5 Min Crafts: Baking

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Cody Ko

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5 Min Crafts: Baking
Cody Ko

party like it's 1949!
party like it's 1949! Pred dnevom
"That's a lotta fuckin chodes" PLS 😭😭
Mia Pred dnevom
8:14 *who’s your daddy*
Kira Baeyens
Kira Baeyens Pred dnevom
"we baked" you mean Kelsey baked you put a mixer in your mouth
Declan Cambey
Declan Cambey Pred 2 dnevi
this video is not funny, or good. Unsubscribing. Sorry Cody.
Katsuki Simp
Katsuki Simp Pred 2 dnevi
leaves milk out for an hour
sven Pred 3 dnevi
that's a W Ä C
Staci K
Staci K Pred 4 dnevi
Okay but the song at the very end, woah.
Ellie Anderson
Ellie Anderson Pred 5 dnevi
Cody did not just put his feet on the internet for free
Manuela Montuori
Manuela Montuori Pred 5 dnevi
Never seen a more spanked tray of food, i'm almost jealous
RΛVΞΠ Pred 5 dnevi
Hit 5 Mil pretty frictionlessly there
Torkey _Joice
Torkey _Joice Pred 6 dnevi
Proving. Cody I'm disappointed
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Pred 7 dnevi
Why is no one mentioning him predicting WAP when he said WAC at 12:28
jwatwater Pred 8 dnevi
If you involve raisins with.... Well, with anything, God doesn't like you.
Vibhor Mandal
Vibhor Mandal Pred 10 dnevi
please play the knead montage in my funeral
Kevin ODonoghue
Kevin ODonoghue Pred 10 dnevi
When you have “5-min” and “baking” in the same sentence, you know this is gonna be good..
Grace Rudolph
Grace Rudolph Pred 11 dnevi
they are the cutest couple in the world 🥺
Dagan Stras
Dagan Stras Pred 11 dnevi
proof of proving
Alex Combei
Alex Combei Pred 11 dnevi
tori wang
tori wang Pred 12 dnevi
I love how proud of him kelsey is and how fast he devoured his creation
Tyler Farina
Tyler Farina Pred 12 dnevi
What recipe is he following. Can someone give me the link to that
Saraswathi V
Saraswathi V Pred 13 dnevi
Cody and Kelsey are the cutest couple on the internet I love them so much
Tyler Farina
Tyler Farina Pred 12 dnevi
What recipe is he following. Can someone give me the link to that
Violet Wade
Violet Wade Pred 13 dnevi
"Ok tIMe foR tHe rAiSANs" LMFAO
Tyler Farina
Tyler Farina Pred 12 dnevi
What recipe is he following. Can someone give me the link to that
Lewis Mccullock
Lewis Mccullock Pred 14 dnevi
I thought made it in America was your favourite show of all time🤨
Tyler Farina
Tyler Farina Pred 12 dnevi
What recipe is he following. Can someone give me the link to that
Stephanie Gilbert
Stephanie Gilbert Pred 14 dnevi
Is no one gonna mention the milk that was left out the ENTIRE TIME??
Ryanveer Chouhan
Ryanveer Chouhan Pred 15 dnevi
🟥🟥🟥🧢🟥🟥🟥🧢🟥🟥🟥 🟥🧢🧢🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥 🟥🧢🧢🧢🟥🟥🟥🧢🟥🟥🟥 🟥🧢🧢🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🧢 🟥🟥🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🟥🧢🧢
John Brase
John Brase Pred 16 dnevi
When u realize Cody has almost the same amount of subs as nelk and still lives in an apartment
Elena Pred 9 dnevi
lmao this is funny. they did actually buy a fat house recently. it’s very modern & very nice
Tijana Vodopija
Tijana Vodopija Pred 16 dnevi
I like being called a chode, its weird... but I like it
Experiences Over Things
Experiences Over Things Pred 17 dnevi
The number of times they say "Prove" instead of "Proof" 😂 ⬇️
Pedro Perez
Pedro Perez Pred 18 dnevi
or just like wear a glove and shake everyone’s hand too..
Cal Schultz
Cal Schultz Pred 20 dnevi
Anyone see the nicotine poutches on his desk😂
Alex Duffus
Alex Duffus Pred 20 dnevi
Cody somehow manages to look like both the teacher and the student at the same time
Halo Pred 21 dnevom
i took the title of this video and i found all of the words to make the word DICK
Chelsea Ryder
Chelsea Ryder Pred 21 dnevom
Collab with Julien and I can die happy
Spence Lincic
Spence Lincic Pred 23 dnevi
Bet drop ur cords so I can pull up and get a thanks
Philidor Pred 23 dnevi
What’s the point of letting the bread rise when you just roll all of the air that was in it right out
Wendy Morales
Wendy Morales Pred 24 dnevi
your eyes during the sponsor are freaky bro almost slitted pupils
nerdwarp112 Pred 24 dnevi
I don’t care much for cinnamon rolls, but those looked like they came out really well, so good job dude 👍
Lilou she, her
Lilou she, her Pred 24 dnevi
this video is like watching an alcoholic with anger issues, bake cinnamon roles. and I love it!
Lilou she, her
Lilou she, her Pred 23 dnevi
@Bobie Okney ermmmmmm...
Bobie Okney
Bobie Okney Pred 23 dnevi
@Wiwit Handayani who knows
Wiwit Handayani
Wiwit Handayani Pred 23 dnevi
@Bobie Okney why
Bobie Okney
Bobie Okney Pred 23 dnevi
i hate you
Bobie Okney
Bobie Okney Pred 23 dnevi
this made me sad thanks a fucking lot
Nana Pred 25 dnevi
This video is only five months old....?
zenosyne Pred 25 dnevi
was anyone else getting anxious about his hair getting in the cinnamon roll dough
Malakai Lynch
Malakai Lynch Pred 25 dnevi
Kelseys kindergarten teacher side really shows
Wiwit Handayani
Wiwit Handayani Pred 23 dnevi
Ur right
Caoimhe Pred 26 dnevi
you have more subscribers than ireland's entire population
Natalie Pred 27 dnevi
cody some how made the process of making cinnamon buns unbelievably sexual
Ben Pred 25 dnevi
lin jeffrey
lin jeffrey Pred 27 dnevi
this is like. so nice. he did a great job im so proud
Dirty_Razorblade 29
Dirty_Razorblade 29 Pred 27 dnevi
Only people who watch the great British baking show will understand “scrumptious”
Dejaaa Babyy
Dejaaa Babyy Pred 28 dnevi
Dejaaa Babyy
Dejaaa Babyy Pred 28 dnevi
i love him and kelsey together so muchhh theyre so perfect.. ughhh im obsessed
Elena Pred 9 dnevi
they’re like different versions of each other 😅❤️
Ben Pred 25 dnevi
They are made for each other
scerbi doo
scerbi doo Pred 28 dnevi
chanel bacon
chanel bacon Pred 28 dnevi
You are one of the few good things to call me from vine
saturncity Pred 28 dnevi
when cody hits 6 million i want him to screen shot him hitting 6.9 :)
Shea Hatfield
Shea Hatfield Pred 29 dnevi
bragging stops at 2:26
Ben Pred 25 dnevi
Not the hero we needed, the hero we deserve
The Marshall Show
The Marshall Show Pred mesecem
“Proving”. Boy it’s proofing
bruh Pred 28 dnevi
thats the joke lmao
BillyOnAir44 Pred mesecem
Crafts start at: 4:50, thank me later
BillyOnAir44 Pred 27 dnevi
@bruh and you are looking through the comments lol
bruh Pred 28 dnevi
video is many months old, thank me later
Eleanor Cope
Eleanor Cope Pred mesecem
My favorite part is that in one of kelsey’s videos they say he loves to bake this must have sparked a passion
olive musk
olive musk Pred mesecem
*SLAP* “i’m sorry” *SLAP*
E W Pred mesecem
8:49 does it bother anyone else that he left the milk out for an hour?
Kira Myles-Era
Kira Myles-Era Pred mesecem
youuuu guyyyysss are my favorite couple. hands down. AGH. so precious.
Shanaia's World
Shanaia's World Pred mesecem
CEO of not melting the butter all the way
William Kotsaftis
William Kotsaftis Pred mesecem
bi tch
bi tch Pred mesecem
it's leaving the milk out for 2+ hours for me
Jenny Pred mesecem
Does anyone know what song came on at 5:58 when Kelcey was dancing? It sounded hard asf
Olivia Langille
Olivia Langille Pred mesecem
... proofing?
andy anarchist
andy anarchist Pred mesecem
You are literally mac from its always sunny
Lampshade Pred mesecem
When Cody has 5 million subs so he makes a video about 5 minute bread 5 months ago
Campbell Bucci
Campbell Bucci Pred mesecem
whos gonna tell him that kneading means to press on the dough with your knuckles, not karate chop it 87 times
Sich Lo
Sich Lo Pred mesecem
Cody has a unibrow for sure
Jewls M
Jewls M Pred mesecem
Cody: u know u can’t get to 5 million subs without looking great. Dream: 😶 u sure?
Tiffany Judge
Tiffany Judge Pred mesecem
After an hour and ten mins that’s already looking doughpe
Oppai Kitty
Oppai Kitty Pred mesecem
his girlfriend is so turned on by how well he baked those. take notes, lads
Ben Eastham
Ben Eastham Pred mesecem
"**great British off**
Rosemary Kaye
Rosemary Kaye Pred mesecem
That is amazing! I would never try and make cinnamon buns! I love them. But they're so complex! You are a really good cook. I like how he makes them properly. Some just frack about instead of trying. He's go surprising interests, sometimes. Lol.
Reiva Areta
Reiva Areta Pred mesecem
now he looks like troy bolton
zyra Pred mesecem
take a shot every time cody smacks the dough, before & after baking 💀
🥀Vampiraa🥀 Pred mesecem
Cody slapping dough for 16 minutes.
M A Y A Pred mesecem
the way kelsey starts to dance out of nowhere is sending me
Olivia H
Olivia H Pred mesecem
they would be amazing parents bruh, like so much fun
Sarah Mabe
Sarah Mabe Pred mesecem
hey bb
Katie Canterbury
Katie Canterbury Pred mesecem
Cody looks like one of the boys from "Dream phone"
Teresa Dahlberg
Teresa Dahlberg Pred mesecem
I nobody going to talk about 12:35 like the at flower on his hands
Remoteflpr Pred mesecem
I wish he put the recipe he was using in the description
Fister Mantastic
Fister Mantastic Pred mesecem
He said “they sent me their starter set, which...” But I thought he said “they sent me their starter sandwich”
Fister Mantastic
Fister Mantastic Pred mesecem
But I’ve been curious about something. In all seriousness... Do it squirt?
Fister Mantastic
Fister Mantastic Pred mesecem
5 million chodes in a room. Sounds like Comic-con.
Ella Teeters
Ella Teeters Pred mesecem
Someone should really count how many times this man slaps the cinnabuns
Jacob blue
Jacob blue Pred mesecem
Cory is at his best during these videos.
ちゃんすき Pred mesecem
cody looks like a friendly drug addict who hit his prime in high school.
Patrick Botello
Patrick Botello Pred mesecem
ha loser you'r growing a unibrow
Talic-os Pred mesecem
I want the recipe
Charlene Hall
Charlene Hall Pred mesecem
I’m guessing Cody didn’t know that over kneeding a dough makes it way too chew You can tell if you kneed to much because your suspose to be able to stretch it easy
Kaitlyn Madden
Kaitlyn Madden Pred mesecem
was anyone else like bro what the fuck are they making again?
Ranch Niggy
Ranch Niggy Pred mesecem
Skip to 5 min
Stephen Kite
Stephen Kite Pred mesecem
For whatever reason, I did the math. Not that anyone cares, but: If Cody were to do that thing where you run down a line and high five everyone in the line, it would take around 3.24 days for him to complete the line if he were running at a consistent speed of 15 mph (he’s athletic but also 30, so I estimated 15) and ofc that’s with a perfect 5 million. That definitely wasn’t worth it but there’s that.
alli dolan
alli dolan Pred mesecem
could this be my favorite video
Xzander Rojinski
Xzander Rojinski Pred mesecem
ship me from Germany. I would shake your hand too. Thanks for giving me a smile through depressed episodes like you did it for surely the most people of your audience I guess.
LTL REBEL Pred mesecem
“The results are in...I fucking killed it” 😂😂😂
Simon Lopez
Simon Lopez Pred 2 meseci
missed the chance to say 5 mil crafts
ActualDuck4112 Pred 2 meseci
It's been awhile since your #firstpost on SLpost dot com
Crebertown Pred 2 meseci
4:22 does cody wipe his shower down with a squeegee?
Thad Sargeant
Thad Sargeant Pred 2 meseci
cody slaps his dough and my dog absolutely loses it in the next room
Sir Goku
Sir Goku Pred 2 meseci
Awwww goodshit kody
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