pred 3 dnevi
poor Cory ;)
Hithendra Oruganti
Hithendra Oruganti Pred 3 dnevi
Fire sparky
Kartik Pred 3 dnevi
I did not watch this video because there is no cool not cool
Sebastian Sepulveda
Sebastian Sepulveda Pred 3 dnevi
Tyler: This person is safe *Checks paper* Tyler: Coby cot- COby: LETS- *yeets mic* LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
DS07_ Pred 3 dnevi
Arnajit Singha Roy
Arnajit Singha Roy Pred 3 dnevi
The get crafty segment should be permanent as because its the best segment according to me.....
Kaizu Pred 3 dnevi
15:41 Super Saiyan Cody