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Cody Ko

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Weird Amazon Movie Trailers
Cody Ko

Your Mom
Your Mom Pred 9 urami
This makes total sense. Everything you say is right. Wow. I’m so amazed by your always-rightness. Great job Cody!
Owen Vaughn
Owen Vaughn Pred dnevom
Honestly I think “Boys in the Trunk” would be a better title than “Butt Boy.”
Kris bencomo
Kris bencomo Pred 2 dnevi
I want to know where to get that fullsend hat lmao
Holly Hood
Holly Hood Pred 6 dnevi
*The preview to this movie is my sleep paralysis nightmare 😵😭*
Lily C
Lily C Pred 6 dnevi
“what the crappin gosh is that?” 💀
Emily Hensley
Emily Hensley Pred 6 dnevi
Anyone else going to by the sleep mask?
Savana Hubbard
Savana Hubbard Pred 8 dnevi
Cody please watch Kung Pow Enter The Fist...please
Haley Gregory
Haley Gregory Pred 8 dnevi
please watch jesus christ vampire slayer
Ooga AwooOGa
Ooga AwooOGa Pred 8 dnevi
UltimateDuck97 Pred 8 dnevi
Yo Cody you need to research a little more about ExpressVPN before doing the ad for it. The VPN actually does see all the traffic that goes through it. I mean at least somebody has got to see that traffic if they actually wanna give that info to you. And your ISP does see all the websites you go to, but not specifically what pages you visit on that website. So they know you went to pornhub, but don't know you watched hot wet stinky farts compilation #53 or whatever you're into.
Randy Warren
Randy Warren Pred 9 dnevi
“And you don’t have a charger? *🎶DUNNDUNNNNNNNNN🎶*
Anna Anna Anna
Anna Anna Anna Pred 10 dnevi
Your 🫔✋🏼
Zahra Sanie
Zahra Sanie Pred 10 dnevi
thought u were rockin a full sail university hat at first n tbh think that’d be cooler
Joy Keddy
Joy Keddy Pred 10 dnevi
It makes all the sense Kody how about don’t be such a pussy or an ass and be a taint, alright, nice talk, bye.
download Pred 10 dnevi
i love the band hinder
oliver addison
oliver addison Pred 10 dnevi
i really want cody to let us know how fred is doing
Anna Boynton
Anna Boynton Pred 10 dnevi
It doesn’t make sense Cody😭💜
Cody McNeal
Cody McNeal Pred 10 dnevi
Man you gotta watch axe um it’s hilarious if you can understand it
Xanthos Pred 11 dnevi
Yo that "Caroushell" trailer would be actually good if they had better special effects and a better plot
ᴊᴀᴍɪᴇ ᴊ
ᴊᴀᴍɪᴇ ᴊ Pred 11 dnevi
Its literally just hot chicks ft gang instead of hot chicks... right?
Judd Penka
Judd Penka Pred 12 dnevi
Wait does plum have the girl from the first movie
Olivia Ural
Olivia Ural Pred 13 dnevi
Cody buys a green screen and doesn't know how to act
Miles Harmon
Miles Harmon Pred 13 dnevi
Not the barbeque gang NOOOOOOOO
Rico Drillanova
Rico Drillanova Pred 14 dnevi
Why is that Laura’s best friend from family matters? Am I the only one that noticed that?
Kaas Kaas
Kaas Kaas Pred 14 dnevi
This looks like something I would’ve on IMovie made when I was 5
Tornater Pred 14 dnevi
Damn, that really is one pissed off horse
Isabella Anderegg
Isabella Anderegg Pred 15 dnevi
Cody talks like an english 101 professor when he says “lets see if we can wrap our heads around this”
Stratton Whats_His_Face
Stratton Whats_His_Face Pred 16 dnevi
yeah watching this with headphones i was wondering the same thing about the narrator audio
causeandeffect Pred 16 dnevi
Katy Johnson
Katy Johnson Pred 17 dnevi
butt boy sounds like an awful movie but i’m ngl that trailer was very well done
Brianna Tracy
Brianna Tracy Pred 17 dnevi
Not gonna lie I’d pay 15 dollars to watch this masterpiece
Rebecca Pomarolli
Rebecca Pomarolli Pred 21 dnevom
just bought that headset kinda dope
Emma Murphy
Emma Murphy Pred 22 dnevi
Wanna watch something worse? Do a video about The Amazing Bulk.
Trevor O'Brien
Trevor O'Brien Pred 26 dnevi
Rifftrax: a talking cat is actually not a bad watch. They have better ones though
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions Pred 26 dnevi
I’m a dumb guy
Blue Collar Men Productions
Blue Collar Men Productions Pred 26 dnevi
Wonder Woman 1984 stole their idea !!
Connor Smith
Connor Smith Pred 26 dnevi
He doesn’t even know why the white guy is in the gang lmaooo
NoobToonz Pred 27 dnevi
Frictionless thats not a word also cody when he was 21 *its Frictionless*
Emma Becker
Emma Becker Pred 27 dnevi
This is why I watch movies on sites like 123chill
Richard Gimbel
Richard Gimbel Pred 28 dnevi
I agree with you Cody
Jon Galt
Jon Galt Pred 28 dnevi
At 5:13 when they hug the background is called the amber room
matthew scharn
matthew scharn Pred 29 dnevi
You need to watch Gangsta Rap The Glockumentary or Cool Cat Kid Superhero
Mr. Irrelevent
Mr. Irrelevent Pred mesecem
The production value of Butt Boy is just too damn high
Carson Nelson
Carson Nelson Pred mesecem
yourresume Pred mesecem
10:50 Twisted Pair AND A Talking Cat????? Dude those are classics, to see them both in the same place is such an honor.
Katie Lane
Katie Lane Pred mesecem
“Frictionless” is an insanely common word in physics classes and I have no idea why it sounds so bizarre in all other contexts
Addie Hogue
Addie Hogue Pred mesecem
PLEASE react to the covenant i've seen the entire thing five times and still have no clue what it's about
idyllic indifference
idyllic indifference Pred mesecem
The idea I could write something so terrible that someone out there would buy and watch fills me with this strange feeling of power...
rocco Pred mesecem
Josh Pred mesecem
I agree Cody. This does not make sense. I also agree with what you were saying for the old dude on TikTok. It takes a couple times to understand it.
Sharif Nazzal
Sharif Nazzal Pred mesecem
Everybody gangsta until the bbq gang gets after them
Caroline Page
Caroline Page Pred mesecem
That trailor was frictionless
1.1M Views Pred mesecem
Here's what's going on. the Room got famous despite being a shitty movie. so Amazon is trying to get people to meme these bad movies. You're playing into their hands.
Bloop Bloop
Bloop Bloop Pred mesecem
Is no one going to acknowledge the fact that during the sponsor a guy fucking swallowed three hot dogs whole???
Nathan GQ Warren
Nathan GQ Warren Pred mesecem
Is the "Butt Boy detective Jorge Masvidal? Seriously
Patricio McCarthy
Patricio McCarthy Pred mesecem
Bruh react to kung fury next it’s a cinematic masterpiece
1212 dean
1212 dean Pred mesecem
Im going to need a full review on diamond cobra vs white fox
Dylan Hoops
Dylan Hoops Pred mesecem
CarousHell looks kinda dope lowkey
Jack D
Jack D Pred mesecem
Makes sense to me
siwap Pred mesecem
6:43 Geizus Kriest Cody, it's AGREEMENT. i mean you're 69,000,000 years old, i would expect you to use the correct noun (in your supposed large vocabulary), when you've been around since the mesozoic era. smh
Никита Шиденко
Никита Шиденко Pred mesecem
But do you think they are just making this kind of movie in mass so when Hollywood comes out with a movie that looks like the same plot that little company that made it will sue Hollywood under the claim that "Hollywood stole it "
Sam McGee
Sam McGee Pred mesecem
Can’t lie though... the last trailer definitely wasn’t THAT bad
Isobel York
Isobel York Pred mesecem
RobDon Pred mesecem
enjoyed that little Neil Breen cameo. A staple of youtube commentary of bad movies
Nesa Patel
Nesa Patel Pred mesecem
No carnival no games 🤷🏽‍♀️
Winston Poindexter
Winston Poindexter Pred mesecem
in nauseous af right now for some reason and that hot dog clip almost pushed me over the edge..
Cheyenne Ashton
Cheyenne Ashton Pred mesecem
Tryna binge watch your videos I haven’t seen and realizing I’ve watched all of them 😂
Clover Yeah
Clover Yeah Pred mesecem
What does the ceiling of your filming room look like
Julia Beauty
Julia Beauty Pred mesecem
This video deadass made me pee myself from laughter
Audrey Bertelson
Audrey Bertelson Pred mesecem
Hey I have that manatea infuser! His name is Fred.
Emily Marie
Emily Marie Pred mesecem
my question is, did they even spend $15 in making this movie
Thyana VD
Thyana VD Pred mesecem
Inferior Citrus
Inferior Citrus Pred mesecem
I wanna watch this so bad
Mae Scott
Mae Scott Pred mesecem
watch love on a leash
Alex Glase
Alex Glase Pred mesecem
I kinda feel bad for that unicorn.
Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume Pred mesecem
can someone pls tell Trixie Mattel and Katya about Butt Boy 🤣 theyd die of laughter. we need a new spin off of Trixie and Katya Watch where they watch this horrible shit
Paul J
Paul J Pred mesecem
How do they even find people willing to be in these movies? 💀
M8REBEL Pred mesecem
makes sense to me!
Bob The tomao
Bob The tomao Pred mesecem
Cody: “that was the worst preview for anything!” Grub-hub: I beg to differ
Xavier Bell
Xavier Bell Pred mesecem
At 11:54 look at the top right corner
triggeredtamnna Pred mesecem
Matt Loughty
Matt Loughty Pred mesecem
Senka K
Senka K Pred mesecem
mullet boy
kokijjijk tfgdhjw
kokijjijk tfgdhjw Pred mesecem
twisted pair has Neil breeeeen, how dare you not see the trailer
Cooper Pater
Cooper Pater Pred mesecem
Makes sense
The Twelfth Crusader
The Twelfth Crusader Pred mesecem
"The barbecue gang is after me" I have never heard a better line in the history of cinema
kevin the pigeon
kevin the pigeon Pred mesecem
stop danny is so funny asksjaksks
Halie Stevenson
Halie Stevenson Pred mesecem
part two! part two!
Wendy Meade
Wendy Meade Pred mesecem
8:25 yeah I was literally thinking “this looks like a high school project or some shit.” 🤣
suussh Pred mesecem
this is one angry unicorn!
bgb0411 Pred mesecem
Maxine from Family Matters is in the trailer.
Seth Sullivan
Seth Sullivan Pred mesecem
Pewdiepie: Floor gang for life! Me *an intellectual*: Barbecue gang is after me
Light of Thao
Light of Thao Pred mesecem
7:47 Alexa Demie had humble beginnings
Brook C
Brook C Pred mesecem
peep the guys american flag patch lmao
Madeleine Ruth
Madeleine Ruth Pred mesecem
Hey, do another one of these
justlaf tv
justlaf tv Pred mesecem
this was so funny
Lucy Miles
Lucy Miles Pred mesecem
Thought yo hat said "Full Skucker" ngl ,💀
Maria Pred mesecem
If cody needs bad movies he should watch Ouija Shark it is a masterpiece
OpticSkies Pred mesecem
This movie has to be the worlds biggest troll. There’s no other way this is real. Can’t accept it. Sorry, I’m in denial here.
Sarah Ailstock
Sarah Ailstock Pred mesecem
This movie is frictionless.
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