Making The Next Viral Tik Tok Sound

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Cody Ko

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Salha Abdullah
Salha Abdullah Pred 19 dnevi
Yo what the fuck he looks like dua lipa
Carson Cavanagh
Carson Cavanagh Pred mesecem
6:34 I’ve never heard that laugh from Cody
Olivia H
Olivia H Pred mesecem
the fact that i’ve never even heard this sound 💀
andrés Pred 2 meseci
Hes just like dj khaled
Maria Catenacci
Maria Catenacci Pred 3 meseci
you guys are awesome together omg
Caleb Crouch CC Blue
Caleb Crouch CC Blue Pred 3 meseci
I feel like cherdlys stole your fboy laugh haha "ahahahaa..."
elgoog waterson
elgoog waterson Pred mesecem
elgoog waterson
elgoog waterson Pred mesecem
@Caleb Crouch CC Blue it's fine lol, i'm sure he would be offended😂
elgoog waterson
elgoog waterson Pred mesecem
@Caleb Crouch CC Blue they are both amazing at imitating it though😂
Caleb Crouch CC Blue
Caleb Crouch CC Blue Pred mesecem
I feel kind of bad now for saying cherdlys stole it 😬
Caleb Crouch CC Blue
Caleb Crouch CC Blue Pred mesecem
@elgoog waterson youre right 😂
Jacob Bau
Jacob Bau Pred 3 meseci
0:27 OK, this is the only time you gonna hear me say this about any tiktok, but that tiktok on the left was kinda fresh.
Derik Pred 3 meseci
Ramzoid is my math teacher
Spencer McCarty
Spencer McCarty Pred 3 meseci
What’s the irony that the “I’m a little lost but fair enough” is fucking huge now.
Cameron Hertz
Cameron Hertz Pred 3 meseci
"we never making it out the hood" type beat
Arna Lina
Arna Lina Pred 3 meseci
Fair enough, Im a little lost but fair enough. I have no fucking clue what you just said, but hell yeah man, Imma speak my truth.
Karina Lebron
Karina Lebron Pred 3 meseci
Danny totally ripped this idea off you man.
Ernway edeth
Ernway edeth Pred 4 meseci
kelcie is so jokes
Kian Doughty
Kian Doughty Pred 4 meseci
i wrote a song a few months ago that i feel is perfect for tik tok. i’ve been trying to make it go viral for a really long time and have failed every attempt. if any one sees this and want to use my song it’s called “payslow” and if it went viral it would change my life.
Ricky Desktop
Ricky Desktop Pred 3 meseci
I’ll peep it
jensen Pred 4 meseci
The crossover we didn't deserve but needed
Adam Bradley
Adam Bradley Pred 4 meseci
I don’t have tiktok, did it work?
Emily B
Emily B Pred 4 meseci
Imagine any of the sound effects Cody recorded as a Build-A-Bear sound
H Wiseman
H Wiseman Pred 4 meseci
Kelsey’s such a babe
Chip2867 Games
Chip2867 Games Pred 4 meseci
Where’s Noel
Chai Tea
Chai Tea Pred 4 meseci
I'd buy audio of Ramzoid just asking me how my day was.
Kana Beats
Kana Beats Pred 5 meseci
yeahhhh ableton gang!
Daniel G
Daniel G Pred 5 meseci
Cody, they stole your idea. Damn.
IiIlAkS Pred 5 meseci
Funny lil track, piano melody is wack tho
Nathan Derbyshire
Nathan Derbyshire Pred 5 meseci
Cody’s tiktok dancing is hilarious
Marc Freeman
Marc Freeman Pred 5 meseci
I wonder if he knows that the "my wife is having sex with her tennis coach..." sound is actually pretty popular on tiktok
Marc Freeman
Marc Freeman Pred 4 meseci
@Golden Lion yes
Golden Lion
Golden Lion Pred 4 meseci
... really?
grey thompson
grey thompson Pred 5 meseci
Tina Christina
Tina Christina Pred 5 meseci
Where's Cody's video on his perfect pitch???
tarzarki Pred 5 meseci
Is anyone going to tell him that ‘knock it off’ is pretty popular as well..?
Mac Albert
Mac Albert Pred 6 meseci
This is by far an underrated video man
sooj Pred 6 meseci
I thought that the guy was Dua Lipa in the thumbnail... damn
maisy andrus
maisy andrus Pred 6 meseci
4:39 😑
Hehehe Pred 6 meseci
FART! hahaha
John Paul Zimmerman
John Paul Zimmerman Pred 6 meseci
Why dont you do cringe videos with noel anymore
Alex :3
Alex :3 Pred 6 meseci
Sounds cringe af but also epic
Tamsyn D
Tamsyn D Pred 6 meseci
Thank you Cody-senpai for noticing us the Step-chickens! - Sincerely, Mother Henpai and her step-children
Whipandnaenae _
Whipandnaenae _ Pred 6 meseci
I love how this is just used for sus dances now
Nani Distler
Nani Distler Pred 6 meseci
does he not know that he already has at least 5 viral sounds on tiktok-
shadysheep Pred 6 meseci
nfkrz looks diffrent in this
Rian Olson
Rian Olson Pred 6 meseci
Love you Cody but this is definitely cringe
Drew Nally
Drew Nally Pred 5 meseci
No u
Mousetrap -
Mousetrap - Pred 6 meseci
kat_paterson Pred 6 meseci
also like how do you upload sounds to tiktok i'd love to know lol im such a noob
taylor martin
taylor martin Pred 6 meseci
tell ramzoid i want to smash
Jana Martinez
Jana Martinez Pred 6 meseci
ramzoid is like... like really cute
Prod. World Demolition
Prod. World Demolition Pred 6 meseci
Cody has respect for ramzoid glad to see that
Layla Durrant
Layla Durrant Pred 7 meseci
I wonder if he knows that his “yup I’m f**king rich” song is way popular
Luna Vieira
Luna Vieira Pred 7 meseci
I rewatched Cody miss his fart part of the dance and Kelsey hit it effortlessly about 20 times. 💨
Jcob _GG
Jcob _GG Pred 7 meseci
How does he not have 5 million
OurFamily Diary
OurFamily Diary Pred 7 meseci
We copy cody ko Said by Drew and Danny
Abigail Escamilla
Abigail Escamilla Pred 7 meseci
I wanna marry Ramzoid 👉👈🥺
Madwell T
Madwell T Pred 7 meseci
Who’s here when it didn’t go viral
Mia Lopez
Mia Lopez Pred 7 meseci
xX Elizabeth Xx
xX Elizabeth Xx Pred 7 meseci
This needs to be on trending
Devin Ians
Devin Ians Pred 7 meseci
Nobody: Smash Ultimate Characters at 4:44 to 4:56 :
Talon Fusco
Talon Fusco Pred 7 meseci
2:16 is the way you react when an old person does something ultra cringy and you dont want to be mean............... weird😂😂😂😂
Talon Fusco
Talon Fusco Pred 7 meseci
Please bring back that's cringe
Tofu Pot
Tofu Pot Pred 7 meseci
Them: being music intellectuals Me, an uneducated piece of rock: Yeah, totally makes sense 👍
11franciss Pred 7 meseci
Walk man?
OneLuckyPunk Pred 7 meseci
I searched "bop it type beat" and it brought me here. I was not disappointed.
Jade Tan
Jade Tan Pred 7 meseci
wait this is like the best collab ever, i used to watch ramzoid videos like just outta curiosity and then i became so intrigued with his song remixes (with brockhampton mostly) so cool to see ramzoid now,, with his room flourishing with even more house plants
Cynthia Pulido
Cynthia Pulido Pred 7 meseci
can i jus say .. Kelsey ATE that tik tok
Taya Pred 7 meseci
Mery Z
Mery Z Pred 7 meseci
Thank you Cody-senpai for noticing us stepchickens - Sincerely, Mother Henpai and her step-children
Alwaleed Pred 7 meseci
oh yeah yeah, yup yup that's it yeah yeah -ramzoid
Devin Ians
Devin Ians Pred 7 meseci
Literally. Good guy tho.
Se Barba
Se Barba Pred 7 meseci
Bring back Noel
Aisyah Busri
Aisyah Busri Pred 7 meseci
can i just say that ramzoid is so adorable
ronald woofer
ronald woofer Pred 7 meseci
the earth is not flat
Drew Nally
Drew Nally Pred 5 meseci
Yes it! If the earth was round then we would die because of gravity pulling us up
Juan Pablo Damiano
Juan Pablo Damiano Pred 7 meseci
Hey, not hating, just asking. Didn't you made a hole video saying that tik tok sukz bcs they used your image to promote themselves? Again. I love your content everytime you make me laugh or smile. Keep it up, greetings from Argentina🇦🇷🇦🇷
LifewithMik Pred 7 meseci
you need to do a reaction video to attaway general!! (tik tok tv show)
Joe Kerr
Joe Kerr Pred 7 meseci
That dude got his on style, I dig it! And that Nike hat is dope!
Aj Rivas
Aj Rivas Pred 7 meseci
I love everything about this.
Dylan Word
Dylan Word Pred 7 meseci
whats it even called
Ilana Pred 7 meseci
That ending was cheeky!
Tokyo Times
Tokyo Times Pred 7 meseci
"Thank you Cody-sempai for Noticing us step-chickens! - sincerely, mother Henpai and her step-chicken"
DeWah Pred 7 meseci
I feel like I had a brain aneurysm during this video
Exiled Celery
Exiled Celery Pred 7 meseci
"Thank you Cody-senpai for noticing us Step-chickens! - Sincerely, Mother Henpai and her step-children."
Sean Bates
Sean Bates Pred 7 meseci
Thank you Cody-senpai for noticing us Step-chickens! - Sincerely, Mother Henpai and her step-children.
Gregory S.
Gregory S. Pred 7 meseci
Thank you Cody-senpai for noticing us step chicken-Sincerely mother henpai and us step chicken
CrayCray Mose
CrayCray Mose Pred 7 meseci
Logical Linkin
Logical Linkin Pred 7 meseci
Love yo vids kody I listen to tmg
Logical Linkin
Logical Linkin Pred 7 meseci
Eereerreerrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeerrreeeerrrrrrttrrrrrtmmrkdkfkfkkfjfkkfjfjbxhshs erereret
Phil and Nikkole with 2 K's
Phil and Nikkole with 2 K's Pred 7 meseci
Clicked because I thought the dude in the thumbnail was Dua Lipa...
Clara Daul
Clara Daul Pred 7 meseci
Says the guy who already has two or more popular tik tok songs
Stephen Leininger
Stephen Leininger Pred 7 meseci
Cody prepping for the fart noise in his dance, and then missing it right after and walking away dejected is one of the greatest things I've seen. Absolutely frictionless.
Soggy Milk
Soggy Milk Pred 5 meseci
Stephen Leininger and when his girlfriend gets it, I’m laughing my ass off.
Andrew S
Andrew S Pred 7 meseci
Flynn Mitchelson
Flynn Mitchelson Pred 7 meseci
Who’s the chick in the middle does anyone know
りょういち 本当の名前じゃないかずと
りょういち 本当の名前じゃないかずと Pred 7 meseci
Why Does It Look Like You Kidnapped The Guy's Family And Told Him You'd Kill Them If He Doesn't Make This Video Again
DJ Pauls
DJ Pauls Pred 7 meseci
ochako sweetie
ochako sweetie Pred 7 meseci
Step chicken 🐔 I love ❤️
Dasia Santiago
Dasia Santiago Pred 7 meseci
thank you cody-senpai for noticing us step-chickens, sincerely mother henpai and her step-children
Cherry Pred 7 meseci
Watching Cody Ko bc I feel like I'm gonna have nightmares tonight and my nightmares are really weird and I can't breathe well when I have them so hehe that's fun thanks Cody for like existing :3
N A Pred 7 meseci
Idky but I was periscope friends with zoid in 2015 and every time I look into his eyes I feel good inside that’s all
Potato Milk
Potato Milk Pred 7 meseci
Thank you Cody-Senpai for noticing us Step chickens! Sincerely, Mother henpai and her step children
Shannon Laber
Shannon Laber Pred 7 meseci
This is great. You are great. And Kelsey has got to be the best dancer I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing this content 10/10 will be recommending to EVERYONE
Miel Pva
Miel Pva Pred 8 meseci
join the stepchickena
tehee toniyani
tehee toniyani Pred 8 meseci
Why are toaster waffles so good
Panic! Because Eminem
Panic! Because Eminem Pred 8 meseci
Watch orgazmo
Sageable Pred 8 meseci
👁 👃 👁
D E Pred 8 meseci
Cody: gags into his phone Also cody: spent a long time writing that 😂😂😂
Angela tv
Angela tv Pred 8 meseci
Cesar Lopez
Cesar Lopez Pred 8 meseci
The very very start of the audio sounds like a boruto sound effect
I wrote a song for my dog
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