Customizing Many Shoes.

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Hey Guys! Today I am going to be painting and customizing multiple pairs of some plain white vans. Shoes are such a fun item to paint, and I have so many ideas for ways to decorate these. I hope I give you some inspiration for a fun painting project! I love making custom shoes because you can really put your own style on them and make them personal to you (even if you never actually wear them lol). This is always such a cool, creative and easy activity to do if you're bored or need to get over artist's block. You can even use this technique to up cycle some old shoes!
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piccolo arcobaleno
piccolo arcobaleno Pred 20 minutami
Paint on the paint brush
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Pred uro
Who else couldn't get the rubix cube?
Maddy Claire
Maddy Claire Pred uro
The color block shoes are so simple and cute I would bye them 100%
hatice bolat
hatice bolat Pred uro
Girl you make me laugh and I'm talking about moriah
Wings of fire god UwU
Wings of fire god UwU Pred 2 urami
I like bread comment if you do to I wanna talk bread
Lillian Larson
Lillian Larson Pred 4 urami
can you pleeeeeeeeease do another of this video i loved it
25Paige Anderson
25Paige Anderson Pred 9 urami
next time you do this you should do muppets
Fortnite Potato
Fortnite Potato Pred 9 urami
Maybe for the last shoe you can do pickle the dinosaur and cousin Derp 😂
Tia's Channel
Tia's Channel Pred 12 urami
Which editing software do you use
nidhi Pred 17 urami
Cryptic Moon
Cryptic Moon Pred 18 urami
I think you would have liked the strawberry shoes a little better if what maybe used a deeper magenta or a reddish pink.
Children Of Jesus-
Children Of Jesus- Pred 20 urami
To me Mariah seems supportive of the LGBTQ+ and if she is then ❤❤❤❤ if not... she's still gunna be someone I watch bc she's inspired me alot!!♡♡
Finn Fejer
Finn Fejer Pred 22 urami
I really want her to make cat or dog clothes with her designs on it please copy and paste so she can see thanks🌈🙂
Grace Pred 23 urami
scalps scare me and are gross. especially when people tell me they don’t wash their hair everyday 😬
Just Another Comment
Just Another Comment Pred dnevom
aAa the day and night ones are so pretty!! :0
alicia macnair
alicia macnair Pred dnevom
why does the strawberry shoes look like a pink kermit the frog
himesh dave
himesh dave Pred dnevom
Ok guys ! We need to remind Moriah of her annual seashell painting video . Pls copy and paste . But don't copy and paste too much . We don't want to force her
Smith, Emma 27
Smith, Emma 27 Pred dnevom
My fav is the Color block ŚHŌĒ
Claire Williams
Claire Williams Pred dnevom
Did you know that the sun 🌞 lights up the moon 🌘 the moon is not actually bright
Claire Williams
Claire Williams Pred dnevom
do more Squishie makeovers
fasih sultan
fasih sultan Pred dnevom
Moriah: I don't have shoes for my today's out ''after 5 minutes of thinking'' Moriah: let's paint one
Jessie _Xxx
Jessie _Xxx Pred dnevom
Why don’t you paint the Mona lisa or draw her
Autumn rose
Autumn rose Pred dnevom
You should do a pear of fire shoes and when there done you could play this girl is on fire and go 3 the part were it says she's walking on fire 😂🥰💛
Ardjan Kolster
Ardjan Kolster Pred 2 dnevi
Can you pleaaase paint your floor
Sydney Kuehl
Sydney Kuehl Pred 2 dnevi
Love Moriah's videos!
Jessica Velasquez
Jessica Velasquez Pred 2 dnevi
I would buy the shoes you paint lol
Just Some Dude
Just Some Dude Pred 2 dnevi
She's so pretty in that hairstyle and clothes omg❤
Olivia Wilhelmy
Olivia Wilhelmy Pred 2 dnevi
Moriah should totally do a drawing tutorial!! Like if yes
cookies and creme :DD
cookies and creme :DD Pred 2 dnevi
i never knew her name was pronounced like muh rye yuh until i saw her this is my channel vid description lol
Minnie Nolan
Minnie Nolan Pred 2 dnevi
One sole is all taped up sounds so wrong
Emily Swiftwater
Emily Swiftwater Pred 2 dnevi
who else couldn't get over that moon?
XxXLunaHowlXxX Pred 2 dnevi
There is a seller on Amazon who is selling Moriah’s squishy designs, Merch, without giving her any credit. This isn’t fair, Moriah works so hard on all of her squishes and merch. Let’s try to get Moriah to see this. Thank you! (all credit goes to the original commenter charity Clark)
BoomerAang_ Gaang
BoomerAang_ Gaang Pred 2 dnevi
Does Moriah Elizabeth have an addiction to ruining perfectly good things? Or is it just a hobby? Her art is so generic, and she’s over here all “i lOvE HoW oRiGinAL aNd UniKe tHiS iS!! nOtHinG iS liKe tHiS iN tHe wOrLd” She’s constantly fishing for compliments saying she’s so bad at art, but then turning around and saying crap like “OMG I’m soooooo happy with the end result, this is totally practical” and then the next time, she admits her shoes are actually a total waste of time, and resources. You are so wasteful, and for what? Some lame rainbow art that no one wants accept for a 25 year old that acts like a 5 year old? It’s absolutely insane. I can’t believe someone like you exists, but I hope some day you have an epiphany, and realize your wasting your time, money, and need to actually do something productive with your life instead of sitting behind a camera for hours drawing ugly tacky things non stop. It’s not healthy, you need to get yourself a life.
JoyceAFK Pred dnevom
It's ok if you dont like it, but she likes what she is doing and that's fine. And you have your own opinion, that's 100000% fine if you have an opinion
Ashley Conor
Ashley Conor Pred 2 dnevi
What’s the clear coat you used?
Citrus Strawberry
Citrus Strawberry Pred 2 dnevi
here's an idea paint on paint bottles!!!! (Copy and paste to make it happen)
Katrina Hodges
Katrina Hodges Pred 2 dnevi
Love this video. You do so good with shading. You should have put some red shading or started with red and put pink shading on those strawberry shoes. But other than that I love your creative brain. Very happy. Keep it up. God Bless. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜💖
Chaitanya Saxena
Chaitanya Saxena Pred 3 dnevi
Moriah: Day and Night Me: Celestia and Luna. Yay Celestia: she drew my sun first Luna: should I banish you to it Twilight: I raise the sun and the moon now 🤣
Manashi Kagyung
Manashi Kagyung Pred 3 dnevi
Can you paint on CD pls
Savannah Rain
Savannah Rain Pred 3 dnevi
Today she is very much serving us some casual Jojo siwa realness with the fit
melissa rogghe
melissa rogghe Pred 4 dnevi
you should do stikers
frog Pred 4 dnevi
can you customize demonia creepers
Natalie Karen
Natalie Karen Pred 4 dnevi
There is a seller on Amazon selling Moriah’s design, and merch, without giving her credit. This isn’t fair, Moriah works so hard on all of her squishes and merch. Let’s try and get Moriah to see this comment. Please help! Thank you. “(All credit goes to Victoria K, the original commenter.)
Nichole Shaffer
Nichole Shaffer Pred 4 dnevi
You should do pickles and cousin derb on the other pair that'd be so cool
Craig Watson
Craig Watson Pred 4 dnevi
U are horiable
BoomerAang_ Gaang
BoomerAang_ Gaang Pred 2 dnevi
So tru! Seems like everyone thinks she’s a drawing god, but then need to open their frickin eyes and see what a train wreck this channel is.
Hadley Hope
Hadley Hope Pred 2 dnevi
Komal Sharma
Komal Sharma Pred 4 dnevi
Moon and sun shoe cool
art and crafts by bani
art and crafts by bani Pred 4 dnevi
I love sneakers 👟😍
Kendall pope
Kendall pope Pred 4 dnevi
High top Van's next???
Jada Mejia
Jada Mejia Pred 4 dnevi
That was dark blue in the start!! ( Of the night Shoe)
Halie Donegan
Halie Donegan Pred 4 dnevi
I feel like you would have liked the strawberry pair better if you did a redder color
Bronwyn Bowling
Bronwyn Bowling Pred 5 dnevi
You could wear those shoes. If u wore a more calm outfit, it would look really fun and cool. Also, toothpaste is really good for cleaning shoes. Just wanted to let u know😂✌🏻
A Gaming
A Gaming Pred 5 dnevi
Can I buy that car bord plz I’ll do 100£ for ya
Chelsea Dow
Chelsea Dow Pred 5 dnevi
Her: I feel like I’m painting a classroom wall Me: CAN YOU PAINT MY CLASSROOM WALL TO MAKE IT LOOK CoOl
Fandom-Lover Pred 5 dnevi
**sniff** wish I could draw a circle......😢 Also *we don't do "simple" on this channel*
pixel art!
pixel art! Pred 5 dnevi
why are you taping the soul!? do you not want it to feel anything???
Emily Rose
Emily Rose Pred 5 dnevi
I would buy the HECK out of those night and day shoes!!!!!😍😍😍😍
Elyse Johnson
Elyse Johnson Pred 5 dnevi
The strawberry shoes look like crocs 😂
MayaPlaysRoblox Official
MayaPlaysRoblox Official Pred 5 dnevi
She drinks from a boring hydro flask when she has two amazing ones sitting on the table..... Like if u want her to use her hydro flasks | |
Keira Southwell
Keira Southwell Pred 5 dnevi
Moriah you should sell white squishy that look like some of your character so people could paint them there self that would be really cute if you did thank you.
Fabby aldib
Fabby aldib Pred 5 dnevi
I saw your tiktok about this
oksana Pred 5 dnevi
Anyone else wanna see her paint an entire card set? It could be like a series and eventually, she’ll hand a whole deck!! Copy so Moriah can see but try to be careful we don’t wanna force her! :)🌈 (credit to the original commenter)
Helen J0352
Helen J0352 Pred 6 dnevi
Guys! We need to remind Moriah to do her annual Q&A video. Copy and paste if you agree!
Cherish Villarrial
Cherish Villarrial Pred 6 dnevi
Why didn't you fix the rainbow problem on the side
laci wells
laci wells Pred 6 dnevi
~TIME STAMPS~ ⛸ First Shoe Makeover: 1:42 ⛸ Second Shoe Makeover: 9:08 ⛸ Third Shoe Makeover: 12:02
Krafty Katz
Krafty Katz Pred 6 dnevi
Woah i thought she was gonna do one strawberry and one watermelon pair
Krafty Katz
Krafty Katz Pred 6 dnevi
Who wants Moriah to paint on pens/pencils/marker (idk how it'll turn out...just an idea)
Amaris James Luna
Amaris James Luna Pred 6 dnevi
Can we take a moment to appreciate her art skills
Elise Hagglund
Elise Hagglund Pred 6 dnevi
I love the strawberry shoes
Chavala Augustine
Chavala Augustine Pred 6 dnevi
you should do a Disney shoe or something else XD
Clara Hager
Clara Hager Pred 6 dnevi
You should do resin and do more craft kits and been watching your videos sent sense
Bea Tendero
Bea Tendero Pred 6 dnevi
And you are my idol
Bea Tendero
Bea Tendero Pred 6 dnevi
Your my biggest fan
Emilia Rogers
Emilia Rogers Pred 6 dnevi
You should make a raspberry and blackberry shoes WITH FACES. P.s I mean Kawaii
Emily Amos
Emily Amos Pred 6 dnevi
Ok,NOT trying to sound mean but why did you paint the vans logo ??? PLZ tell me
Natali Bonilla
Natali Bonilla Pred 7 dnevi
make the brother of the dragon with butterfly wings with the squishy you got that is a dragon sorry if you dont understand
Kitkatkaty Pred 7 dnevi
Their is a seller on Amazon selling Moriahs merch and squishy designs! This isn’t right, so let’s copy this message all over the comments so Moriah sees it. Thx to anyone who does!!
russnal Pred 7 dnevi
By the way I recently bought a pair of vans and the tag is actually a sticker so next time you buy vans don’t throw away the red tag.
Hiba Qamar
Hiba Qamar Pred 7 dnevi
guys! We need to remind Moriah to do her annual painting seashells video. Copy and paste to remind her! But don’t copy and paste too much because we don’t want to force her
s u n n y
s u n n y Pred 7 dnevi
Moriah, It’d be cool to see you paint on some different shoes sometime! Like maybe Air Force Ones or something :)
Kaydence Burke
Kaydence Burke Pred 7 dnevi
Idk why but the second pair kinda gave me simpsons vibes idk
Eugenia Botnari
Eugenia Botnari Pred 7 dnevi
I like all 💝💝
JEET SARKAR Pred 7 dnevi
i want a pikle dino plush toy
JEET SARKAR Pred 7 dnevi
please Moriah
Selma Hodzic
Selma Hodzic Pred 7 dnevi
You can maybe paint on rocks 🪨 I do it 2 it’s fun 🤩 yeah..
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 7 dnevi
wanna force her! :)🌈
Laila Robinson
Laila Robinson Pred 7 dnevi
You could have done watermelon and made the rim the skin of the water Mellon
Moo_ Boo
Moo_ Boo Pred 7 dnevi
I think Moriah looks like a early 2000 kids or something with the side ponytail and pink onsie honestly ✨slay✨
Lanae Babs
Lanae Babs Pred 8 dnevi
I think the strawberry ones looked a lil more watermelon with the pink background. They're still adorable but maybe that was part of what felt off. (Also...I now feel the need to paint a pair of shoes, this looked like so much fun!)
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Pred 7 dnevi
the day and night shoes are awesome 👌
Sugar Cookie
Sugar Cookie Pred 8 dnevi
I have an idea for you to do some shoes, mAtH shoes. One side just symbols and the other side numbers? I think that might be boring but I know you and you’ll have IDEAS to spice it up. Make this a comment bomb.
Charis Balman
Charis Balman Pred 8 dnevi
Charis Balman
Charis Balman Pred 8 dnevi
My grammer I forgot words
Doug Lista
Doug Lista Pred 8 dnevi
Charis Balman
Charis Balman Pred 8 dnevi
I just died
Doug Lista
Doug Lista Pred 8 dnevi
Ok, guys! We need to remind Motivation do her annual painting seashells video.Copy and paste to remind her! But don't do to much we don't want to force her
Makayla Revange
Makayla Revange Pred 8 dnevi
The first shoe looks like rainbow dash from my little pony
Lollo Wowwo
Lollo Wowwo Pred 8 dnevi
“And I’m gonna go for a dip of green, because I am doing a strawberry theme” rhyming again right? Kind of
Ashley Q
Ashley Q Pred 8 dnevi
Sunshine on a cloudy day when it’s cold outside you are my month of May by but you say what can make you feel this way my girl or early May
Laura Harvey
Laura Harvey Pred 8 dnevi
Moraih, you need to customize your dotting tools!!Please do this!!!PLEASE!!!!!PPPPLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
valquackity :]
valquackity :] Pred 8 dnevi
Cool Zati
Cool Zati Pred 8 dnevi
Hi! I'm a subscriber, I paint too but on canvases and I'm a kid I love ur style! Why are urs very nice but mine is just, :{}
Francesca Carmen Bagnes
Francesca Carmen Bagnes Pred 8 dnevi
The strawberry shoes might’ve looked nicer if they were red
SharkLover Pred 8 dnevi
Vans....are your bank account
epifny9614 Pred 8 dnevi
the day and night shoes are awesome 👌
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