When Loading a GTR Goes Wrong... (accident)

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Tanner Fox

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When Loading a GTR Goes Wrong... (accident)
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Young Flag
Young Flag Pred 2 dnevi
Airsoft Cheeko
Airsoft Cheeko Pred mesecem
Tanner I’m challenging you to an Airsoft battle as well as a fun weekend in Miami. Let me know if your down for the adventure. Hit up my DMs @mxtt_1926
Vladi Kolev
Vladi Kolev Pred mesecem
Tannar fox aT the start of the video MORGZ DISTRACK
Lįłxbęâer Gaming
Lįłxbęâer Gaming Pred mesecem
Hey you should do a video where you explain all of the things that you have done to the GTR
phase jsy
phase jsy Pred 2 meseci
Bro my mans had it in the first gear all the fucking time while going up and downhill that is a fucking shitty idea
DATU JAM ESPORTS Pred 2 meseci
Do more mountain biking content
George Herrera
George Herrera Pred 2 meseci
Does anyone know what brand tanner bike is
luka dimovski
luka dimovski Pred 2 meseci
my respect for tanner going mounting biking got way high!you keep going legend
pebble1001 Pred 2 meseci
3:32 good times
ARCHIE Loemker
ARCHIE Loemker Pred 3 meseci
How much was the bike
Kyler Brown
Kyler Brown Pred 3 meseci
Jordan repping juice Wrld with the mask!
Brian M B
Brian M B Pred 3 meseci
No more gtr😢
NCO DA Gang Pred 3 meseci
I rated 5 stars when is giveaway over
Carter Brown
Carter Brown Pred 3 meseci
I race mountain bike.🚲🚲
Kevin E. Gayles
Kevin E. Gayles Pred 3 meseci
Nice 👍
Pyro Smith
Pyro Smith Pred 3 meseci
How did you not realize mountain biking is both UP hill, THEN back down. 🤦‍♂️
GAMING WITH ROY Pred 3 meseci
Je c4 does not work!!!??? My dad has a c3 and it works surprisingly well
Kiley Lyons
Kiley Lyons Pred 3 meseci
What year is your papas corvette!? I have a 95 vett and mines purple they look the same year and that’s so cool I love this 😂❤️
Goobberrr WZ
Goobberrr WZ Pred 3 meseci
I go off roading their
Tanner try give away a mountain bike
RJ MENDOZA Pred 3 meseci
10:20 WhAt DiD hE sAy
Akeem Ryan
Akeem Ryan Pred 3 meseci
tanner fox i love your vid i have never get and thing from you i subscribed and like your vids can i plz get the iphone 12 pro thx.
Cooney. B
Cooney. B Pred 3 meseci
Need some different wheels on the gtr. Car looks sick black/white but the green wheels don't go with it at all.
Tudor Gliga
Tudor Gliga Pred 3 meseci
In my opinion the gtr îs twice more beautiful then the lambo
Filip Mihailov
Filip Mihailov Pred 3 meseci
I am a mauntainbiker and for the first time you are good.
Liam Clayton
Liam Clayton Pred 3 meseci
You need to get a gimbal for the bike content honestly makes it so much nicer
TheMiniME Pred 3 meseci
Idc ur channel is dead no one cares about u anymore
OneShot Pred 3 meseci
Tanner more mountain bike videos I think we all enjoyed it
Will harpley
Will harpley Pred 3 meseci
“Don’t worry papa, I’m gonna make sure she’s all good I promise” that made my heart melt istg😭😭🥺🥺
Christian Dave Aurena
Christian Dave Aurena Pred 3 meseci
Its a nice bike wish to some in future
Blue Collar Business Man
Blue Collar Business Man Pred 3 meseci
Figured California would still be full of mask wearing sheep
Ted Phillips
Ted Phillips Pred 3 meseci
haven't been on this channel in a solid while, what ever happened to his hypercar porche?
Bentley Anello
Bentley Anello Pred 3 meseci
Come to Australia Geelong with the GTR
anthony conley
anthony conley Pred 3 meseci
Casually riding a $6,000 mountain bike
Tino Gil
Tino Gil Pred 3 meseci
You should just give me your mountain bike
Drift Crew
Drift Crew Pred 3 meseci
You cannot imagine how i miss the old tanner
Enzo Lutz
Enzo Lutz Pred 3 meseci
all the mountain bikers cringing that his brakes are at his top knuckle
Max Pred 3 meseci
Bro fr that shit pisses me off
215 maloneboy
215 maloneboy Pred 3 meseci
were is the video knowing what happened
Lucas Clay
Lucas Clay Pred 3 meseci
do more mountain biking and try a head go pro
Martin _bsa_
Martin _bsa_ Pred 3 meseci
It’s not fair the all the SLpostrs buy mountain bikes and barely uses it on the street and ruins the economy and prices that they are worth
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss Pred 3 meseci
Sanford Motorsports
Sanford Motorsports Pred 3 meseci
Vapour Oce
Vapour Oce Pred 3 meseci
He signed with space station gaming look at his shirt
ansh Sharma
ansh Sharma Pred 3 meseci
Where's lambo you fucking clickbait
Mm gaming
Mm gaming Pred 3 meseci
Bro u can give me that corvette jk
vincenzo Pred 3 meseci
Corvettes don't have emergency brakes/hand brakes? 🤔
HollisB 13
HollisB 13 Pred 3 meseci
Just letting you know that the mountain biking content is awesome. Almost makes me want to get a bike instead of eating these oreos and milk rn but ehh
Divine Drift
Divine Drift Pred 3 meseci
Cut the fuse in 1 inch pieces and bend them in a V shape then light it, they are much more fun lol
Thatguywithnopancreas Pred 3 meseci
Half a Ball n All ✌🏽
Jacob Bergen
Jacob Bergen Pred 3 meseci
He literly said:I'm dead a lot of times.🤣
Joey Batton
Joey Batton Pred 3 meseci
Hi like tanner big fan
STICKY Art Shorts
STICKY Art Shorts Pred 3 meseci
Sick Santa Cruz mtb love that color!
Joe Matthew
Joe Matthew Pred 3 meseci
More mtb content has to me done
Chris Harnols
Chris Harnols Pred 3 meseci
Where is your Lamborghini
TTVMellonhead2018 Pred 3 meseci
Tanner I did mountain biking up a ski hill and man I was died when I hit the top
Altus Rautenbach
Altus Rautenbach Pred 3 meseci
You should go mountain biking more often It so funny
frederic Pred 3 meseci
its fucking sad man he has such a nice bike and cant even ride it
1WAVE Pred 3 meseci
3:00 SHES gonna backflip and grab the deck 😂
Heidi Endsley
Heidi Endsley Pred 3 meseci
This dude is lit and will always be lit 🔥
Vamokuhle Ntshalintshali
Vamokuhle Ntshalintshali Pred 3 meseci
How can I get in touch with Tanner. There's something important I have for him.
Vamokuhle Ntshalintshali
Vamokuhle Ntshalintshali Pred 3 meseci
How can I get in touch with Tanner. There's something important I have for him.
WAVY_FINN Pred 3 meseci
Where’s the lambo
Zorilol Pred 3 meseci
buy a r34
TORUK Pred 3 meseci
L0K0LIGHTNING Pred 3 meseci
Hi Tanner, can you please put the No Focks Given podcats onto the google play store so android users can listen to it, rate it, and enter in the give away? It be greatly appreiated, I'm keen to enter into the give away but don't have an IOS device.
Asterio Lagumbay
Asterio Lagumbay Pred 3 meseci
Are you selling the gtr
Azbe Jug
Azbe Jug Pred 3 meseci
yo no hate but mans got a 2 thousand plus dollar mtb in his garage and probably does not ride it often i dont know could be wrong but kinda jealuse
ImLinsks Pred 3 meseci
tanner can scooter skate snowboard and drive but cant ride a bike lmao
jeremiah nieves
jeremiah nieves Pred 3 meseci
Tanner fox went from this 📈 to this 📉
D Ned
D Ned Pred 3 meseci
Dude honestly I love this video think you should go on more rides and the Visual is insane
Eudelia Aispuro
Eudelia Aispuro Pred 3 meseci
win ps5
Eudelia Aispuro
Eudelia Aispuro Pred 3 meseci
Caleb Driscoll
Caleb Driscoll Pred 3 meseci
Zipie Zipie
Zipie Zipie Pred 3 meseci
I used to always watch him when i was like 9
Amber Manley
Amber Manley Pred 3 meseci
He double front flipped
Laviolette Racing
Laviolette Racing Pred 3 meseci
When i car isnt running it wont have brakes maybe like 5% brakes and you have to press sooo hard
triggered boys
triggered boys Pred 3 meseci
Where is the tt Lamborghini : and love the man love❤️❤️❤️ from pakistan
MrFishyBoi Pred 3 meseci
Hi tanner im a huge fan love your vids so hopefully you will respond to this that diss on rice gum was fire 🔥 and in his diss on you he tried to roast you by saying hes at 4 mil and you at 1 mil so i think he’s pretty dumb for saying that bc now you almost have more than him
Ethan Murwira
Ethan Murwira Pred 3 meseci
Could anyone else hear Tanners heartbeat when he was riding the mountain bike
Hi tanner you inspire me and all your videos inspire me of you and I love your videos so much
Andres Morales Arteta
Andres Morales Arteta Pred 3 meseci
I live in Ecuador and over here there are some varey nice tracs
Andres Morales Arteta
Andres Morales Arteta Pred 3 meseci
I think that tanner has potential to be a very good downhill biker
Yapanginla Longkumer
Yapanginla Longkumer Pred 3 meseci
I downloaded podcast from my dad’s phone just to enter this giveaway. I don’t really know how to use this app but I’ve rated 5 stars and I couldn’t send any reviews. I’ve tried but Idk how to use it😅 I’m already 20 years old but i don’t own a phone. If I win this giveaway imma be the first one to use phone among my friends and the first one to use iPhone 12 in our locality. I haven’t seen iPhone 12 in real istg. I badly wanna win this phone.😭
Harith Adzhar
Harith Adzhar Pred 3 meseci
Hope to see your contents about your new lamborghini 😁
ZFG MTL 514 Pred 3 meseci
That corvette reminds me of my uncle’s 1990 Chevrolet Corvette convertible white, original red suede interior w/ a black soft top and same wheels
Harley Matthews
Harley Matthews Pred 3 meseci
Thank God the gtr was put on after the vet
Brea’s Channel
Brea’s Channel Pred 3 meseci
I always have a heart attack watching Tanner scooter.. waiting for him to get hurt.
Mathew Macdonald
Mathew Macdonald Pred 3 meseci
We’re is the lambo
Sean Paul
Sean Paul Pred 3 meseci
Yo I just met him in person he’s so chill and he’s low key a nice guy everyone
Hank Tschida
Hank Tschida Pred 3 meseci
no one: me patiently waiting for his Lamborghini to come back because I saw on his story 👁👄👁
Jay Verro
Jay Verro Pred 3 meseci
Shit if I was a give away winner I would talk about being a felon at 19 and how it’s changed my life and other stuff if I got to go on his pod cast
Evelyn R
Evelyn R Pred 3 meseci
Nejini Mohankumar
Nejini Mohankumar Pred 3 meseci
4:29 look at his face mask rip
Kareem Williams
Kareem Williams Pred 3 meseci
Where’s the wide body Lamborghini?
Eric Bergstrom
Eric Bergstrom Pred 3 meseci
less scooter parts the better
Catlin Creel
Catlin Creel Pred 3 meseci
He looks like another Justin Bieber
michael quinlan
michael quinlan Pred 3 meseci
All of these young white guys saying “bet” SMH
EMP Chickentoes
EMP Chickentoes Pred 3 meseci
I forgot this man was even a person
Rajwinder Kaur
Rajwinder Kaur Pred 3 meseci
Best youtuber ever
XxBBQChickenxX Pred 3 meseci
Godzilla and King Kong ? Wtf I got a ad
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