your church youth group leader

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Gus Johnson

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the lord is so rad!
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this is a video about your church youth group leader.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to shooting videos with his mom to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast, come on.
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Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson Pred letom
jesus is so rad and so is my twitter @Gusbuckets
Dads out to get cigars again
Dads out to get cigars again Pred 12 dnevi
your twitter is more pog than jesus
Halfbeard Jones
Halfbeard Jones Pred 17 dnevi
I thank god everyday that I was not born into a Christian family
Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran Pred 23 dnevi
noice, tru
Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran Pred 23 dnevi
Furious BearGaming
Furious BearGaming Pred mesecem
Two of the most no’s ever
n Pred 15 urami
God i miss summer
Anonymous Person
Anonymous Person Pred 16 urami
Aa yes reminds me of when i got malested by my church group leader
Sir not appearing in this film
Sir not appearing in this film Pred dnevom
As someone who grew up in a religious family i can conform this is accurate
Conlan Drury
Conlan Drury Pred dnevom
all the youth group leaders who disliked the video
Noah Mallon
Noah Mallon Pred dnevom
Holy crap, they actually referenced the band Reliant K XD that's awesome!
Alexandra Rodriguez
Alexandra Rodriguez Pred 2 dnevi
giving me flashbacks to christian summer camp in the deep south
Brendan Handley
Brendan Handley Pred 2 dnevi
It’s always tie dye shirts and the radio never works, this video is so accurate.
Xilesilent Pred 3 dnevi
mine was like 16 years old
LD Commando
LD Commando Pred 3 dnevi
This is painfully true. Like down to the plaid shirt and prematurely white hair.
Pech Pred 3 dnevi
it’s somehow even worse when you need to do this in a fucking google meet call
Panagiotis Papageorgiou
Panagiotis Papageorgiou Pred 3 dnevi
gay is gay
Emily Dunham
Emily Dunham Pred 3 dnevi
Where'd everyone find out they weren't straight? I'll go first: Bible camp
Calvin Metzger
Calvin Metzger Pred 4 dnevi
Still not totally sure if this character is supposed to be a man or woman
Effix Pred 5 dnevi
Elle Smith
Elle Smith Pred 5 dnevi
If this were an ASMR video I would 100% watch this
The High IQ Kids
The High IQ Kids Pred 6 dnevi
your twitter is so fucking RAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
L E X A P R O Pred 6 dnevi
Pastor's kid here. I was dying lol. Loved it, Gus.
Jeremy Sitorus
Jeremy Sitorus Pred 7 dnevi
I can understand kids being named after _major_ Biblical figures, but not the minor ones or the ones that only appear in genealogies. There's a kid in my youth group named Jehoshaphat.
ghoster Pred 7 dnevi
It feels offensive but I can take it
David Juhl
David Juhl Pred 7 dnevi
CD player not working is so on point
Wyatt Buckner
Wyatt Buckner Pred 8 dnevi
Abruthernoc 0929
Abruthernoc 0929 Pred 8 dnevi
Your schizophrenic youth group leader
Shlok Waghela
Shlok Waghela Pred 8 dnevi
I thought he can only like a kid to an adult MALE, turns out he can also look like a literal grandma
Sam Lemieux
Sam Lemieux Pred 9 dnevi
How many times has he gone to church if he knows this xD
Boaz Bolhuis
Boaz Bolhuis Pred 9 dnevi
1:14 Josh Homme it is!
Trevor M.
Trevor M. Pred 9 dnevi
"the only thing we're reliant on around here is K" underrated line right there
YesImaWeeb Pred 9 dnevi
Na bruh if he was a real youth group leader he would've molested all of them individually
Seamus McKeon
Seamus McKeon Pred 11 dnevi
Kanye does Christian music now
FissleDissle Pred 12 dnevi
This is not comparing a youth group leader, he didn’t even lick his lips once and he sounds to exiting This isn’t a hate comment it’s just a underrated comment
Aceshot 1000
Aceshot 1000 Pred 12 dnevi
I'm Baptist so I have to ask is this what Catholics deal with cause most of it I I didin't deal with so how acurate is this for you. In a Baptist youth study we sang with gun shots, played with knives, and would read are bibles while hanging from the sealing with are toes.
Ænima Of Spirit
Ænima Of Spirit Pred 14 dnevi
And THIS is why my best friend isn't a christian anymore.
Unripe Tomato
Unripe Tomato Pred 15 dnevi
"its like normal camp but with homework and your not allowed to be gay ..... _but i am"_
jackinatinybox Pred 16 dnevi
“it’s just like regular summer camp except that there’s homework and you’re not allowed to be gay.” when i tell you i almost choked-
BobbyJoe AndLarry
BobbyJoe AndLarry Pred 18 dnevi
I wish I could say this wasn't accurate
kingskill 4567
kingskill 4567 Pred 18 dnevi
I went to bible studies a little and still think this is more relatable than lele pons, because this is all true
Clodinator Pred 19 dnevi
Can’t believe I was missing out on this!
Boxlag 134
Boxlag 134 Pred 19 dnevi
I think I can eat some laffy taffy while watching this
craiga Pred 19 dnevi
gus: *talking to absolutely nobody but acts like he is” people who walk by and doesn’t see the camera man: 👁👄👁 “he is crazy...we are moving”
Mr Carrot 17
Mr Carrot 17 Pred 20 dnevi
Gracen Antaya
Gracen Antaya Pred 20 dnevi
So glad that this isn't my church youth group
First Last
First Last Pred 21 dnevom
that barnes and noble joke seemed very targeted.
Rylee G
Rylee G Pred 21 dnevom
Anyone named Josh lmfaoooo
Rylee G
Rylee G Pred 21 dnevom
Ya'll got to do tye dye shirts??
Vinny Avalos
Vinny Avalos Pred 22 dnevi
"Mom, the strange grey wig man is back."
Mediocre Pred 22 dnevi
Ezekiel...... my god. ...
Spencer Cochran
Spencer Cochran Pred 23 dnevi
luv ya
Caitlyn Clark
Caitlyn Clark Pred 23 dnevi
‘any josh really’ josh a?
Hyndergogen9 Pred 23 dnevi
Woah, who'd have thought that an organisation which built it's brand on unthinking submission to authority and shaming people for perceived "deviance" would end up being rife with sexual assault? How could anyone have possible seen this coming?
jacob perry
jacob perry Pred 24 dnevi
my youth group is actually rather trendy
Rat Mcgee
Rat Mcgee Pred 24 dnevi
We will be providing the homeless with chewing gum, playing cards. Is that where all the church donations I had to do in bible school went
a A
a A Pred 25 dnevi
Homework and not allowed to be gay 😅
Jacob Theurer
Jacob Theurer Pred 25 dnevi
Mine was less homophobic and was a fucking baller
Robert Donaldson
Robert Donaldson Pred 26 dnevi
I knew that he was gonna do that sooner or later.
Conxiez Pred 26 dnevi
Its my old youth group pastors birthday and he was actually cool asf he made a sexist joke on the first day of him being there.
Literal Lace
Literal Lace Pred 26 dnevi
Oh, he not gonna bring up the rape? No, he brought up the rape.
Mp3p0 Pred 26 dnevi
Ok he's cosplaying as one of the Tornado Twins.
Kenny Edsall
Kenny Edsall Pred 27 dnevi
That’s not what my youth group leader is like
Cat Fish
Cat Fish Pred 27 dnevi
Ha so true
AegishjalmrTime Pred 27 dnevi
Gus with that wig looks kiinda like Brian May but without the age and the godly guitar skills.
Vinny Art
Vinny Art Pred 28 dnevi
Unrealistic. A church youth group leader would never say "Ya know what Bibles can wait"
Mike Ramirez
Mike Ramirez Pred 29 dnevi
The lord may forgive but I do not LMAO!!!!
Root Beer
Root Beer Pred 29 dnevi
I remember watching this when it came out while I was at Disney Land, and just thought to myself “I should be enjoying myself at Disneyland” and then continued to watch
Banana Pred 29 dnevi
Are there youth groups like this? My youth group has regular bibles and we talk about like actually important stuff for our religion.
Skittle Gutts¡
Skittle Gutts¡ Pred mesecem
You forgot about "praying through the knees" from the Simpsons lol
MeowMyr Pred mesecem
don't forget the separate lines for the boys and girls.
Spencer Manning
Spencer Manning Pred mesecem
I'm Agnostic, and even I thought that this was pretty accurate.
Mubashir Mahi
Mubashir Mahi Pred mesecem
Them ain't Catholic.
Elliott Hirt
Elliott Hirt Pred mesecem
I know this, but I have not experienced this. Just something about Gus as this seems familiar.. oh yeah I know, he sounds like Oompaville
Gabby Diomand
Gabby Diomand Pred mesecem
I used to have to go to bible summer study and it hella fucked me up
abfg616 Pred mesecem
This is painfully accurate
Erin Bush
Erin Bush Pred mesecem
A church youth leader once told me that if we felt weird calling God "daddy" in prayer, our relationship with him wasn't strong enough. It haunts me so much, I don't understand why he said that
h e l l o
h e l l o Pred 8 dnevi
Yo what?
Rider Cantrell
Rider Cantrell Pred mesecem
So freaking true
utopia -kun
utopia -kun Pred mesecem
I’ll let you chose who gets moleseted
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson Pred mesecem
As a Christian I find this hilarious
Paul Powell
Paul Powell Pred mesecem
Im a christian but I couldn't help but find this funny and laugh. I hope I don't go to hell for this
Cro-Magnum Pred mesecem
Calm down, you wont.
Jadon Baldwin
Jadon Baldwin Pred mesecem
As an aspiring youth pastor, accurate 😂
Levi Adams
Levi Adams Pred mesecem
I would say this offended me if it wasn’t so gosh darn funny
j money
j money Pred mesecem
"the lord may forgive but i do not"
Matthis Koch
Matthis Koch Pred mesecem
Back in ninth grade
Matthis Koch
Matthis Koch Pred mesecem
That sounds like my teacher
LordFishron48 Pred mesecem
How is this so damn acurate
Gucky Swag
Gucky Swag Pred mesecem
Drfit Pred mesecem
I have a question what is a church?
Karl Is Handsome
Karl Is Handsome Pred mesecem
I did this shit in like 1st grade
vizthex Pred mesecem
holy fuck i did not expect that ending lmfao
chihuahua bently
chihuahua bently Pred mesecem
LOL I don’t know why, but my eyes just went so wide at the end… Not really sure why I didn’t expect that but I didn’t expect it XD
Dawson Demro
Dawson Demro Pred mesecem
What's even worse than a youth group leader are old church ladies
Daryn Batterson
Daryn Batterson Pred mesecem
Yo that Reliant K reference took me longer than im proud of and earned a sub at the same time
DarkLight Studios
DarkLight Studios Pred mesecem
It's like regular summer camp except there's homework and your not allowed to be gay I HAVE NOT STOPPED LAUGHING
Hunter -Brawl Stars
Hunter -Brawl Stars Pred mesecem
I've been doing so much science lately when he said K, I thought POTASSIUM
Edward Carmack
Edward Carmack Pred mesecem
pffffff, I have that EXACT shirt. 😐
lilith Lee
lilith Lee Pred mesecem
🌈🌈🌈You are none allow to be GAY🌈🌈🌈
C•E •
C•E • Pred mesecem
I was in one of these groups but most of the time we just played basketball and sat inside the church making stuff
Obi Wan kenobi
Obi Wan kenobi Pred mesecem
I don’t like how accurate this is
Micah Cease
Micah Cease Pred mesecem
It took a couple seconds for that Reliant K joke to sink in.
Rando Pred mesecem
i gotta say, this is REALLY offensive
-_ Pred mesecem
it actually sounds pretty fun
FatCowKiller Pred mesecem
The gray plastic radio that doesn't work was spot on.
Claire Segura
Claire Segura Pred mesecem
it's the "you're not allowed to be gay" for me-
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