My New Favorite Tik Toker

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Cody Ko

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My New Favorite Tik Toker
Cody Ko

Britt L
Britt L Pred dnevom
Subbed because I'm older AND boomier than you, so now you can feel superior to someone. You're freaking welcome. 🥸
Arvind G
Arvind G Pred dnevom
Eastern European Dhar Mann. lol
sofia garcia
sofia garcia Pred 2 dnevi
14:16 he reminds me of danny gonzales dk y
kaylee Pred 2 dnevi
its so nice to see you supporting your childhood friend.
maddie steinhauer
maddie steinhauer Pred 3 dnevi
PLEASE DO A MOVIE REVIEW ON "always woodstock"
young OG
young OG Pred 3 dnevi
Btw who doesnt know, theese TikToks are made in Latvia city Jelgava ! 💪🏻
Jordan Pred 4 dnevi
bad girlfriend 2 is a masterpiece
Bailey Young
Bailey Young Pred 5 dnevi
Why is nobody talking about “my milkers” 😭😭😭
Thomas Bjor
Thomas Bjor Pred 5 dnevi
Not trying to be negative or anything, but the world is a fucked up place...
Elisabeth M
Elisabeth M Pred 5 dnevi
I got a mobility furniture ad for this vid.
Elfo Asmatico
Elfo Asmatico Pred 5 dnevi
Just some old idiot youtuber talking about an young incredible man on tik tok again, ironic lol...
ILoveMyDog Pred 5 dnevi
But but your old.
xoox Pred 5 dnevi
oh my god cody crying like a 4 year-old in the end fucking killed me dude
Blazingboy77 Gaming
Blazingboy77 Gaming Pred 6 dnevi
anyone else notice the first tik tok he had the phone in his hand LMAO
Expired milk
Expired milk Pred 6 dnevi
Cody old😎
Phizz Pred 6 dnevi
pog, great video
SmolFruitGaming Pred 7 dnevi
cody is secretly 327 years old, and is trying to understand the internet.
Sam Kurtz
Sam Kurtz Pred 7 dnevi
Why is anyone talking about the video he got sponsored by TACO BELL
Drake Chadderdon
Drake Chadderdon Pred 7 dnevi
Reese Christopher
Reese Christopher Pred 7 dnevi
You’re old
Matt Styles
Matt Styles Pred 8 dnevi
He makes the same video 10x each
Charlie Fowler
Charlie Fowler Pred 8 dnevi
Cody is old
TheArtofMai Pred 8 dnevi
“My milkers” I DIED
Dirty_Razorblade 29
Dirty_Razorblade 29 Pred 8 dnevi
MackLyon Pred 8 dnevi
Bad Kelsey, don’t steal from the elderly!
Wa-ya Pred 8 dnevi
Ok but honestly I wanna read comments abt this TikToker and not a billion “Cody’s old haha” jokes. Like a few is whatever but damn the same joke takin up the whole comments section its annoying
Declan Egan
Declan Egan Pred 8 dnevi
I think Cody recorded this video after a fat smoke sesh 😂
Cleophatt Pred 9 dnevi
Kelsey is adorable
T K Pred 9 dnevi
Guy shows grandfather photo of the iPhone he wants for his birthday on his iPhone
King Eggs
King Eggs Pred 9 dnevi
Tongue twisters
Triathlete1996 Pred 9 dnevi
Gifting tacos to yourself just sounds like going to Taco Bell with extra steps 😂
Raj Singh
Raj Singh Pred 9 dnevi
I think y'all should stop the jokes on Cody's age . He gets pissed off
Zahra Sanie
Zahra Sanie Pred 10 dnevi
is this alternate universe dhar mann
Zahra Sanie
Zahra Sanie Pred 10 dnevi
nvm u said it brother
Joy Keddy
Joy Keddy Pred 10 dnevi
Yay Taco Bell 🛎
Carson Heschle
Carson Heschle Pred 10 dnevi
These videos make me miss Russia lmao
[Mercz] Mando
[Mercz] Mando Pred 10 dnevi
Ha look he’s old
eduardijs Pred 10 dnevi
i found out that hes form my country did some 5 min digging fhes from ,Jelgava, Latvia
Laura Guthoff
Laura Guthoff Pred 12 dnevi
Yeeeeaaahhh I know it can be a bit cringy trying to read bad English out loud but remember it’s not everyone’s first language. You guys are really fucking privileged.
Blake Olynick
Blake Olynick Pred 12 dnevi
Why did u say OLD!!!
Drewpott Pred 12 dnevi
I love Cody but watching these makes me think either I have AMAZING context clue abilities or Cody is amazingly bad at it. "I had to watch this like 10 times to figure out the story" come on dude
Paige Meyer
Paige Meyer Pred 12 dnevi
you’re old
bella coleman
bella coleman Pred 13 dnevi
i was literally eating taco bell during the sponsorship it was so iconic 😭😭😭😭😭
Corey B
Corey B Pred 13 dnevi
Who the hell pours out someone's soup then gently sets the bowl down lol
Frederick Hernandez
Frederick Hernandez Pred 13 dnevi
your old btw
retroBirdy Pred 13 dnevi
At 16:02 the way Kelsey eats it & her posture gets me every time. She looks like the kid sister who shoves the goodies in her mouth instantly so that her other siblings can't have it. 🤣
JaXX Pred 14 dnevi
Hey Cody you're old tho why are you talking about this guy smh unsubbing now
Dillon ach
Dillon ach Pred 14 dnevi
Jackson Harding
Jackson Harding Pred 14 dnevi
chair 😢
Scarlett Clement
Scarlett Clement Pred 15 dnevi
Cody, we knew what the story line was the first time we watched it...
Frog Enthusiast
Frog Enthusiast Pred 15 dnevi
Chair 😢
GimmeBleach Lmao
GimmeBleach Lmao Pred 15 dnevi
But.... you're old, bruh
Sharmi Pred 15 dnevi
I'm starting to think the 62 million views were from cody
Infinity Pgg
Infinity Pgg Pred 16 dnevi
Love seeing George Washington’s best friend talk about younglings
Madeleine Cowee
Madeleine Cowee Pred 16 dnevi
I like to think the old man and the monster became a vigilante murder duo
Lizzy Pred 16 dnevi
cody calling dirt "dried mud" proving he has never been a blue collar man
falsedeath Pred 17 dnevi
Cody your reaction at 15:53 was too much 🤣
Julia Wagner
Julia Wagner Pred 18 dnevi
idc what anyone says, i love cody
zanni mm
zanni mm Pred 19 dnevi
the least intimidating face on this earth..... 0:40 😂
Zach Cox
Zach Cox Pred 21 dnevom
Poor old man at the end made me sad :( he needs a better girlfriend maybe more his age
alexandra puentes
alexandra puentes Pred 21 dnevom
sheesh seems defensive about getting old hmmm
rowen shanski
rowen shanski Pred 21 dnevom
I know this was posted in 2021 but every time I re-watch this video I think he is going to say "we are sponsored by taco bell" and then sike us. I mean... taco bell?
Daniel Gebur
Daniel Gebur Pred 22 dnevi
Cody being fake angry at us is the absolute funniest thing in the world I'm dying at his reactions
Lauren H
Lauren H Pred 22 dnevi
charlie beresford
charlie beresford Pred 22 dnevi
Cody's intro of him was straight up a pov
Tom Verstappen Drums
Tom Verstappen Drums Pred 23 dnevi
At least he's still got good hair, bet many of you will lose it at that age lmao
Tom O
Tom O Pred 23 dnevi
Very frictionless old people action here. You really did streamline it with less friction.
Damion Coke
Damion Coke Pred 24 dnevi
That crying at the end was real...
SkyTrembles Pred 24 dnevi
Darman’s been real quiet since this was posted
LVBBoi Pred 25 dnevi
I could not tell you how many times I've replied that Slow-Mo joke bit
yazmin Pred 25 dnevi
everytime kelsey comes on i get so happy
Ingrid Revel
Ingrid Revel Pred 25 dnevi
Buttercupditto Pred 25 dnevi
I fee how Cody cracks up at his own jokes. But really, I do love this channel. Sarcastic humor is my favorite. 9:08
ZURUCQ Pred 26 dnevi
Cody drinking water in slow mo makes me feel a certain way and I dunno if that's allowed.
Madi Valentin
Madi Valentin Pred 26 dnevi
am i the only one who can’t tell if the sponsorship is real or not?
alexisjaneen Pred 27 dnevi
im so high right now and I can't stop laughing LMFAO
Mārtiņš Vasmuss
Mārtiņš Vasmuss Pred 27 dnevi
Any chance there's other Latvians watching this?
The Cobrafox_10
The Cobrafox_10 Pred 27 dnevi
*first 10 seconds full of fear*
Kristiāna Pred 27 dnevi
Latvian representation 😌✨
Kellan Bell
Kellan Bell Pred 28 dnevi
“What kind of monster wears an Apple Watch!” I’m dying!!!
Red Dress Chicken
Red Dress Chicken Pred 28 dnevi
He should just keep the phone and make the son jealous lmao
Paddy O'neill
Paddy O'neill Pred 28 dnevi
you're old
James Baer
James Baer Pred 28 dnevi
Cody you're soooooo funny dude. I love your videos. ........... you old fuck
Daphne Sarah
Daphne Sarah Pred 28 dnevi
Your old tho..
Gabriella Luna
Gabriella Luna Pred 29 dnevi
I have covid right now and his videos are getting me through it. Laughing so hard my eyeballs hurt.
aisha m
aisha m Pred 29 dnevi
Shut up Cody you’re old
dagameer f
dagameer f Pred 29 dnevi
thousands of hours in the past weeks, hmmm
Anonymous Panda
Anonymous Panda Pred 29 dnevi
Guy's wearing a blue dress shirt to work in the field
James Miller
James Miller Pred 29 dnevi
Haha you're old.
Jon Galt
Jon Galt Pred 29 dnevi
Still not sure if the Taco Bell thing was a bit or legit 🤔
Amelia Mares
Amelia Mares Pred 29 dnevi
why cody sound just like schmidtt
a. a
a. a Pred 29 dnevi
Andre Not Dre
Andre Not Dre Pred 29 dnevi
Cody is the 🐐 😂
swiftwig Pred 29 dnevi
Swathie Balaji
Swathie Balaji Pred mesecem
I think Cody is the only youtuber who makes me LMAO.
san Pred mesecem
cody sounded like gollum while reading the comments im dead
Bobby Macblain
Bobby Macblain Pred mesecem
Storyline: he worked his ass off to buy the I phone. He gave his son a cake and the son flip it, then come to realize the man had the iPhone in his back pocket. First time watching. Edit: oh ok you’re explaining it 😂😂
michael freeman
michael freeman Pred mesecem
Cody you are a funny talented person but the content you are reacting to is so repulsive I cant even watch you reacting to it ;( im sorry I just cant
WilliePee Pred mesecem
You’re old
Elle Pedds
Elle Pedds Pred mesecem
The second one is just pro-mask propaganda #keepmasksoutofpolitiktoks
Ritika Roy Choudhury
Ritika Roy Choudhury Pred mesecem
That’s some Facetune on the thumbnail
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