COUPLE'S CRINGE: tattoo show

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Cody Ko

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tattoo has "too" in it that's why its called that haha
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Andrea Pred 7 urami
Especially with how much black was used. That's gonna be a horrible thing to cover up
Jennifer Mukui
Jennifer Mukui Pred 13 urami
Healthy couple reacts to toxic couples
Stalin's Moustache
Stalin's Moustache Pred 2 dnevi
Swastika right on the booty cheek
4CornersTV Pred 2 dnevi
bringing a relationship out onto twitter is pretty toxic in a relationship in itself, but in no way should there be a permanent tattoo on your gf's right shoulder because of that ffs
Amy Trieger
Amy Trieger Pred 2 dnevi
The fact that the host wouldn’t even face Stephan when talking to him just adds an extra layer of discomfort
circuswannabe Pred 4 dnevi
He’s terrible 😭
carlee elizabeth
carlee elizabeth Pred 4 dnevi
i wish they'd gone with the uk name of this show (just tattoo of us).
trinity eells
trinity eells Pred 5 dnevi
Facts no printer
Colin Ryan
Colin Ryan Pred 6 dnevi
cody and kelsey smashed right after ending this video
angy loli
angy loli Pred 6 dnevi
I honestly hope that my future relationship will be just like Cody’s and Kelsey’s. They both just fit each other so perfectly💕
Brandon Pred 6 dnevi
Kody looks like Jason Sudeikis
Berend Brokkenpap
Berend Brokkenpap Pred 7 dnevi
I actually really like the assface tattoo
Ivebeeenthinkntomuch :l
Ivebeeenthinkntomuch :l Pred 8 dnevi
it’s cannot be real. i’m consoling myself in the fact that it’s weird that the tattoos are completely healed. it’s 100% not real. it’s not real it’s not real it’s not real it’s not real it’s not real
ZZZ Pred 9 dnevi
When Cody still had short hair
Jeello Pred 10 dnevi
Is it me or does Kelsey have a drink in every video
None of your Business
None of your Business Pred 10 dnevi
Seems real from the scarring inside the tattoo from the healing process, but these are healed tattoos not fresh otherwise they'd need to wipe them constantly from bleeding and plasma leaking. EDIT: Essentially, did the tatts, probably knowing what they would be cause this is a TV show, came back on after healing and act surprised. At least I believe the first one is real, again from scarring in the stephen letters but not so sure from the girl. No scarring visible and conveniently had a "cover up" tattoo after probably just did a fake for publicity and then had a real one for x reason there as if it was to cover it.
Griffin Pred 10 dnevi
bro that dude is the definition of gaslighting
Dylan Pred 10 dnevi
watching this in 2021 im like "damn cody actually had a nice haircut"
Headmelter on Instagram
Headmelter on Instagram Pred 10 dnevi
Kody : “smoking is not cool kids!” Me, looking up from rolling a joint : 👁👄👁
Walter Pred 10 dnevi
I’m feeling better thanks for asking
bhuven Pred 11 dnevi
i think they went tattoo near
Im Not
Im Not Pred 12 dnevi
It's real
Joey's third chin
Joey's third chin Pred 12 dnevi
Corey B
Corey B Pred 13 dnevi
Jokes on him. He has to look at that every time they do doggy.
Sir Loin
Sir Loin Pred 13 dnevi
They are real you tards, you can tell just by looking at the skin afterwards
Sir Loin
Sir Loin Pred 13 dnevi
Your girl is so sexy, I’ve watched all of your videos with her in them just cause she’s hot.
Ewia Pred 15 dnevi
800 dislikes and like 270k likes wtf
Tyler Boisvert
Tyler Boisvert Pred 17 dnevi
This man really just had "you dumped" tattooed on his gf permanently and then hits her with the "it's jsut a prank bro" I hope she beat's the fuck out of him
Eishita Misra
Eishita Misra Pred 18 dnevi
@0:53 awwww
Ben Smith
Ben Smith Pred 18 dnevi
The boyfriend looks like a cross between NBA Youngboy and NLE Choppa
Alex Duffus
Alex Duffus Pred 18 dnevi
Their personalities are so perfect that they seem more like siblings
Nethaby Pred 19 dnevi
the tattoo she got to cover it up is super bad as well though 😭😂
Kathi Pred 20 dnevi
Where did they found those „tattoo artists”? The quality🙈
Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee Pred 20 dnevi
9:18 it annoys me that the triangle is upside down
SpoinkySSS Pred 21 dnevom
This reminds me of when sal vulcano got 2 tattoos of jaiden smith
Gray Lee
Gray Lee Pred 21 dnevom
Kelsey kinda looks like they have tiny hand toys on because of the way the sweater fits. It added another level of funny for me.
Precious Pomerleau
Precious Pomerleau Pred 21 dnevom
The coverup was so bad 😬😬
Mr Waffle
Mr Waffle Pred 21 dnevom
Cody and Kelsey are made for each other literally!
DylxnTN Pred 23 dnevi
girl who got tattooed on: got a huge toilet as her tattoo me: tattoo far sounds like tad too far, woaah
BlueColeman Pred 23 dnevi
Bruh 😂😂😂😂
Rachell Tone
Rachell Tone Pred 24 dnevi
Here is an idea for a that's cringe episode; cody co and his girlfriend. Seriously, dude we get it, she wants to be included. Bottom line, she is just not funny.
Hi my name is MoranN
Hi my name is MoranN Pred 24 dnevi
I don’t think it was a prank lol 😂 He probably just said that to make her stop crying
Rob Staelens
Rob Staelens Pred 25 dnevi
"I vaporize".
Abigail Bordelon
Abigail Bordelon Pred 25 dnevi
That man is now a player in the NFL...
cigarette Pred 26 dnevi
i used to watched this with my friemd late at night 😭😭😭 so bad
Amina Mohamad
Amina Mohamad Pred 26 dnevi
You should prank kelseyyyy
Mohammed Yussuf
Mohammed Yussuf Pred 26 dnevi
We need more of this
dumbg1rlm3gan Pred 27 dnevi
just got an ad about something that supposedly helps you grow bigger balls
Quinn Smythe
Quinn Smythe Pred 28 dnevi
my mom has the same cup as kelsey.
haley !!!!!!!!!!
haley !!!!!!!!!! Pred 28 dnevi
Back when Cody cared about his weave
Avenue Pred 28 dnevi
Let’s hope we get more than just two videos on this ahah
Marcus Pred mesecem
U guys definitely banged after this episode
Billy Cringe
Billy Cringe Pred mesecem
The tats are real
Courtney -
Courtney - Pred mesecem
The second video is linked in its own description. I think he meant to link it here lol
Samuel Davies
Samuel Davies Pred mesecem
Cody is so old he says ‘pale of water’ instead of bucket of water
Raiz Pred 20 dnevi
Isn't it pail?
justine Pred mesecem
i’ve come to love kelsey
Lolita Pred mesecem
im sorry to say this its real lol
Diana Verni
Diana Verni Pred mesecem
He went way tattoo far, she gave him a funny tattoo that wasn’t too bad in general. A prank is that you can erase it afterwards and it’s not real, wtf is his thought process through any of this? 😆😆😆😆
Miss Music
Miss Music Pred mesecem
This "prank" made me lose hope in human decency
Redford Nations
Redford Nations Pred mesecem
You guys are so cute together
Arm Strong
Arm Strong Pred mesecem
That’s why I love this show. It’s not just dumb tattoos. It makes you think. What is tattoo far. It doesn’t jut connect with me as an artist. But spiritually u kno. Too my soul.
베이비Jyn Pred mesecem
Kelsey is so funny 😂
Crapppy D
Crapppy D Pred mesecem
Maxxx Pred mesecem
The SLpost logo annoys me
Lord Tachocolate
Lord Tachocolate Pred mesecem
I’m still waiting for Cody’s chest piece of the ‘you’ video
babygxx Pred mesecem
kelsey and cody are the definition of a healthy relationship to me
Francisco Villa
Francisco Villa Pred mesecem
When therapy isn’t boujee enough to solve your issues
Brokkr Pred mesecem
If people think that tattooing each other solves their relationship problems, you can already tell that they’re total scumbags.
Ashley Flynn
Ashley Flynn Pred mesecem
It's Josh from Younger!
Nevaeh Jackson
Nevaeh Jackson Pred mesecem
Can y’all stop talking and watch the video
JustPlayZzYT Pred mesecem
U remind me of Ryan ronalds
Noah Butler
Noah Butler Pred mesecem
this is legit the least unlicked video i have ever seen
RΛVΞΠ Pred mesecem
Cody’s getting the word frictionlessly tattooed on him. I’m not specifying where but connect the dots
violet girl
violet girl Pred mesecem
rain Pred mesecem
tugz Pred mesecem
Heyy shawty😈😈
Naiya McHargue
Naiya McHargue Pred mesecem
This show is terrible!! And those people are in the most dysfunctional relationship ever. Edit: Also, that cover up is hideous too. And much harder to get removed. Yikes.
swiftmarshtomp Pred mesecem
oh my god you can faintly see the original tattoo underneath the flowers it must be real
bailey grainger
bailey grainger Pred mesecem
please keep doing these for more of these episodes
Drew Pred mesecem
13:25 cause he's totally lying. He completely backtracked after seeing her devstated.
wolferz studios
wolferz studios Pred mesecem
4:02 Did they literally blur the "o" in asshole? They basically went Assh*le. Like the point of censorship is to take out profanity. That's the equivalent of shith*ad
Singlerainbow Pred mesecem
Somebody know the song at 14:53 ??
Graham Dolamore
Graham Dolamore Pred mesecem
Amanda Pred mesecem
omg I started off laughing so hard... and then I started actually crying. and then I couldnt tell if the tears are from the laughter or genuine sadness for that girl
Cameron Birdy
Cameron Birdy Pred mesecem
the only reaction i have.........WHY DO MEN
Shadow Blue
Shadow Blue Pred mesecem
9:20 thats not a band-aid thats... nvm
shannon celeste
shannon celeste Pred mesecem
I think this is my all time favorite Cody ko vid
MilkJuic3 Pred mesecem
im sorry i didnt mean that
Castrocuba Pred mesecem
this show is just a tat too far
Riley Stewart
Riley Stewart Pred mesecem
The tattoos are real, I met one of them in the waiting room of a laser place where they were on like session 5 of getting it removed
Nina K.
Nina K. Pred mesecem
omg the cover-up is somehow worse...
Taylor Pred mesecem
That coverup looks terrible
Alec Nasser
Alec Nasser Pred mesecem
I bet a million bucks that couple just has fake drama to get views, and they got ballsy and got the tattoo knowing she wanted a tattoo and thought since they’re cover up the previous tattoo, it’ll be okay
Alec Nasser
Alec Nasser Pred mesecem
Hence why the guys tattoo didn’t look nearly as bad
Relatable Pred mesecem
The fact that she has to post her relationship on Twitter to get his attention just shows how much he actually pays attention to her smh
Ima Go Apesht
Ima Go Apesht Pred 2 meseci
Jourdon Prince
Jourdon Prince Pred 2 meseci
They have to be fake tattoos like that girl that got Harry styles on her face
Mateo Tolmos
Mateo Tolmos Pred 2 meseci
This video was more intense than watching Chucky
Baluga Pred 2 meseci
8 mins till new year watching kody haha 😭
Cowboy YBug
Cowboy YBug Pred 2 meseci
Dude like eh, girls like waahhhhh
Bob Cheese
Bob Cheese Pred 2 meseci
J-Station 4
J-Station 4 Pred 2 meseci
14:26 it's triggering me so hard that she's not wearing a seat belt
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