Dream Has An Evil Clone...

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Dream Shorts

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Dream Has An Evil Clone...
this one is so stupid
Dream has an evil clone and Sapnap tries to figure out who is who...

Mason Warlick
Mason Warlick Pred uro
The green guy with the white face on his body is going to win
Sebastian Sanchez
Sebastian Sanchez Pred 2 urami
Dream had enough of people copying his skin.
Gil-Senpai Pred 3 urami
I don't know why but seeing 2 dreams fighting is funny as f*CK 🤣🤣🤣
Digital Pred 5 urami
Lemme fix that Dream had an evil brother
Forest In Focus
Forest In Focus Pred 6 urami
At this point you should just change the title to: Two brothers fight and Sapnap is their mom.
Neerav Singh 8-C
Neerav Singh 8-C Pred 6 urami
Who is real dre ?
Vaishnavi Vedant
Vaishnavi Vedant Pred 7 urami
I love how the description is @Dream @Dream @Sapnap so one of the dream is the evil clone lol And Dreams: " *WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT* " is too good xD
Crystal Vang
Crystal Vang Pred 7 urami
nvm its sapnap xd
vibella !
vibella ! Pred 8 urami
I'm rooting for the one in the green
Madness Liwia
Madness Liwia Pred 8 urami
I think dream will win not dream
Robo Woody
Robo Woody Pred 9 urami
Thats funny wow!
United states of America
United states of America Pred 9 urami
Lucas Surla
Lucas Surla Pred 12 urami
i love how they hit each other so much with the swords and dies because of 1 arrow ONE!!
bob ross jr
bob ross jr Pred 15 urami
is this a gang beast map?
Star And Angel
Star And Angel Pred 15 urami
This is Dream Vs DreamXD....but the real question is, Who's the villain?
Paper Plane
Paper Plane Pred 17 urami
SLpostrs vs Impersonators in a nutshell.
ChillBloC Pred 19 urami
I love how none notice that the axe does more damage
Chris Q
Chris Q Pred 21 uro
Who’s good and who’s bad
Matthew Yeh
Matthew Yeh Pred 21 uro
don't underestimate stupidity
Bustune The Great
Bustune The Great Pred 23 urami
Both aint dream since there not using axes
Sukanya Somsa-ard
Sukanya Somsa-ard Pred dnevom
Obviously dream will win
Ginny M.
Ginny M. Pred dnevom
not the train station :(
Hasan sahib
Hasan sahib Pred dnevom
Awesome Drawer
Awesome Drawer Pred dnevom
It’s fun keeping track of the real dream
Jacob Pred dnevom
Basically there both evil
xakariyo Pred dnevom
I have an video idea it's dream the speed runner vs dream the hunter
Natulala Gaming
Natulala Gaming Pred dnevom
plot twist: the evil dream was actually Drista
Negative DREAM
Negative DREAM Pred dnevom
I'm your clone😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Harith Syazwan
Harith Syazwan Pred dnevom
What Anime is this?
FunkehGaming Pred dnevom
Its over Anakin i have the high ground
LuddeP1 Pred dnevom
plot twist: none of these are actually dream
Mario is MLG
Mario is MLG Pred dnevom
I would watch Dream fighting Dream for an hour straight ngl
PixelVoid Pred dnevom
I'm 100% sure tht dream will win
0:23 I have the high ground
Phil Sharpe
Phil Sharpe Pred dnevom
The plan was shoot them both and the one without plot armor would win
Danny Rakena
Danny Rakena Pred dnevom
sannap is A EEEEEGGG
TOXIC GAMING Pred dnevom
Plot twist:sapnap actually killed the real dream and the evil dream acted like the real one so he can destroy the dream smp
Potatodragin 69
Potatodragin 69 Pred dnevom
They have like regeneration 20000
ca1ebwastaken Pred dnevom
Who is he good dream
Adrian Rodriguez
Adrian Rodriguez Pred dnevom
10k on the green one
Julian Hardin
Julian Hardin Pred 2 dnevi
Flashbacks to Okuyasu punching guitar dude
Prensena L
Prensena L Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine fighting 2 dreams lol 😂
Rot - Gaming
Rot - Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
Dream is punching the Otter fix Witze the Diamond sword and bi armore like a Millionen times and he is Not dying and Than came Sapnap with a crosbow and just ohne Shot him
CatMasterLegendary Pred 2 dnevi
*me and that same skin guy on hypixel:*
s o l a r c e r a m i c s
s o l a r c e r a m i c s Pred 2 dnevi
Terry Tang
Terry Tang Pred 2 dnevi
Naethan Magcalen
Naethan Magcalen Pred 2 dnevi
I was still thinking how did they even been alive for that long maybe creative mode then turn on the survival mode when sapnap came?
Vijayakumar Anthonappa
Vijayakumar Anthonappa Pred 2 dnevi
But are y'all talking about dream's already evil
Ziad HaithamShoukry
Ziad HaithamShoukry Pred 2 dnevi
Only ogs remember the title was named dream vs dream
Curzed Pred 2 dnevi
I like how they're both fighting on 1.8
QUARTZ HACKER Pred 2 dnevi
I knew dream would win
Paul Satud
Paul Satud Pred 2 dnevi
Woah wait how did sapnap guess I cannot guess who was the real dream
prithvisam Pred 2 dnevi
I knew clay would win
Jasper Fong
Jasper Fong Pred 2 dnevi
Jiaxi hao
Jiaxi hao Pred 2 dnevi
IU say the one tha lived is teh clone, because I think he landed more hit on the other ;) XDs
kevin style
kevin style Pred 3 dnevi
Who is dream i dint know they look the same oh wait sapnap is the hero he saved dream
BHANU PRAKASH .M Pred 3 dnevi
How much health do they have
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Pred 3 dnevi
This reminds me of Anakin Skywalker vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi
GO GREEN Pred 3 dnevi
The sound of sword fight is a nice music
Nele Sroka
Nele Sroka Pred 3 dnevi
Its so confusing
Chriz With Another z
Chriz With Another z Pred 3 dnevi
I think that is tommy because he had 2 Diamond sword in his Inventory XD
Boyong Gao
Boyong Gao Pred 3 dnevi
Big Mac
Big Mac Pred 3 dnevi
I just finished Flowers from 1970
Ira Encinares
Ira Encinares Pred 3 dnevi
get your tickets here for dreams winning
Murreo Pred 3 dnevi
They have infinite hearts
Yen Ngo
Yen Ngo Pred 3 dnevi
Diamond sword takes 3 hits
Skope Pred 3 dnevi
Wait so who’s dream
The Messiah
The Messiah Pred 4 dnevi
Yo Dream should be in the next manhunt I feel like he'd go even with Dream
Let’sdothis Pred 4 dnevi
Both were imposters because Dream would have used an axe
Green Tea Koi
Green Tea Koi Pred 4 dnevi
I have a question ahem WHICH ONE IS THE REAL ONE
great ball
great ball Pred 4 dnevi
Go dream
its_0ll3y Pred 4 dnevi
Bro I swear I thought dream was winning but then the dream came back!!!
I don't know what i'm doing
I don't know what i'm doing Pred 4 dnevi
um yes
Unlikely l
Unlikely l Pred 4 dnevi
wtf did they have 9 sets of hearts or what
SillyTurtle Pred 4 dnevi
Dream or Dream who will win
Jc Marisga
Jc Marisga Pred 4 dnevi
I love how this is similar to Detroit becomes human but sapnap is guessing
Abhi Tibrewal
Abhi Tibrewal Pred 4 dnevi
The both dreams hit themselves with a diamond sword like 50 times they should be dead lol
Epic brawler Gaming
Epic brawler Gaming Pred 4 dnevi
What if sapnap had a an evil clone and he killed the real sapnap
Daniel Xavier
Daniel Xavier Pred 4 dnevi
I just want to know Why they din´t die with diamonds swords, but they die with a shot of a crossbow?
Shadow Lurkers
Shadow Lurkers Pred 4 dnevi
Plot twist:they both were clones bcs dream ALWAYS uses an axe... :|
Isabella McMahan
Isabella McMahan Pred 4 dnevi
Why did it have to be in a subway.. not me watching this after the return of Wilbur.. and jubilee line plz
Zaki Dadacay
Zaki Dadacay Pred 4 dnevi
My brain...
l3af Pred 4 dnevi
When the hero and villain both have plot armor
Fierce Fire
Fierce Fire Pred 4 dnevi
why did it have two diamond swords
COSMIC08 Pred 4 dnevi
Smidge 2.0?
Arti Pred 5 dnevi
Melody&Stella Pred 5 dnevi
I thought it was Joe for a second
Whitty Pred 5 dnevi
30 seconds of the vídeo is just PvP
Asparagus Energy
Asparagus Energy Pred 5 dnevi
the fact that it happened in a train station reminded me of the matrix
Mahammed Raazi
Mahammed Raazi Pred 5 dnevi
Yes , come on dream
Riley Chan
Riley Chan Pred 5 dnevi
how can two players have the same name?
sadiq Pred 5 dnevi
Plot Twist: that is dreams stunt man from dream smp so dream could train for manhunts and dream and stuntman dream were practicing for manhunt
Blazing Productions
Blazing Productions Pred 5 dnevi
"you would've killed me!" -dream after taking 5 million hits from a diamond sword
Prince Garcia
Prince Garcia Pred 5 dnevi
Dream the monkey on the tree's in a manhunt
Сергей Григорян
Сергей Григорян Pred 5 dnevi
They are both clones, both hit as fast as it was old pvp
Maitreya Waghela
Maitreya Waghela Pred 5 dnevi
Which is real one
Infernus playz
Infernus playz Pred 5 dnevi
Both of them have 100000cps
IW2D Pred 5 dnevi
Dream health is 100
The Doms Roblox
The Doms Roblox Pred 5 dnevi
Wat if evil dream is the one that survive
megatron bambolbee
megatron bambolbee Pred 5 dnevi
How many life does he have
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