Reacting to Luka Doncic saying 'you can't compare me to Larry Bird' | The Jump

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Rachel Nichols, Richard Jefferson and Matt Barnes discuss Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic saying "you can't compare me to Larry Bird."
0:00 Rachel replays her interview when Luka shrugged off Bird comparisons.
0:52 Matt disagrees with Luka.
1:27 Richard thinks Luka was right to say what he said.
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ESPN Pred mesecem
0:00​ Rachel replays her interview when Luka shrugged off Bird comparisons. 0:52​ Matt disagrees with Luka. 1:27​ Richard thinks Luka was right to say what he said.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Pred 9 dnevi
@kingryan69 What are you suggesting?
kingryan69 Pred 9 dnevi
@Robert Williams anyone who watched basketball in the 80's and 90s; knows Bird was clutch at deep 2 and three range, shooting percentage is a pretty accurate marker, shooting percentage when challenged is another
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Pred 10 dnevi
@kingryan69 @kingryan69 Really? How old would I have to be to know that? The idea that you're even suggesting that is ridiculous. How do you (personally) rate 3 point shooting? Both Ray and and Reggie shot more threes made more threes and made them at a better percentage than Bird. (Not my opinion) that's factual information. Now if you're factoring in total field goal percentage Bird's total FG% was slightly higher than those guys but that includes total shots...lay ups, dunks, tip ins etc.
kingryan69 Pred 10 dnevi
@Robert Williams bird was a far better shooter than reggie and ray. you clearly are too young to know that. Steph is another level.
Robert Williams
Robert Williams Pred 18 dnevi
@B Vip Mic drop? (As in) you offered a meaningful refutation or as in your not savvy enough to even understand what you're reading or posting? That's rhetorical by the way. Is there a point related to this exchange that you wanted to make. Don't be that guy that just repeats "because I said so" just because you can't support what you're suggesting. It's okay to have an opinion, my comments however don't speak to my opinion.
s0meguy09 Pred 20 urami
I think you have to die to be reincarnated but what do I know?
Imagine if every black guy was compared to Lebron and only lebron that would be racist but this isn’t?
mokeski 21
mokeski 21 Pred dnevom
Funny how libs don't want diversity in the NBA. Lol
alan brivio
alan brivio Pred dnevom
If Luka wasn't white, would people say the same? To me he is much more Maic than Bird for example...
JON HOUSTON Pred 2 dnevi
There's no way on the Earth this guy is not even close to BIRD
studio bauhaus
studio bauhaus Pred 2 dnevi
They just saying the comparison cause he is white. This show is wack
Rafael Santiago
Rafael Santiago Pred 2 dnevi
is call respect.
Mladen Medunic
Mladen Medunic Pred 2 dnevi
Yeah hes white therefore he's larry bird 🙄🙄🙄
Thuta Paing Tun
Thuta Paing Tun Pred 3 dnevi
U keep on comparing lmao. It brings just negative effects lmao
Kavid Pred 3 dnevi
Larry Bird mad overrated
Jonathan c
Jonathan c Pred 3 dnevi
Larry bird played with a three point line. I think the NBA added it in the late 70s.
dogwithavlog Pred 3 dnevi
I think luka took it as an insult...
SpiritualNvNDO Pred 3 dnevi
If Larry heard this comparison and still had his back he’d call up Luka and call the place and the time bet on that
Federman Carrillo
Federman Carrillo Pred 3 dnevi
Barnes must be losing it... Barnes just doesn't know enough of Larry Legend! I think if he would go back and do research, he would definitely change his mind... I'm not even a Celtic nor a Bird fan... Lakers all the way! But I respect the talent and history Bird has... Luka is nice... but come on! Bird would tell you the play and still score on you!!!!!
Mobius DC
Mobius DC Pred 4 dnevi
Hes just being humble.Luka is hybrid larry bird.
vinuzo Pred 4 dnevi
I see the passing and the post game. Neither are the quickest players on the court, both rely on perfect footwork to attack the basket and get off shots. I'd say Luka is more of a Bird-Harden merge though
Devs2kwik Pred 4 dnevi
Lol they don’t have the same play style 😂 at all at all luka is most definitely a lebron or a magic.
Dennis Nedry
Dennis Nedry Pred 4 dnevi
Larry Legend. No other comparison
Bandolero Sanjuan
Bandolero Sanjuan Pred 5 dnevi
Rachel is garbage
theshantanator Pred 5 dnevi
He's very similar to Bird... except for his handles, speed, slashing ability, etc.
13rcampbell Pred 5 dnevi
Comparing Luka to Bird is just because they're both white. we ALL know this
AdMajoremDeiGloriam Pred 5 dnevi
literally the ONLY reason that people are comparing him to Bird is that he's white. Luka and Larry are both PHENOMENAL players but one is a SMALL FORWARD and one is a POINT GUARD
Michael Brewer
Michael Brewer Pred 5 dnevi
Why are people so desperate for a great white hope? Im a white dude, not that it matters.
ulu Pred 6 dnevi
He better than larry
רוצח האל
רוצח האל Pred 6 dnevi
he's more like magic and manu combined
Chuck Balkin
Chuck Balkin Pred 6 dnevi
Until Luka actually does something in the post season, yeah you can't compare him to Bird.
Francisco Alvarado
Francisco Alvarado Pred 7 dnevi
I see Jefferson, I exit the video. Simple
laaannder Pred 7 dnevi
1:33 BUT he did have the 3 point line.... wth
Mike J
Mike J Pred 7 dnevi
I actually had an autographed Larry Bird card... I have no idea if it was authentic, traded some kid a pokemon card for it... sadly got stolen throughout the years. Amazing memories nonetheless.
Jered Steadman
Jered Steadman Pred 7 dnevi
It's funny is Luca plays a lot more like magic at times
S R Pred 7 dnevi
There are very few similarities in their game. The comparison is like white commentators in the 60s comparing every good black baseball player to Jackie Robinson.
Dan J
Dan J Pred 7 dnevi
It’s hilarious everyone gets so thrown off when someone in the NBA is being humble.
Joe T
Joe T Pred 8 dnevi
Way to go ESPN. He's a great white basketball player so obviously you compare him to Bird 🙄. Their games are NOTHING alike.
Lol Jokic plays more like Larry Bird than Luka
Stephen Wade
Stephen Wade Pred 8 dnevi
Luka is more of a magic
Tommy Rex
Tommy Rex Pred 8 dnevi
It's gotta be annoying to only get compared to players of your own race lol. Like, you mean he can't be as good as someone from another race it's ridiculous.
Troy Moore
Troy Moore Pred 8 dnevi
Why can white guys only be compared to Larry Bird?
Chris George
Chris George Pred 8 dnevi
The abortive snowplow aetiologically concentrate because steam methodically point around a acoustic digger. teeny-tiny, alike brochure
Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall Pred 8 dnevi
Larry Legend !!!
Dre G
Dre G Pred 8 dnevi
I hated Bird until he made me love him. Truly great!
Chum Nissan
Chum Nissan Pred 8 dnevi
he’s nothing like bird, other than he’s skilled. if anything he plays like jason kidd with more scoring
Diesel Bourbon
Diesel Bourbon Pred 8 dnevi
I thought race was not important?
Tristan Burke
Tristan Burke Pred 9 dnevi
What did he say after? Y’all cut off his quote so obviously, are you that thirsty for content?
Matthew Ackerman
Matthew Ackerman Pred 9 dnevi
Please. Bird was tough as nails.
Jeff Lebowski
Jeff Lebowski Pred 9 dnevi
Guard vs power forward. The only thing to compare is that they are both elite white players.
G G Pred 10 dnevi
Luka plays like Luka
Jameson Pred 10 dnevi
Luka was being modest.
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez Pred 10 dnevi
At this point James Harden is also another Larry Bird🤷‍♂️
Steven Welch
Steven Welch Pred 10 dnevi
Can't compare him to MJ? Or Magic? Oh... white
Joseph Vernon
Joseph Vernon Pred 10 dnevi
resemblance lol
Laurel Anderson
Laurel Anderson Pred 11 dnevi
Actually the real current day Larry Bird is LeBron; LeBron plays like if you put Larry Bird’s skills into a much more athletic body. LJB=LBJ (for you young folks, Larry’s middle name is Joe.)
Ish 1455
Ish 1455 Pred 11 dnevi
Loka way better
RedElijah2 Smith
RedElijah2 Smith Pred 12 dnevi
Luka is like a combination of Bird/Harden
Dino Carpetner
Dino Carpetner Pred 12 dnevi
These two are the best guys to comment on something because of their experience in the league.
John Pred 12 dnevi
They hand assist out like candy now. Anyone not noticing the stats inflation over the last two decades is not paying attention. The league has completely handicap defenses, to make it way easier to score in todays games. They also changed what counts as an assist. Many of the assist lebron, Luka etc get would never have counted as assist in the 80s and early 90's. They started being significantly more lenient on what constitutes an assist.
Rudy Rhyner
Rudy Rhyner Pred 13 dnevi
Bruh half the nba is dogging Larry now Larry would have a similar career as brian scalabrine he’d just be an average white guy ceiling Duncan Robinson though
A- ROD1299
A- ROD1299 Pred 13 dnevi
Wait now I'm looking at the comments like are they upset cause it's disrespectful to Bird or a lot of white dudes from America hating on the fact that a dude from Europe is being compared to him? "Every white man is Larry" ok ?
Hubert Sang
Hubert Sang Pred 13 dnevi
Wait until his career is over. It has been almost 50 years, and no one is close to be the next Wilt, who still owns the nba records book. And Larry was top-3 mvp finalist for nine straight years.
Billy Boils
Billy Boils Pred 14 dnevi
Every time any such comparison is made, in any sport, it's stupid.
NameCallingIsWeak Pred 14 dnevi
Luka : DO NOT re-do your mother's driveway yourself. PAY SOMEONE.
Angelo Dela Cruzz
Angelo Dela Cruzz Pred 14 dnevi
Does he mean you can’t compare him to Larry Bird because he thinks he’s better than Larry Bird? Or does he mean you can’t compare him to Larry Bird because he doesn’t think he’s anywhere close to being as good as Larry Bird?
JPH Pred 14 dnevi
TheNamesDitto Pred 14 dnevi
Nah he's Harden + Bron.
Mj F
Mj F Pred 15 dnevi
there's nobody like larry bird
Hunter Pred 15 dnevi
"You can't compare me to Larry Bird. I'm better."
Lightning Kid
Lightning Kid Pred 15 dnevi
Luka is fat Penny Hardaway
onehawaiian Pred 16 dnevi
Why is she wearing a mask?
Adam West
Adam West Pred 16 dnevi
Doncic ain’t even 50% of touching Larry in greatness
Triple JC
Triple JC Pred 16 dnevi
I agree, Doncic plays a different position and a different way. He's like Magic Johnson and Larry all rolled into one
Randy Whitehead
Randy Whitehead Pred 16 dnevi
You by no means compare him to LARRY LEGEND!!!!! The game and rules have changed,it's got softer.Bird played against the greatest era of all time period! PO'ME COLORBLIND
Atlas Rand
Atlas Rand Pred 16 dnevi
Racism is bad and it’s alive in basketball circles. Not as bad as society but it’s bad.
Juan Reyes
Juan Reyes Pred 16 dnevi
Bruh that’s hella racist 😂
robertk2007 Pred 16 dnevi
Bird would average 40 and 10 with the rules today
Sean Simms
Sean Simms Pred 17 dnevi
Larry just wasn't white...Larry was good, I saw his career, there was no way he should of competed with some of the physically superior athletes he squared up against, I saw him put 44 on Philly while "his guy DJ" was limited to 6, Shawn Kemp said in his first game against Larry, Bird hit him for 50, we remember his war against Dominique where Bird went for 40 plus, and remember, they say he was slow and couldn't jump?
TimmyK28 Pred 17 dnevi
I really like Luka but are these hosts stupid? I don’t think they really watched Bird growing up cause they’re young. I did cause I’m late 40s. Bird would feel offended.
Craig Gagnon
Craig Gagnon Pred 17 dnevi
Luka is every bit as good if not better.
TRUTH SEEKER Pred 17 dnevi
The only things Americans see is the colour of the skin.
P&P Pred 18 dnevi
CARC3RON Pred 18 dnevi
Gary Vee getting recognized 🔥
Miles Paw.
Miles Paw. Pred 18 dnevi
Larry Legend over the "WHINER" any day.....
FJ Risco
FJ Risco Pred 18 dnevi
Luka is going to be one of the best but he's a different player than Bird. For one thing, Bird was a small forward. There's was something about Bird's cockiness/confidence since day 1, it came natural to him. Two different players imho.
MrStealyoBitch Pred 19 dnevi
he plays more like a less athletic lebron
Grave Plot
Grave Plot Pred 20 dnevi
You cut the part when he said reasons why you cant.Amateur and Fake journalism .
Mitch O'Brien
Mitch O'Brien Pred 20 dnevi
There is some overlap, but they play differently
Chaplain Win
Chaplain Win Pred 20 dnevi
Bird a NBA Champion sorry Luka right
Nakupo Buhay
Nakupo Buhay Pred 20 dnevi
TF does Matt "Fake Pass" Barnes have to do with all diz
Mediazzzzzz Pred 21 dnevom
Richard is hating, so far Luka is having a legendary career
Philmon Berhe
Philmon Berhe Pred 21 dnevom
When you see R.J & Matt would almost never think R.J was the real hooper 🤣🤣
Panda Pred 22 dnevi
Why they keep asking players with such stupid questions?
Lloyd Y Benoit
Lloyd Y Benoit Pred 22 dnevi
U r high
Mr. J1S
Mr. J1S Pred 22 dnevi
Larry bird would be mad you compared a white player to him lol.
Balboa Balboa
Balboa Balboa Pred 23 dnevi
Luka is the best 21 years old player ever!Yes he is better than Bird,he is better than Lebron at age of 21.End of discusion!
Chris Sherman
Chris Sherman Pred 23 dnevi
The only similarities between them was that they were white and both efficient scorers and play makers. It's like trying to compare Chris Paul to Paul Pierce, you just can't make the comparison because their roles and play styles were always vastly different from one another.
The Wavy one
The Wavy one Pred 23 dnevi
“Oh you think your larry” lmaooo
Nicholas Strong
Nicholas Strong Pred 24 dnevi
How many rings Luka got? Bird got 3 and was finals MVP twice (and had to play against Jordan and Magic)
kapluts Pred 24 dnevi
I want to hear the full clips on what luca said agter he said you can't compare me to larry bird.....
High Guise
High Guise Pred 24 dnevi
Luka is pretty much part of that Harden and Ginobili tree, he’s just not left-handed
Richard Lusk
Richard Lusk Pred 24 dnevi
They literally are not similar other then their SKIN
C S Pred 24 dnevi
Jokic plays a lot more like Bird if you look at their games. Craftiness...court awareness. Pop even said it.
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