Man jumps feet-first into moving car through window to stop dangerous driver in Albania

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Pred 17 dnevi

A man has jumped through the window of a moving car to stop an erratic and dangerous driver in the main square of Albania's capital, Tirana. The footage showed a damaged vehicle being dangerously driven in Skanderbeg Square as people tried to stop it. Police said the 32-year-old driver had previously crashed three other cars in other parts of the city. The video was captured by dozens of cameras set up in Skanderbeg Square to report on the general election in Albania
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true supporter COD
true supporter COD Pred 5 urami
He watches to much Jackie Chan 😹
I See You
I See You Pred 6 urami
0:20 best kick ever™
JuCRoQ JuCRoQ Pred 13 urami
Когда батя дал порулить и забрал
ᚾᛖᛊᚲᛟᚾᚢᛜᚱ Pred 22 urami
bro been playing too much saints row
DragonSoul621 Pred dnevom
The madlad did the saints row 3 carjack animation irl, mad respect
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Pred dnevom
Part of me as a child/teenager always wanted to pull off the “flying through windshield feet first to stop bad guy” manoeuvre
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Pred dnevom
Trump is still harming America!!!!
よいyoi Pred dnevom
Man that direct jump though🔥 Surely driver got a kick on his face😂
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu Pred 17 urami
Marvel, come to Albania. 😁
Anita Kay
Anita Kay Pred 2 dnevi
"allahu akbar!"
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Pred 2 dnevi
Part of me as a child/teenager always wanted to pull off the “flying through windshield feet first to stop bad guy” manoeuvre
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Pred dnevom
This looks so fun?
Ilirian Bardhi
Ilirian Bardhi Pred 2 dnevi
I was in the center of Tirana at that day, i saw what happened but i was a little bit far. Women and childrean run away and all men went to get him because we thought it was a terrorist attack. But in the end it was a druged man. However it was very frightening for a moment
Luisletos Pred 2 dnevi
C'est pour le tournage d'un un film!!
Szaone 01
Szaone 01 Pred 2 dnevi
Szaone 01
Szaone 01 Pred dnevom
​@opzz xsin They're only human. Free your heart from hatred.
opzz xsin
opzz xsin Pred 2 dnevi
Guardian news with Russians is like salt on a slug
Ardian Palloshi
Ardian Palloshi Pred 2 dnevi
Thats just an Albanian civil, imagine Albanian Police 🔥🔥
Ricardo69 Pred 2 dnevi
My faith in humanity has been restored
Who can kill Eren?
Who can kill Eren? Pred 3 dnevi
Mvp moment
Cassie Pred 3 dnevi
Part of me as a child/teenager always wanted to pull off the “flying through windshield feet first to stop bad guy” manoeuvre
Nokia talk
Nokia talk Pred 3 dnevi
Everybody Gangsta till you get kicked in the face mid fly trough a window
OFW Motion Vlogs
OFW Motion Vlogs Pred 3 dnevi
This guy is the Jackie Chan of Albania...
Pauli Manker
Pauli Manker Pred 3 dnevi
0:18 this guy was the little brother of soccer player René Higuita alias El Loco
平静的 Pred 3 dnevi
Nice, surely they kicked the janky criminal in their criminal faces with kindness 😃
Cassie Pred 3 dnevi
When u play too much GTA🤔
Vox Productions
Vox Productions Pred 4 dnevi
Marvel, come to Albania. 😁
James Wright
James Wright Pred 4 dnevi
LIL GIGI Pred 4 dnevi
rey mysterio be like: 👁️👄👁️
Rolf Steppenwolf
Rolf Steppenwolf Pred 4 dnevi
Awesome guy
Life is Awesome Civil Engineering Plans
Life is Awesome Civil Engineering Plans Pred 4 dnevi
Kuch samaj aaya
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Pred 5 dnevi
he was waiting for this moment all his life
cpt blackdesk
cpt blackdesk Pred 5 dnevi
Guardian news with Russians is like salt on a slug
Marjan Pjetrushi
Marjan Pjetrushi Pred 5 dnevi
Është gjaku prej Skenderbeu 🇦🇱
Pilot Peego
Pilot Peego Pred 5 dnevi
Mad respect to the Nina.🥷
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Pred 5 dnevi
Jason Huckaby
Jason Huckaby Pred 5 dnevi
Shooting a movie.
Hoagie Pred 5 dnevi
He learned that from saints row the third
mike000395 Pred 5 dnevi
INSANE USTAAD Pred 5 dnevi
Let's just appreciate him he's a legend 😎🔥
D S Pred 5 dnevi
When u play too much GTA🤔
Jayden Krakue
Jayden Krakue Pred 5 dnevi
“If I crash this car on a glide Don't worry 'bout your car getting dented”
Monso John
Monso John Pred 5 dnevi
Chairul Imran
Chairul Imran Pred 5 dnevi
The man did a thunder cross split attack at the driver
John B
John B Pred 5 dnevi
Jai Vang
Jai Vang Pred 6 dnevi
More of a driving away from the crime scene but to many people blocking the way
Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts Pred 6 dnevi
Apparently this Uber only got 4 stars for the journey.
Jonathon White
Jonathon White Pred 6 dnevi
He's done this before.
Kdot Pred 6 dnevi
Who tf was that, Ethan Hunt?
Re-G Wade
Re-G Wade Pred 6 dnevi
Was this a movie? How were there camera crews out there knowing this was about to happen?
Hix Tex
Hix Tex Pred 6 dnevi
It was elections day
ali Fahrudin
ali Fahrudin Pred 6 dnevi
Bill Denbrough
Bill Denbrough Pred 6 dnevi
Am I the only one who remember this fron Mr.Mercedes?
João Santana
João Santana Pred 6 dnevi
And his name is John Cena **loud music**
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Pred 6 dnevi
When that one enemy gets the 1% chance critical hit: 0:20
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson Pred 6 dnevi
Joao B
Joao B Pred 6 dnevi
someone get that man a beer!
αndrσmєdα Pred 6 dnevi
i'm sure the driver never imagined he would be kicked in the face by someone outside the car!
Pehz Pred 6 dnevi
I'd hardly call a barely functioning citroen dangerous
mikin lirou
mikin lirou Pred 6 dnevi
this is Spartaaaaa!!
Mevi MVP
Mevi MVP Pred 6 dnevi
Karan Banerjee
Karan Banerjee Pred 6 dnevi
Isn't this how you hijack cars in the Saint's Row Video Game
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Pred 4 dnevi
Yeah, Saints Row 3
Anarina TV
Anarina TV Pred 6 dnevi
Wow, that person is brave. I hope he is not hurt.
Jamie David
Jamie David Pred 6 dnevi
So Tom cruise was in Albania...
John. Qsx
John. Qsx Pred 6 dnevi
Literally there is so many people there , they all can stop the car by force
Aldrin Yayayayay
Aldrin Yayayayay Pred 6 dnevi
Enak ne window silvana mona
Emmanuel Tamvaklis
Emmanuel Tamvaklis Pred 6 dnevi
He should be in a Nike add
Jackie Greenwal
Jackie Greenwal Pred 6 dnevi
Yeah and the camera was there just hanging out
Jackie Greenwal
Jackie Greenwal Pred 6 dnevi
@Agron 11 lol i was being sacarstic. Interesting vid
Agron 11
Agron 11 Pred 6 dnevi
The camera was there because there were elections happening
Scol hato
Scol hato Pred 6 dnevi
Most skilled driver in Albania
Mthokozisi Mkhize
Mthokozisi Mkhize Pred 6 dnevi
That man was Jason Statham
KhmerPlay 168
KhmerPlay 168 Pred 6 dnevi
cracy driver
Amitesh Luv
Amitesh Luv Pred 6 dnevi
Plot twist : He was an uncover agent of CIA in pursuit of that driver.
Kacurri Linza
Kacurri Linza Pred 6 dnevi
Roy aries
Roy aries Pred 6 dnevi
this is Spartaaaaa!!
itsTeTe Pred 6 dnevi
Ah he must have played saints row games
CJ Pred 7 dnevi
GTA RP real life
S Kajainda
S Kajainda Pred 7 dnevi
One minute silent for camera guy when he turned camera scene finished .
Happy_Vagabonds Pred 7 dnevi
This is the definition of a Bollywood action scene.
Winny Tee
Winny Tee Pred 7 dnevi
AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!!!!! Then proceeds to drop kick assailant
soinu foig
soinu foig Pred 7 dnevi
I like how after he jumped in, everyone is like oh man he’s crazy, but when the camera rolled up, all people be like jumping into
YelpBullhorn Pred 7 dnevi
Have Bo and Luke Duke sold the General Lee then?
jiro plays
jiro plays Pred 7 dnevi
Captain america be like:
Tor G
Tor G Pred 7 dnevi
When this guy turned 21, he let his parents drink.
Machintoshhater Pred 7 dnevi
That guy has played a lot of Saints Row and it shows.
soinu foig
soinu foig Pred 7 dnevi
Saints Row style.
sandi ID
sandi ID Pred 7 dnevi
Mission passed ! Respect +99
Michael Man
Michael Man Pred 7 dnevi
This is not dangerous, it's just how people play in Albania. You have golf and stuff.. they got this.
Akintunde Pred 7 dnevi
That was a stunt double....
bones so2
bones so2 Pred 7 dnevi
The real question is how were they struggling so bad, the door’s open just jump tf in and push/pull him out
JoJo Weh
JoJo Weh Pred 7 dnevi
Faiss Belki
Faiss Belki Pred 7 dnevi
He did the Jason Staham from Transporter
Bere KSMS Pred 7 dnevi
I hawe watched Driver said he somke some and one car like terrorist foollowing him then he start doing this prabely another drug following him
Narfie Xs
Narfie Xs Pred 7 dnevi
Just imagine if the driver had a gun 😂 man thinking he in some zombie apocalypse 🤣
Joe Bricky
Joe Bricky Pred 7 dnevi
John wick on holiday still saves the day
Sheldon Walker
Sheldon Walker Pred 7 dnevi
It is a movie
Haunter Pred 7 dnevi
I thought the thumbnail was a flooded river, and I thought the title said ‘dangerous river’. 😅
mark jake
mark jake Pred 7 dnevi
Lol you can do this in saints row 3
Gc_Dm Pred 7 dnevi
Jackie Chan moves out there, lol
xxxFF7xxxGIRLxxx Pred 7 dnevi
Saints Row style.
Akiru's Lab
Akiru's Lab Pred 7 dnevi
Guy must be a Saints Row fan
fook yoo
fook yoo Pred 7 dnevi
Such comedy
Faisal Khan
Faisal Khan Pred 7 dnevi
This is russia...
Adrian Gabriel Abad
Adrian Gabriel Abad Pred 7 dnevi
You call that ninjastyle
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred 7 dnevi
I thought i'm the biggest fan of Jackie chan but this man literally shown me he is bigger . Btw heads of to that man , my respect for him.
Prasobh James
Prasobh James Pred 7 dnevi
All hail Albanians!
UGO Pred 7 dnevi
He's not the hero we deserved but the one we wanted
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas Pred 7 dnevi
Bawn’meedoh Thaaqib
Bawn’meedoh Thaaqib Pred 7 dnevi
He watch anime
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Pred 7 dnevi
Saints row be like:
Caiden coffman
Caiden coffman Pred 8 dnevi
was this on purpose or a medical emergency?
George Skanderbeg
George Skanderbeg Pred 7 dnevi
Guy on drugs
Failed Cash-In-Transit Heist Because Driver Has Balls Of Steel
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