NBA Top 10 Plays Of The Night | January 25, 2021

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Check out the top 10 plays of the night from January 25, featuring Jayson Tatum, Luka Doncic, LeBron James and MORE!
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Kyrie Pred 24 dnevi
For those that think Luka and Bam's blocks are fouls: That is categorically incorrect in the context of NBA rules. Please see the Official Comments on the Rules: II. BASIC PRINCIPLES A. CONTACT SITUATIONS 1. Incidental Contact The mere fact that contact occurs does not necessarily constitute a foul. Contact which is incidental to an effort by a player to play an opponent, reach a loose ball, or perform normal defensive or offensive movements, should not be considered illegal. If, however, a player attempts to play an opponent from a position where he has no reasonable chance to perform without making contact with his opponent, the responsibility is on the player in this position. The hand is considered “part of the ball” when it is in contact with the ball. Therefore, contact on that part of the hand by a defender while it is in contact with the ball is not illegal. The discussions below will further your understanding:
Esand Roid
Esand Roid Pred 26 dnevi
it is acceptable, that no referees can see this during the play. But it is DISGUSTING that NBA Always put that foul plays to NBA Top 10 please look at that time stamps in this video: 0:49 & 1:24
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Pred 28 dnevi
My gal Allie LaForce right back at it again for the Top 10 Plays of Monday night.
Isaac Behdadnia
Isaac Behdadnia Pred 28 dnevi
Subscribe to my SLpost channel it’s called Isaac behdadina if you subscribe I’ll shout you out
Bankroll Baby
Bankroll Baby Pred 28 dnevi
You know this week was shit for basketball when you have reverse lay-ups and basic 2 hand dunks on a top 10 list
Jhaylen Yeahquo
Jhaylen Yeahquo Pred 29 dnevi
Why you gotta ruin what I’m watching before I watch it women
GoodNewsJim Pred 29 dnevi
Olivier Dassance
Olivier Dassance Pred 29 dnevi
Where is the GOATmentator!!! Come on NBA, I understand in this new world, you had to hire a woman for sex equality. But at least find someone who can do the job!
David Guerra Abad
David Guerra Abad Pred 29 dnevi
1:24 block? xDDDDDDD
Mixbass Pred 29 dnevi
Boring, lifeless, annoying commentator... I guess the nba’s forced genre quota was fulfilled by adding this “commentator” to their roaster
Nicholas Sutton
Nicholas Sutton Pred 29 dnevi
How is Bam’s buzzer beater not higher!? Mind you he also is just starting to take threes so it’s even more impressive come on
Cody Hodgins
Cody Hodgins Pred 29 dnevi
No John wall?
tkimdvugs Pred mesecem
I'm sure that monster slam from Edwards will make the no.1 spot in the top plays.
kij anù
kij anù Pred mesecem
That rookie with the throw down
Ed död
Ed död Pred mesecem
I was sleeping because of the commentator
L W Pred mesecem
Nobody wants spoilermentator we want goatmentator back
law leyt
law leyt Pred mesecem
Sercan Ciner
Sercan Ciner Pred mesecem
I really love her voice❤
victor beast
victor beast Pred mesecem
Jt should be higher
Shano The Man
Shano The Man Pred mesecem
Luca??????????? block?
Андрей Майоров
Андрей Майоров Pred mesecem
1st place is rassel westbrook style )
Pank Pank
Pank Pank Pred mesecem
last one WTF
Johner Solo
Johner Solo Pred mesecem
Adebayo's block was fault!!!!!!
sean diezman
sean diezman Pred mesecem
This list all out of order.
Erdal Şerif Güneş
Erdal Şerif Güneş Pred mesecem
Where is Cedi's buzzer???
Filip Ignjatovic
Filip Ignjatovic Pred mesecem
No. 3 is a block???!!! What a joke this NBA is...
Chef Peanut YEET
Chef Peanut YEET Pred mesecem
Cedie Mina
Cedie Mina Pred mesecem
imago reyes
imago reyes Pred mesecem
NBA top10😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪
Perle Rare
Perle Rare Pred mesecem
Big fault at number 6 !!! 😬
Patricio Getigan
Patricio Getigan Pred 29 dnevi
Anthony Shannon
Anthony Shannon Pred mesecem
That was a foul on luka
Vitaly Tatarinov Music
Vitaly Tatarinov Music Pred mesecem
Хит!!! "Атом"💫🌞💟🎵🎵🎵 Если понравилась песня,подписывайся на мой канал на Ютубе
John Avila
John Avila Pred mesecem
Lol no warriors again
Mebo Kokhreidze
Mebo Kokhreidze Pred mesecem
Haha, there was cleveland lebron block
tks886 Pred mesecem
Can someone tell her what "coast to coast" is, coz it ain't that smh
Young Blueprint
Young Blueprint Pred mesecem
Lebrons bloc was a goaltending
Aussie Lover
Aussie Lover Pred mesecem
1:24 - isn't it foul?
Olive Hey
Olive Hey Pred mesecem
I hate this voice. Replace her
mfr440 Pred mesecem
You guys missed a good game in Indy. Again. As usual. Big surprise. 🙄
Sureer Abdi
Sureer Abdi Pred mesecem
Good highlights
DeeJay Pred mesecem
Where's Curry's step back pull up 3 after messing up his handles from deep over forgot who but someone from the other team 🤔
Evan VanSickle
Evan VanSickle Pred mesecem
Whoa, Luka got away with one there. I see some people are claiming, "The hand is part of the ball." Two things: That is true... when the impacted part of the hand is actually on the ball. Second, he pretty much caught all wrist.
Josiah Santonia
Josiah Santonia Pred mesecem
Wow you Edwards
BKK Pred mesecem
NBA is lame. Resting star players for "health & safety" in wonder ratings are so low
Mark anthony Mundo
Mark anthony Mundo Pred mesecem
logo three is better than simple dish
Mark Anthony Benedito
Mark Anthony Benedito Pred mesecem
Spoiler alert 🥱
Derek Zeng
Derek Zeng Pred mesecem
we wanted goatmentator, not womentator
Lilbigred Pred mesecem
no shai layup plus she spoiled it lol she sucks
Sharp Young
Sharp Young Pred mesecem
I play a ton of Basketball. cool video
Jimmy Henderson
Jimmy Henderson Pred mesecem
No one wants to hear this bitch talk use the announcers
Dinchulaga.99 Pred mesecem
1:48 wooooooow
Media Peace
Media Peace Pred mesecem
1:23 Heres another foul but I'm not mad at it, the nba is always more entertaining when they dont call weak fouls.
Jared Creer
Jared Creer Pred mesecem
Anthony edwards with the donovan mitchell dunk package
Media Peace
Media Peace Pred mesecem
0:48 Clearly a foul lol
MusicSoBe Pred mesecem
Drives me crazy when the commentator spoils the plays. I suggest you listen on mute lol
JVermeiren2002 Pred mesecem
I like NBA and you ? I made a video about the Lakers
carlos Pred mesecem
... This feels so boring w this host.
Farai Mazhandu
Farai Mazhandu Pred mesecem
Is the NBA searching for a new Goatmentator?
Matt Zhu
Matt Zhu Pred mesecem
Is that a block or a non-called foul?
hahaitsu1 Pred mesecem
Wasn't number 5 called a goaltend?? why's an uncounted play in the top 10...
Ashwin Raj
Ashwin Raj Pred mesecem
Sounds like Allie LaForce the TNT girl
Oliver 77
Oliver 77 Pred mesecem
she describes it like a bit relaxing erotic video
Denis Rakai
Denis Rakai Pred mesecem
Where's the goat commentator :(
Real Abraham
Real Abraham Pred mesecem
Bam is an emerging star coming from a celitcs fan
Top HD PLUS Pred mesecem
R.I.P. Kobe Bryant ❤
Dan. P.
Dan. P. Pred mesecem
MUTE or spoiler alert!! Wtf
Nick Richards
Nick Richards Pred mesecem
Not having any highlights from the raps vs Pacers game just shows again how the raps are always ignored. There were plenty of highlights to show case in the last two games..but nothing..
Tomas D
Tomas D Pred mesecem
What the fuck???? Bam and Luka defensive fouls!!!!!! Bam clean block??? Fuck off
Abi Vega SincerelyYours
Abi Vega SincerelyYours Pred mesecem
Can we jus watch the highlights and bit complain about who the commentator is. That'll be great, thanks
Áron Molnár
Áron Molnár Pred mesecem
Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant!
Brit Muffin
Brit Muffin Pred mesecem
enough is enough. I feel like Celtics fans always coming at the bucks because they think tautum is better than Giannis. Celtics fans always made cause they think they have a better star player. The bucks are better if you going off facts. we beat Kyrie in the playoffs when he was on the Celtics tryin to make a super team
Shut up
Shut up Pred mesecem
U didn't even choose the best Lebron play which was the deep corner fadeaway he hit in the 4th. Lebronto vibes
Ojo Dami
Ojo Dami Pred mesecem
1:13 bam has done that before.
Şafak Ateş
Şafak Ateş Pred mesecem
it is acceptable, that no referees can see this during the play. But it is DISGUSTING that NBA Always put that foul plays to NBA Top 10 please look at that time stamps in this video: 0:49 & 1:24
Kero Hanna
Kero Hanna Pred mesecem
Kent IP
Kent IP Pred mesecem
Both bam and Luke s blocks are foul, hit the hand obviously
pejta24 Pred mesecem
Doncic committed a foul!!!
Songs of War
Songs of War Pred mesecem
the sync was off
Mando Marley
Mando Marley Pred mesecem
How are two clear hand slaps in the top 10? 😂
Gains&Games Pred mesecem
What about Chris Boucher’s block? That’s way better than bam and Lukas block. SMH
Trésor Nsakanda
Trésor Nsakanda Pred mesecem
Aaron Nemsith
Aaron Nemsith Pred mesecem
Smart behind the back to JB deep three is top 10 for sure
Aaron Nemsith
Aaron Nemsith Pred mesecem
They refuse to show Jaylen Brown for some reason
Lunar Pred mesecem
Edwards dunking like a 2k animation
Fishing & Adventures With DC
Fishing & Adventures With DC Pred mesecem
Clean fouls made top 10 😂
Bas Pred mesecem
Haha that Luca "block" is a foul. Nice "Top10 play".
gabriel miranda
gabriel miranda Pred mesecem
Luka and Bam didnt even touched the ball
Miko Buhawe
Miko Buhawe Pred mesecem
Man, you guys hate the warrios and it shows.
Sawa Bros
Sawa Bros Pred mesecem
Luka block was a foul tho
Kelly Oubre Jr
Kelly Oubre Jr Pred mesecem
When I dunk like the number 1 they don’t give me anything.
Mando Marley
Mando Marley Pred mesecem
Work on your foot work and learn how to shoot you might be up there .
Landry Houk
Landry Houk Pred mesecem
I watched the Pacers game last night and there were a couple plays better that they made that were better than some of these. For example: Myles Turner had 3 blks last night and they were much better than Luca’s. Not a knock on Luca, just sayin. This right here shows you how under appreciated the Pacers are. They seldom get the national media coverage they deserve. I’m a hard core Pacers fan and you can take it to the bank; they will make noise this season and especially next season when they are hopefully fully healthy! Let’s go Pacers!
Alioune N Mbengue
Alioune N Mbengue Pred mesecem
No warriors highlight?? WTF. Are warriors monsters now??
Rok Podlogar
Rok Podlogar Pred mesecem
sounds like the commentator really disinfected her voice of any love for the game germs.
IceMan Cometh
IceMan Cometh Pred mesecem
Megyn Kelly on the voiceover
Frank Tao
Frank Tao Pred mesecem
Upon close examinations, I have to say both Luka's and Bam's block are just clear fouls
Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin Pred mesecem
Leumax Luna
Leumax Luna Pred mesecem👍
IceMan Cometh
IceMan Cometh Pred mesecem
@Blake Griffin also stop posting up from 30 ft when you can't even seal off your defender from the entry pass.
IceMan Cometh
IceMan Cometh Pred mesecem
@Blake Griffin yeah, dropping to the ground 50 times. Stop falling down every other possession.
Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin Pred mesecem
@IceMan Cometh next game I'm dropping 50
IceMan Cometh
IceMan Cometh Pred mesecem
@Blake Griffin yeah and FDR used to be able to walk too
Blake Griffin
Blake Griffin Pred mesecem
0:25 DJ Let's Reunite Bro🏀 #LobCity
Rochelle Howell
Rochelle Howell Pred mesecem
Dude I swear the raps are never in the top 10
Jacob Pred mesecem
Bruh the raptors had crazy blocks against the pacers
Char lie
Char lie Pred mesecem
She should be a story teller not a commentator😅
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